Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ruffly Shawl Ta Dahhhhhhh!

This Ta dah is going to be very brief as I have a six year old who is yoyoing in and out of bed and I am on a roll with some Poppy Treffry style pictures for the Seaside House. I'm itching to get going with a set of three for the kitchen. I'm thinking a bunting clad fish and chip shop, an ice cream parlour and ummmm not sure about the third. It'll come to me. I just have to stop thinking about it and let inspiration creep in. I'd like to go blog surfing tonight too but I fear I'll run out out time so I'll save them all up for another day.

So with out further a do here is my Rrrrrrruffly Shawl (one must roll one's 'R's when saying Ruffly Shawl!). I started it sometime last Autumn, it was supposed to be this pattern but I made quite a few alterations on the way to make it longer and wider and to make the ruffle more gentle. I frogged this darned thing several times, I'd get a quarter of the way through and think "No. It's not how I imagined" and then I'd start over. I wish life was like that sometimes. Something goes wrong, you say the wrong thing, you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, you're late....Not to worry, just frog the episode away and start over, make it better, make it right.

I digress! Here's the shawl which can be worn in a few different ways.
Here it is flung over my shoulders and then wrapped around itself with the thin bits hanging over my shoulders and down my back.

Here it is worn in the traditional shawl style, I love it like this and I have crocheted a large simple flower and stuck a kilt pin through which I pin the shawl in place with. But I have forgotten to photograph it.

I will also wear it like this, flung over my shoulders from front to back and then the ends tied in the front and left to dangle down.

I learnt a lot from this shawl. I learnt the importance of using the specified yarn and if you choose to use a yarn of your own choice (like I did) then a tension square is vital. I could have knitted three of these shawls if I had taken the time at the beginning to do a square and get my ruler out! I learnt that keeping this large item in a small bag was a sure fire way of making it bobbly and worn before it was actually worn. I learnt how to pick up stitches along and edge and I learnt a different way to to increases. But mostly I learnt patience and perseverance. I love this shawl and I'm glad I kept on trying even though I wanted to set fire to it sometimes.

It is knitted in Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk which I got online from Black Sheep Yarns some time ago when they had a fantastic offer on. If you click on the link you may see that they have another stonking offer on. The colour I chose was Buff, a perfect peachy pink. I used about eight balls. 

Mr C took these photo's on Mothers Day a few weeks ago now. Look at how blue Little Cuckoo's eyes are. He has my eyes, I used to have very blue eyes as a child. There's a photo of me when I was about seven in the bedroom we nick named 'Portland Bill' because of the wall paper and cabin bed. I'm wearing my Dad's flying helmet thingy (the big camouflage green ones they wear in the back of Royal Navy Sea King helicopters) and my eyes are the same colour blue in that pic. They went green around the time I hit puberty. They were a pale green but now I notice they have darkened up somewhat. It's weird. I thought eyes stayed the same colour but mine haven't at all. Even odder is that I hadn't noticed till recently that they have changed again! I hope Little keeps his spooky blue eyes, I think he has a touch of the Daniel Craig's about him!


ps Pinterest has changed it's T&C's!!!!!! Hurrah!!!!!!!!!! Phew!


  1. Lovely post!! The shawl is gorge - isn't it long!! I think if it was mine I would wear it as you have in the second to last picture. Mind you, it will be perfect worn the other ways at winter. It looks lovely from the back too. Love it! Clever girl.

    Lovely photo of Little Cuckoo. He's just a beautiful boy isn't he.

    Nicki xx

    PS You look GORGE! I think I might be busy on 19th May now. You'll depress me looking so lush. How do you get your make-up so perfect? Jel.

    1. Noooo!! You can't be busy! :-( Your just as gorgeous, I don't know What your on about! xx

    2. Nicki! You are a dafty! How you can say that when you have the face of an angel, I have no idea! I'll send you the photo's I didn't use. I don't look so good in those.


    3. Have just come back to obsess over your hairstyle (am thinking of copying but will wait til we've met in person so we don't look like twinnies) and saw this chain of responses! Ha ha! Bless you both! I defo look better in photos than real life, I can tell you. Angel in a photo, hag in real life xx

    4. A hag!?? I think there may quite possibly be a bit of exaggeration going on here... if you're what a hag looks like, I want in too!! xxx

  2. That sneaky peak I saw recently really didn't do the scarf justice, it is just gorgeous. You must have miles more patience than me. I wouldn't have persevered I'd have just frogged it and kept it frogged!

