Tuesday, 20 December 2011

So good they named it twice

Except they didn't actually name it "Twice" they named it...

(see what I did there? GENIUS! ;oD)

Rah's bouquet.

Several weeks ago we were on a fantastic jaunt. Feels like a dream. It felt like a dream when we were there too. So different from our real life. The juxtapositions were huge. Firstly I was without children for 6 days and had Mr C completely to myself. Secondly I was spending time with my old friend Rah who I rarely see as she lives 12 hundred miles away in a different country. Thirdly we live in a very quiet area deep in the countryside which is about as different to New York as you can get. And then there was all the food eating, the sleeping all night, afternoon napping and dressing in very nice clothes everyday knowing I wouldn't get bogeys or spew on them. I even carried a real handbag about not an oversized nappy changing bag. I plucked my eyebrows everyday and applied proper make up. I painted my nails and knitted in bed (I made some ill fitting booties that I now can't locate). I got to chat with my husband with out interuptions whilst we walked about holding hands and debating when we should next stop for coffee. We did grown up shopping too, in gorgeous stores, the best one being PURL SOHO!!!! Who is now looking like The Grinch and is green with envy?

We flew with Virgin Atlantic in Premium Economy and I loved every minute of both flights. I used to be cabin crew for Virgin so it was like a trip down memory lane. Although much has changed there's still a lot still very familiar to me. The smell is exactly the same. Eau de Boeing. That's what we used to call that distinctive smell. A combination of engineering, fuel, food, perfume and blow offs. Did you know air expands by something like 30% when you're 37,000 feet up! 

I had to keep all my excited observations to myself as Mr C had already said "Oh please don't start!" when I exclaimed with delight that they had changed the uniform a bit and had ditched the black shoes and gone back to red only now they were red patent leather. Squeal! I'd love those. At least the ground staff I saw had red shoes on, the crew still have black flat shoes on when doing the services. The tights are nude again now rather than barely black. Oh this must be so boring for you lot but I was there when the old uniform was updated and I loved the crazy old 80's style uniform designed by the Emanuel's who designed Princess Di's wedding gown. We all rather liked the new John Rocha suit, much neater, but the red shoes had gone and it all seemed too bland compared to the over the top one with gold buttons and massive shoulder pads.

Anyway I wont carry on blathering about the changes, suffice it to say I really REALLY enjoyed sitting on my backside being waited on hand foot and finger, watching movies and crocheting. Yep. I crocheted on the plane. I took a plastic hook on board. I took my Shawl of Dreams (remember that?) to work on as the yarn can be snapped off so I didn't need scissors. However, plastic hooks and Kid Silk Haze do not a happy marriage make so I only managed 3 squares. Rubbish. It's more like the Shawl of Nightmares now. Not even sure I like it any more. It's nothing like the one I remember. Problem is I now have such a faded memory of that one that I don't think I could ever replicate it. It has turned into one of those mystical unobtainable magical items in my head.

So, back to New York, as you know we went there because Rah and Mr Rah got married! It was a magical day. The temperature was around 15 degrees and the sun shone all day long. They got married in The Ladies Pavilion in Central park and it was magical. Just the four of us plus the registrar and the photographer (Beowulf was a joy to meet, such a lovely man and a wonderful photographer). It was perfect and I felt so emotional, so privileged that we were able to be there when they tied the knot. 

My little posy and the sliver sixpence I gave to Rah to go in her shoe.

There was something about our feet that appealed to me. I liked how they were kind of "holding hands" whilst Rah nervously waited for the photographer to arrive.

She's such a pretty girl. She has fine bone structure and I think she looks as though she wandered out of a Jane Austin novel.

On our way to Central Park. That's the bridal taxi!

My flowers and sparkly dress

Just married

New York honey bees!

Mojitos baby!

Rock on!

