Friday, 27 April 2012

Another shawly capey thingy Ta Dahhhhhh!

When it was Mothers Day and I coerced Mr C into taking some pics of my Ruffly shawl I figured I might as well get all the finished articles photographed at the same time. So here we have this little capelet whatsit knitted in Kid Silk Aura (the whole range is now discontinued. Boo hiss)

What a smarmy, snug looking face. Makes me want to Schlap it!!

It was such an easy pattern and I reckon this only took a week to knit up but I cheated on it with other projects so it took me about four months from start to finish. I listed in my Wips here.

I quite like this Caplet, it's warm and soft and was a joy to knit but it's a tricky one to wear when there's a baby (pre toddler) to be carried as I did the cast on edge a bit tight and so it rolls up when I move around. It's also unflattering around the band and highlights my flared ribs. They got pushed out with each pregnancy and haven't retracted back. Maybe they never will. Don't really care if I'm honest!

I intend to knit another in black as I think that will be a useful thing to have in my wardrobe for all those nice candle lit suppers I don't have in nice restaurants I don't go to. I've always been a bugger for aspirational clothes shopping and now I'm aspirationally knitting. You know what I mean don't you? I buy clothes for the life style, weather, size I wish I had rather than the one I actually have. I know I'm not alone. A few of my friends have confessed to having more size ten summer clothes that are dry clean only than they care to count.

And that's the end of the sensible photographs, it all went a bit silly so here are the outtakes:

Bee, I look like Pete the Dragon, No?!

The final thing I rather like about this woolly item is it makes my knockers look rather substantial. Hurray for that!


ps. You have been spared the big old moony shot. Just kidding. I didn't moon. The kids were around!


  1. Ooh, I LOVE your skirt! (and hilarious out-takes too!)

  2. GoRgEoUs capey thingy! Such a pretty colour too!
    Victoria xx

  3. I was in a stinky mood today, but this post made me laugh! Never a dull moment in Cuckoo land! The capelet is so soft and pretty and pink, I love it! My ribs do that too- thank you for giving me an explanation, I thought it was just me! You are becoming quite the knitter, very inspirational. I am living vicariously through your knitting projects :) Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Gorgeous, as always, Missus. Both you and the caplet.
    Love the outtakes. My fav has to be the 'fingers' one- ha ha!
    Have a super-duper weekend.
    PS having a CAL over at mine soon.
    PPS I am such a sucker for buying clothes for the lifestyle I think I lead. I swear I nearly buy a white skirt and cream linen trousers every summer before I remind myself that I have a toddler with a chocolate fetish. No, no no.

  5. The caplet is lovely! Very pretty and suits you. I'm a little bit jealous of the floaty skirt as well!

  6. Another lovely creation! So clever and a beautiful skirt. I put my hands up to having a collection of clothes I love that don't really fit but I can't part with them, just in case I manage to miraculously lose enough weight to fit into any of them! x

  7. Oooh you glamour-puss! Very pretty capelet, I would agree that it isn't very practical when dealing with babies and toddlers, but sometimes you need something that is just a bit of fun!

    Talking about cupboards full of clothes you can't wear - Being pregnant then breastfeeding on and off for close to four years now, I have a whole stack of clothes that I can't wait to get back into, and some that are virtually rags because they are the only things I can fit into or are practical. And my belly dance outfits will probably never see the light of day for a couple more years at least!

    xXx Helen

  8. Brilliant hon - I love it! You look sensational in it, but I can also imagine it would be gorgeous in black. Oh if only I could knit! Waaah. Enjoy the weekend :-) Becks xxx

    1. P.S. I have nominated you for a sunshine award, as your blog is one of my all time fav's (plus your a west country girl!), so if you would like to collect it, please pop over to mine. Becks xxx

  9. Floaty skirt, boots and it, I want to wear clothes like that, but my body suits the 'tailored' look and I look rather funny in the floaty clothes :(
    Love the outtakes, you are very photogenic even pulling faces.
    xx Sandi

  10. Ha ha ha, before I read the caption on the last photo I thought - wey hey, big knockers - great minds think alike. Love the capelet and yes summer floaty clothes (not mentioning any shops) that scream buy me before looking at the washing label! jo xx

  11. Hi I do love you and your silly ways! And your capelet! Gorgeoso! Glad to hear that I'm not alone with my horizonal ribs...I look like I have four boob! xxxx

  12. Clever girl, looks delicious on you and sorry to don't beat my 'Peter the Dragon' face!!!! x x x x x

  13. you're too beautiful my friend...good job I like you.
    fee x

  14. your posts make me laugh so much i always laugh out loud when i read them.. i love how you dont take yourself to seriously!!!
    love your wooly capelet its gorgeous to!!

    ( am tres envious of your biddy waist and flat belly to.. motivating me to diet now !! )

  15. fab post made me lol a lot! I love your caplet. I am learning to knit and i think this must go on my to knit list!

  16. Substantial knockers ay .... right I must knit one immediately!!! What a brilliant post hon - you always make me laugh. Your capelet is gorgeous and is the perfect colour on you. I hope you get lots of wear out of it - at those restaurants you don't go to, on those nights out you don't have. Ditto here on the aspirational wardrobe purchases. Although in saying that I had already decided that this week I would make the effort to wear more of my 'for special outings only' clothes as I never seem to have special outings. So when I meet my dear friend for a cuppa on Tuesday I'll be way over-dressed and I don't care!

    Have a fab week hon,

  17. The caplet is very pretty!!!! Such a pretty color!!
    Have a nice sunday,
    hugs Regina

  18. It looks great on you Cuckoo. Such a fun photo-shoot :-)!!!!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  19. What a fabulous ta-daaah!!! Very pretty indeed. And - oh my goodness - I LOVE your floaty fairy skirt!!! Where DID you get it?!?
    And where DID you find such a beautiful model to show off your capelet?!? ;-)

  20. Oh I love this....seriously love it. You know, I think we all buy stuff based on the life we want to lead and not the one we actually lead. I'm quite schizophrenic with my tastes, so depending on the day and mood i'm in, depends what comes home for the life I want to be leading. This results in a whole mish mash of crap, both in my house and in my wardrobe. I envy the people whose house you see in house magazine that are all beige and have the house kitted out in Next furniture. Whilst it would kill me to live in a house like that, I have to admire that they like one thing and just stick to it.

    Man, and you take a fab pic, even the ones where you pull faces. Like Fee, good job I like you, otherwise......!!!!! ha ha!


  21. I have the rib thing too - four babies her - but not your gorgeous figure. Great knit and I love the out-takes :D

  22. Hello!! I've just found your blog via Rebecca Dorne Diaries and am so glad I have - love it! The Capelet is fab! A beautiful colour it really suits you, and I have to say I'm very jealous of your skirt - it's fab!! Looking forward to reading more of your great blog!! Marina x

  23. Hey Cuckoo, what a beautiful looks soooo soft and I'm sure it's rather cosy to wear too......

    Love the out takes.....I can imagine clothing catalogues full of your fun poses, what a hoot....

    Never heard of flared ribs before, learn something new every day......

    Hope you manage to wear your capelet to a nice candlelit supper in a nice restaurant someday....

    Claire x

  24. Yo chickus-dickus
    Lovely pics of you and gorgeous colour capelet, very very cute. Hope you had a delish birthday too me dear and speak soon.
    In haste. Book Club round my gaff tonight - yippee!!!!!
    xxx x x x x x x x


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