    Eyes are funny things really aren't they. Mine have a dark blue outer and pale blue inner, similar to Little's eyes, and depending on my emotion, time of day, type of day etc, that determines whether the dark or the light is dominant.

    Re Pinterest, even though there were probably thousands of people who expressed concern to them about the Terms and Conditions, I felt that my personal email was the deciding factor. :) Go me!

    xXx Helen

  3. Love the shawl - but. blimey girl you are absolutely beautiful. And you have the haircut I keep asking for, but they keep making it shorrrt!

    Wish I had the patience to knit, the counting and slipping does my bonce in!

    Your handsome boy's eyes are lumious aren't they? Bet you can't stay cross with him for more than a few seconds! Bx

  4. This shawl is amazinnggg! Beautiful. Just like you! (I'm sure you'll get hundreds of people saying the same thing...) The colour is perfect for complimenting your lovely complexion.
    I tried starting this shawl from the pattern you sent but just couldn't Get it, I think I was reading it wrong.. must have been! I have a whole load of matching yarn ready for a shawl... I must be brave and give it a go again!

    Ashley xxx

    P.s. I've just finished packaging your items! They will be on their way to you tomorrow. Thank you again. x

  5. Beautiful shawl! How pretty you look in it too! Well done. Maybe I will have to give knitting a try. Again. For the 100th time.

  6. So beautiful! It and you look stunning together. It's really lovely, a good job you persevered as its so worth it. I really love it.

  7. Gosh that shawl is a beaut, the color is lovely on you. Your knitting is killing me, I am giving it a go and starting with a dishcloth. Maybe I'll put a ruffle on it like your shawl hahha! Little Cuckoo is a cutie with those big blue eyes.

  8. It turned out so well, it's such a pretty colour. Well done you.

  9. That shawl is immense (Oh, Gwen, that omelette is immense....) and I love the colour, it really suits you (suits you sir, ooooh).
    Ah Little looks gorgeous and he totally has your eyes. He looks so grown up.
    Like our Nicki, I would also wear the shawl in the second from last (PENULTIMATE, if you so will) photo.
    And you look as fresh as a daisy for Mother's Day(unlike me, hic!!!)Once I have mastered crochet, I demand you teach me to knit.
    x x x

    1. I KNOW the fancy word is penultimate, Gem, just didn't think your Cuckoo would know what I meant... :-P

      Ha ha! Just kidding Cuckoo my lovely! xxx

  10. Oh my, your shawl is gorgeous, I seriously want to make one, but I have stamina issues knitting/crocheting Big Items. I do hope you know how beautiful you are, it could easily be a "real" model showing off the shawl!!

    Wow, look at those baby blues, bless - I love blue eyes, They were the first thing I noticed about Mr G when we met.

  11. BTW - you and Nicki can shush about being busy on the 19th - I'm the one who'll be busy, you two and Ashley will look like you're out with your rotund and matronly aunt!!


    S x

    1. Sarah, I love the phrase 'you can shush!'. We are going to have a lovely time on our date. I saw your comment the other day on how much older you think you are than us lot - ridiculous - we are all the same age, apart from young Ashley (!) We can corrupt her! :-)


    2. Young Ashley... Pah! I sound like a small child you're having to tag along with on your day out!

      Corrupt eh!? I'm not sure I'm as innocent as you think I am!! hehehe! ;-)


  12. Linda você, lindo garotinho e lindo o seu xale.

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous pics hon! Your shawl is incredible. I really love the versatility of it - so many choices on how to wear it. Not to mention what a stunning shawl model you are!! Beautiful. I'm off to search through Ravelry for a crochet shawl immediately - I feel the urge to wrap up snuggly for the impending winter now that I've seen your lovely creation.

    Have a fab week hon.

  14. Hey Cuckoo.....a lovely Ta dah moment.

    Your shawl is stunning, beautifully ruffly and such a lovely colour......