My only duties in my bridesmaidial role were to make up the bouquets and button holes and find a restaurant which ticked all the boxes. Finding a restaurant that caters for a vegetarian, with in budget, in the right location, with the perfect atmosphere was a bit tricky to do via the internet. I was worried I'd get it wrong. How can one tell what the atmosphere would be like? I didn't relax properly till we arrived at the restaurant and saw that the reviews and the website were telling the truth. We had super meals and The Rah's were treated royally by the staff with a warm welcome and complimentary champagne and finally a congratulations pudding. Phew. I'm so glad I didn't let my girl down.

The end of a fantastic happy day. 
I have to confess to not talking any other photographs of the delights of New York. Also we didn't do much by way of touristy stuff as we have both been to New York quite a lot and have been to the usual haunts. We were just happy to wander about and bob in and out of parks, diners, shops and bars. We had some superb meals out but by far and away the best thing was the company. We ended up having some very silly giggles over jokes that would mean nothing to anyone else. I guarentee that when I next see The Rah's (as I'll now call them) one of us will say "a la mode" or "Beer or wine" and we'll all crack up. There's little point me explaining any of these phrases as they are jokes that will only be funny us.

Now I'm going to show you my yarny purchase from Purl Soho and my two ultra soft cashmere sweaters.

The sweaters are on the back of the chair. I couldn't get them to look good.
But then I didn't try too hard I must confess.

Sock yarn. 2012 will be the year of DPN's and socks.

Herringbone cowl yarn. Swoon.
See here for pattern

There's a caplet in here I am hoping to have a go at.

Could this be the most happy basket I have ever met. Yes I think it possibly is.

And there we go. Finally I have managed a post. This has been the longest absence I have had since I moved to blogger back in February. I realised a few weeks ago that something had to give if I was to keep my spirits from slipping back into that black pit. I couldn't do all my usual day to day stuff and fit in all the festive stuff with out getting my knickers in a twist. I have had to bake a lot for the schools, attend a variety of carol concerts and Christmas parties. Do present shopping and wrapping. Make a shepard costume, make some gifts...you know how it is. So I haven't blogged. I haven't commented on the blogs I enjoy, indeed there are many posts I will have the pleasure of reading over Christmas as I haven't even been reading blogs. I'm looking forward to that. I have missed keeping up with everyone very much. The only internet stuff I have done is shopping and pinterest as I have the pinterest app and I am rather addicted!

It feels weird blogging now having had a longer than expected break. There's a part of me that is a bit nervous about hitting the publish button. How silly is that!



  1. Good to see you back blogging! New York is right at the top of places I want to visit. One day I'll get there!! I've struggled to blog lately. Life is just too hectic! Im looking forward to next week, when xmas is over, the hubby is off work & we can just stop & relax.

  2. It's lovely to see a post from you and catch up with the NY trip - the photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing! Take care and have a lovely and relaxing(!) Christmas x

  3. Yay, she's back and what a post!!! I loved reading it from beginning to end! :-)
    Happy Holidays to you!

  4. Welcome back! Lovely wedding pics, you and your friend both looked gorgeous! Oh, and that basket of yarn looks so yummy too, can't wait to see how you get on with it all. (I did start the herringbone cowl pattern but had to give up as I knit quite tightly so it was really hard on my poop fingers!)
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!
    R x

  5. Oops!!! I meant poor fingers of course! Oh dear, I really should proof read before I hit publish!

  6. Good to hear from you again. It sounds like you had an exciting time! It must be fun being in NY this time of year. Did you go ice skating at Rockefeller centre? It always looks so romantic in the movies :-)!

    You and your friend look beautiful and the men very handsome as well!

    Love the colours of yarn you chose.

