Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pimp my cardi

Before I begin, I have replied to everyone who was so kind to have taken the time to comment on my last two posts. If you've not heard from me then it is likely that you haven't entered your email dress into your blog settings and are a "No-reply Comment" blogger. This means that when I get an email alerting me of your comment, if I reply via that email it just spins off into space and never reaches you. I must have sent thousands of replies into the ether over the years. It's not so bad if I notice you're a no reply commenter and you have a blog because I could find you that way but if you haven't a blog then I can't get in touch.

See more of this here

Me and cardigans, we're good mates. I like most cardigans. I've not met very many that I don't like. My preference is for a soft cotton cardigan that costs very little so that I don't feel bad when I attack it with ribbon, embroidery, scissors, buttons.... I'd feel a bit of a cowbag if I did my meddling with a Brora cashmere cardi.

It wasn't possible to get a good pic of this black cardigan. I don't wear this one very often as these days I rarely wear black. It shows up too much boy bogey. Mini Cuckoo likes to rub his snout on me a few times a day. Oh the glamour.

Like the blue cardi above I used a Cath Kidston pattern from her "Make" book. I enjoyed stitching these cardigans. It was like colouring in with thread. Something I spent hours and hours doing as an only child.

I have a swillion ideas for pimped up cardi's and I have about 5 New Look/H&M cardigans ready for attacking waiting in the wings.

This one was a little cheapy cotton cardi from H&M. It was sweet just as it was but after an addition of a velvet and lace trim it is sweeter still. At least I think so and a few other people have complimented it too.

It only took about an hour to hand stitch it on. Quite a satisfying thing to do when the kids are in bed and the husbando is watching some crubbish on TV like Ice Pilots or that gold digging one with the Hoffmans (who have wonderful architectural facial hair) who are always looking for a glory hole *snigger.

This cardi is pimped up Marie Antoinette style by snipping a hole in the middle of a doily and sewing it on to the inside of the cuffs. This too took very little time. I used doilies with cotton fabric centres and cotton crochet edges. I snipped the hole with pinking shears and zig zag stitched them to the cardi. I reckon this took me just half an hour. I love a quick craft.

This is the same cardigan as above but with a removable crochet collar. I wear this collar pinned to a number of cardigans, jumpers, dresses and even my denim jacket (though it is quite a bleeder to pin on to my denim jacket). I have two of these collars, one small and one large, they are very versatile. I wear the large one backwards sometimes. If you want to make one then go here.

I have noticed I like to end my posts with a ps or something funny. So here we go:

ps. My youngest son is a very gorgeous child. At least I think so. He is quite a placid little chap and has a sweet funny nature. We all adore him and thank our lucky stars that we were blessed to have him.

However he is two and a half years old and has his moments........





So ugly! It is just too funny!!!!

But really he is a cutie....

That was a really lovely lipstick. Humpf

er...maybe not!

Nah, truly he is.


  1. cardigan envy.
    Small person envy! Love him
    happy new week
    fee xxxx

  2. Very funny ones of your son and your poor defunct lippy!

    I love your pimped up cardis which look so swish, and how crafty of you with the lace doily, I would never have thought of that and will need to file it away for use later. Thanks.

  3. Oh, that's so funny! What a cutie he is. Nice job with the cardies too, I ought to give that a go. Rx

  4. I love your custom cardigans (I'm off to raid my wardrobe in hopes of customisableness - is that even a word?). Your little chap is really cute, I love the sheer amount of effort that went into the tantrum face!

    Jerra xx

  5. Good cardigan pimping :-) You'd never know they weren't already like that. Love your little boys sad face (in a nice way!) it just made me laugh and reminded me of a blog called "Reasons why my son is crying", which is very funny

  6. Love the last cardigan collar. Will have to have a go at one of those, Your little man is beautiful - even in lipstick!

  7. Hi, what a great idea to jazz up cardis.....I particularly like the lace doily idea......your youngest is adoreabubble!

  8. I love my cardis also I like what you have done with yours, I sewed some fancy buttons on one of mine this year. Your little man is such a cutie.

  9. Love the cardi embellishments, the Cath Kidston rose embroidery is amazing! And your little boy is so cute, love the faces he makes, especially the very innocent one with the red lipstick!

  10. Oh bless, your little lad such a sweetheart, I did chuckle at the scowling face and the red all around his mouth :-) Gorgeous cardigans I wouldn't have thought about pimping them up love the lace collar idea and the rick rack. Have a lovely week, dee x

  11. Some fab ideas to jazz up cardis....I love the one with the velvet ribbon and lace trim and the black one with the Cath Kidston rose is amazing ! I thought you'd maybe bought the rose motif and sewn it on...silly me ...I'd forgotten what a talented clever clogs you are :)
    Your littlest boy is a sweetie . Happy Monday and have a great week .

  12. Favourite one - the doily one (but completely glossing over your barely-there tummy).

    Most impressive one - the Cath K rose one (blimey you're good at embroidery)!


  13. Ooooh! Great pimping jobs! I think I'm going to box up all my cardies and send them to you..... ;-)

  14. First of all thanks for the reply, but I am a no reply blogger, so don't bother. You can always pop over to mine and leave a comment if you choose. I love your cardigans and what you have done to them, pretty impressive job and I am sure you have given many of us heaps of inspiration. That also goes for that VERY flat tummy, oh my how I wish!! xoxo

  15. You're very clever with cardigan pimping aren't you, my favourite is the 'antoinette' very clever indeed. I love the photos at the end he did very well perfectly filling in his face with lipstick, i expect it took him quite a while xx

  16. Gorgeous boy gorgeous cardis.

    What a great ideas you have. Loved the rose embroidered one. So pretty. But the velvet and lace one was pretty cute too!

    P x

  17. Love your cardigans and your pictures. They made me smile:)

  18. Just love them love them. Loads of great ideas Cuckoo, I'd love to have embroidery on one of mine but my stitching is crappy. Yours is beautiful. Very beautiful boy - I don't miss the mood swings mind you. Tends to be me having tantrums these days. X

  19. Love those pimped up beauties you clever gal!

  20. Love love love all your cardis! I am a big cardigan fan too and you have given me lots of thank you very much!
    Marianne x

  21. Love the pimped cardis, especially the velvet and pink lace edging - what a transformation! Will probably spend the rest of the day looking for things to pimp. Thank for you sharing.
    Jane x

  22. I really love your cardigans, you have really pimped them up. I have done a few of mine but nothing as glamorous as yours.

    The pictures of your son are so cute I call them happy 18th photos!! X x

  23. First I need to go shopping for some lovely trims and then I need to find out what I'm doing with my time, I'm obviously wasting it when I could be pimping my clothes!!
    PS I was sure I'd fixed my no reply status thingy but I obviously haven't! :-( I will try again! xx

  24. Tat young un of yours looks like my kind of kid!

    Love the cardi pimping ... gorgeous, all of them :)

    1. Eek ... that should say 'that' ... he's not clearly not tatty at all!

  25. Dear Cuckoo
    I popped over to visit from CocoRose as a result of the absolutely gorgeous tea cosy you made her. Is the pattern your own or can you point me in the direction of it? I'd love to make one. Hope you don't mind me asking. I love your cardigan pimping by the way - you've set me looking at all my old cardigans in a new and speculative light! Elizabeth x

  26. oh how lovely! The CK one is just fab but I like the others too. I still haven't worked up the courage to do this to my cardis!

  27. Loving the little boy photos, your poor lipstick!!

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