    Well done on persevering it's certainly paid off. I'm sure I would've shoved it to the deepest, darkest corner of the cupboard at the first sign of trouble!!

    Gorgeous outdoor photos, everything looks so picturesque and Little Cuckoo's photo is so sweet.... those blue, blue eyes.

    I had lovely, blue eyes like my mum till I was about 16 and then they changed to green......

    Claire x

  15. Your shawl is be-a-u-ti-ful! Well done on a beautiful knit, you must be so proud of it. Enjoy wearing and showing it off.

  16. Wow your shawl is beautiful i adore the colour its so pretty and soft You did a great job ;-) And how gorgeous are you ;-) You look stunning and little cuckoo is adorable and i agree his eyes are a beautiful shade of blue he is going to have the ladies falling into them in years to come ;-) dee xx

  17. Crochet with Raymond28 March 2012 at 08:41

    the shawl is a mammoth knit and something to be very proud of! Yay for you, love it, and you look gorgeous modelling it too

  18. Little Cuckoo has such gorgeous eyes! He's sure to make the girls swoon with those jewels! Loving your shawl muchly *swoon* and you my dear don't look like you've had 3 children! Looking forward to hearing how your photo shoot went!! How super exciting and nerve wracking all at once :) Hope you're enjoying the sunshine x

    Jo x x x

  19. I flipping well love that shawl and it has made me want to dig out my knitting needles and get cracking! Well done you for perservering and for changing the pattern to suit yourself, I don't think I'd be brave enough to do that! I love the colour and have been having a butchers on the website you did the link to and it's still on special offer! Hurrah!
    Beautiful boy with beautiful eyes, he's going to break a few hearts when he gets older!
    (I've never used so many exclamation marks in my life!)

  20. Gorgeous shawl, I love the colour you chose and the yarn looks wonderfully soft. Will have to have a little look at it and see if it is in my price range (probably not as I am a skin flint!). You sound just like me - not following the pattern and frogging it back many times until I'm either happy or really annoyed and chuck it into a UFO bag! Your shawl was a complete success though so well done you. xxx

  21. That is one GORGEOUS shawl!Such a pretty colour ,Congratulations on your perseverance!
    Look at you looking all pretty, dreamy and romantic!I love it
    Little Cuckoo is such a cutie with his big baby blues, I just scrolled back to the top to check out your green peepers!They are a lovely colour!
    My husband loves green eyes, has done since he was a teenager..... mine are brown, tee hee.
    I managed to get me some pretty tea towels from Primark Whoo hoo!
    Have a great week
    Rachel x

  22. What a beautiful shawl and model :o)
    It looks like it took ALOT of knitting...you have great staying power lady!
    What a beautiful photo of little cuckoo....he will break hearts one day in the future x
    love jooles x
    P.S i have a giveaway happening at the momment if you fancy it, it ends tomorrow

  23. Okay, Seriously lock that thing away, 'cos i'm coming for it. You think i'm joking?

    Ha ha, well I might be, but that's how much I love it. It's my favourite colour pink. It's beautiful........truly beautiful, and you know how much I love a shawl. I finished making one in January which I have used loads in the cool weather, but it's a dark colour and i'm itching to make one for summer, but I have so much to get done first.

    You are completely photogenic. I especially like the one with your back turned, (not implying 'cos your face isn't showing!), but the composition is lovely and frame worthy.

    Do you know it's weird.....I was looking at photos of Baby Bear the other day as a 12 month old, and his eyes were a stunning bright blue. It made me realise that his eyes have completely changed now and are more a greeny blue and darker. Eye colour has always fascinated me, and I looked it up online a couple of nights ago and read all about it. Eye colour can change dramatically in the first few years, again at puberty, and also mildly in adulthood. What you eat, they say can have an effect too. Like Sweet Seahorse, I notice my eye colour changes. Sometimes they look aqua, sometimes very pale grey. There is definitely a look of Daniel Craig in Little! Watch out ladies!!!!!!!

    Enjoy the weather lovely xxxxxxxxxxx

    p.s Seriously I am coming for the scarf

    p.p.s with regards to the frame worthy photo. I mean frame worthy for the Mr and Mrs C household.....just in case you thought my stalker qualities had gone a bit too far!!!!!!!!! he he!