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  7. missed you on here (despite hearing from you elsewhere!)
    these pictures are truely beautiful my friend. What glorious memories.
    Hope you are still feeling festively chipper...speak soon
    fee x

  8. I loved getting your sweetest comment on my blog...I loved reading about your fabulous trip to New York and I loved the trip down memory lane. (I too am an ex stewardess...BA) Eau de Jumbo is still only a breathe away.Thank you for all that lovliness xxxxxxx

  9. aahhh welcome back and such a beautiful post ;-) I am so glad you had a lovely break and you all looked so wonderful and gorgeous. Stunning photo's of a magical day. Have a lovely christmas, and a merry new year, dee xx

  10. I just wanted to say, I love your blog so much at the best of times, but reading your post today was perfect timing. I am off to NYC tomorrow with my husband and our three boys, to celebrate our eldest son's 18th birthday! you have now got me super, super excited! looks like you had the best time. loads of love, and merry christmas to you all. catherinec xxx

  11. swoon, swoon, swoon and indeed swoon.
    What beautiful photographs Mrs C. You are very beautiful as well :-)
    xxxxx H

  12. You all look so beautiful, and the photos are amazing!!!!
    Hope the next few days are less hectic and you can relax and enjoy the lead up to Christmas!!
    And hope you and your whole family have a great Christmas

  13. So pleased you hit the publish button! I am green with envy both about your fabulous NYC trip and that absolutely stunning basket of woolly goodness!!! I can't wait to see what you create with it all. Have a truly wonderful Christmas hon. Take care. Leah xx

  14. Gorgeous girls, handsome blokes , silly jokes and a wonderful time in New York.....what fun.

    So nice to see your post Cuckoo but such a busy time of year we all understand that some things have gotta give...........

    Your wool purchases look so dreamy and soft I want to reach out and touch it.

    Red patent leather shoes, yay...........

    Enjoy Christmas and best wishes from a sunny corner of Oz to you and your lovely little family for a happy and healthy 2012.

    Claire X

  15. I couldn't sleep last so checked out the blog updates and read about your fabulous time in NY. Of course when I went back to sleep I dreamed that I was there with you as PA and I had done all of the organisation for the wedding. And afterward the airport played a starring role! No guesses what influenced that dream.
    xXx Helen

  16. Oh, I'm so glad to see you back!!

    I for one was fascinated to read about the Virgin uniform, I am terrified of flying (have to use Valium!!) so it amazes me that people can fly without nerves and look so glamorous!!

    Thanks for sharing your pics, you all looked super gorgeous!!

    Love the pic of the taxi's, looks just like Sex and the City (LOVE that show!!) - we'd love to visit New York one day....

    Oooooh, look at that yarn!! Luvverly!!!!!!


    S x

  17. Great to have you back in blogland as you seem very much part of it all, but really glad you took the time out you needed.

    Purl Soho - bliss. Last time I got an invite to New York I managed to be stupidly too pregnant to fly by the time the date came round. Silly fool seduced me with New York and got his plan all wrong by seducing me too well.

    Beautiful wedding photos of a stylish and simple wedding.

    Merry Christmas


  18. Lovely to have you back ,Cuckoo.Such wonderful piccies,I hope you and your little family have a magical Christmas,Much love juliexxx

  19. I for one am really glad you're back! Rah wasn't the only one that looked stunning at the wedding, you did too!

  20. aaaaaah so good to have you back! Have been checking your blog daily (sometimes even twice a day ?!)... Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!!

  21. It all looks fabulous. dahling!! x

  22. What a beautiful post. Such gorgeous photos of a beautiful day, and a beautiful set of people! Glad you got to share such a special occasion with your friends and also got to have some quality time with Mr C.

    And don't get me started on the yarn! I'm hulk like in appearance at the mo! CLOUD........ahhhhhhh.......cloud is one of my most favourite words, and the Greeny/blue shade is also one of my most favourite shades.......ahhhhh......I'm going all dreamy. I could be here for a while............ Xxxxxx

  23. Ok gotta be quick... busy busy busy... Gorgeous post, looks like you had a lovely time.

    Snorted with laughter at your use of the term 'blow offs'. Ha! I call them pop offs.

    Nice to see you back posting again... Merry Christmas my cyber friend... Lots of love from the homebird house xxxx

  24. What a gorgeous post! It's clear from the photos that you all had an absolutely fantastic time!!! you and your friend look sooooo beautiful and glamorous!!! :-)
    Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!

  25. just catching up on here and lovely pics New York looks amazing , would love to go one day not to sure mr c suits the handbag thou ? ha ha x


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