  24. Aahh well, like everyone else has said....so ditto. I love the outfit, very floaty and ethereal, goes so well with the shawl......you go so well with the shawl. Littles eyes are beautiful, my eldest has dark forget me not blue eyes, my other two have brown. Eldest took after me, youngest two took after their dad. My eyes flit between blue and green!! Depends on the day or my mood.
    Aww, my comment box is right next to Mini with your blanket, such a cutie. How is Big doing at school??
    Much love to you all.
    xx Sandi

  25. Hi Cuckoo,

    Love your pink scarf! The colour really suits you and matches your outfit perfectly. You look great on the photo's. How do you do that with three young children :-)?!

    You have some handsome boys in the house!!!

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  26. NO CoCo.....I am coming for that scarf. It's a thing of beauty.
    Could you put a bag on your head next week please? Quit raising the bar!!!!!
    fee x

  27. Beautiful shawl, beautiful you!!!
    Both are just stunning!!
    Little cuckoo, also adorable, my kids eyes changed too from blue till they were about 2, to hazelly green, depending on clothes.
    I just blogged about my new shawl also, yours absolutely trumps mines however, so ethereal and romantic looking, mines looks mad!!!

  28. sooooooooooooooooo beautiful.... the scarf and you!

  29. Beautiful shawl...a very simple design which looks stunning. I really love the shade which suits your colouring perfectly.

    Fleur xx

  30. Your shawl is bloody lovely, I vote that as you love all your commenters so much that you would like to offer it as a giveaway?

  31. I notice you've still not announced your giveaway, so am assuming your Internet is down, I will look out fo it with anticipation.

    Your little laddie is very handsome indeed. My three boys all have ridiculously long eyelashes and th littlest has big owly eyes, like tweety bird!

  32. Oooooooo, me likey, me likey!
    Gorjus scarfy-shawly-ness.
    And you, Missus, are very beautiful and perfectly photo-tastic.
    (I am envious. I always look a bit witchy in pics)

    Love it all. My boy has lush blig blue eyes, too!

  33. beautiful shawl :-) and gorgeous baby blues xx

  34. Ooooooh and aaaaaah!!! What a gorgeous shawl, my dear!!! I love the colour (perfect for any season) and I love how versatile it is! Clever, clever you!!!
    P.S. Where DID you find such a stunning model??? ;-)

  35. So glad you didn't set fire to it, that would have been a shame!!
    It is stunning and beautifully modelled too may I say. :)
    Love those blue eyes!
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  36. Wow - so many comments! Beautiful photos and abeautiful shawl, and an amzing sense of acievement in finishing it!
    Jo x

  37. How did I miss this?! OMG that shawl is divine, perfect, just everything a shawl should be :D

  38. I just found your blog and these photos look so light and springy! what a pretty shawl indeed. also i noticed your silver bracelets, where are they from?

  39. Hi just found your blog and it is gorgeous and i love your scarf it is so pretty ,i going to try one myself although im very much a beginner knitter so thankyou for the inspiration xxx

    1. The shawl is gorgeous, love the colour too. How clever...well done for persevering, it was worth it.

      What beautiful blue eyes Little has, butter wouldn't melt!


  40. Simply Gorgeous! I love the colour, snugness and style. Oh I wish I could knit, well I can but not quick enough to get something finished!
    Same as you, I had really blue eyes which changed to a dark green/blue. All the boys and men kept the beautiful sharp blue only us girls went greeny, He is going to be a stunner!
    Carol xxx

  41. hello
    wow......what a fantasic shawl.love the color! really a simple gourgeous shawl.
    happy easter to you!
    greetings from germany,

  42. Lovely shawl and lovely photos just stunning both shawl and model ;). I so not what you mean about life wouldn't it be great if we could just frog back a couple of rows and start again, life is just not as kind as knitting. xx

  43. ok girly..starting to worry..hope to hear from you soon..miss you much
    btw..love littles eyes..they look just like my Destinys...xoxoxo

  44. What a lovely shawl. I want to do a circular shawl , like this, not the triangular type. Slowly have an idea forming i the back of my head, as I'm not a great knitter, and would rather crochet it

  45. Wow! I've only just seen this; it's completely gorgeous! Want. Want. Want.

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