Monday 21 May 2012

Knitting my little cashmerino socks off!

It's another Ta Dah!!!! Can you believe it? I have two sets of wrist warmers waiting in the wings for their photo's to be taken. And I have a crochet blanket that wants to say hello (not finished yet). Anyway, back to the Ta Dahhhhhhh.

I'll start at the beginning. A long time ago I saw Rachel knitting socks and thought to myself, "When I can knit, I will make socks". They looked like total alchemy to me and I didn't really think I'd master it. But at that point I hadn't met Suzie. When I discovered Suzie held Sock Making Workshops I signed up in a jiffy. Not least because it meant I could spend a whole day surrounded by all her beautiful yarns.

On the 5th of February I trotted off with my Belle Mere to learn the Art of the Sock. My Mum was supposed to come along but they'd had snow then rain and then well below freezing temperatures and so she couldn't get her car out and didn't fancy the hour journey to get to me. Rightly so. Luckily for me Mr C's parents were visiting so Granny took my Mum's place. I took my Mum along to see Suzie and buy wool at a later date instead.

Look at the frost on the roof of the car! It was beautiful but it took a
while to clear the windows and my door was stuck!

When we arrived Suzie was wearing her Victorian night gown over a pair of jeans which I was relieved about as I'd said to My Belle Mere, Granny, that she would be and I didn't want to look like a fibber.

I felt bad that we were fifteen minutes late as it was emphasised on the booking info that because a lot of techniques have to be covered we would need to start on time. However one lady arrived over an hour late! She refused to do a shortened version of a sock so that she could learn the skills, she went wrong and needed Suzie to rectify her mistakes every half an hour and when she left she said she didn't feel she could knit a sock. The cheek! She said it like it was Suzie's fault when the rest of us felt very confident about knitting socks and we have all done so since the workshop with no problems at all. Well, apart from Granny but that's because she likes a glass of wine! (Ha, I know you're reading this, Granny!) Suzie is so sweet she said she would go and meet this lady after work to help her if she got stuck and that she would travel to her. What? No! I've told Suzie she mustn't. The lady was LATE. She didn't do a short sock. She was a child hater too and visibly rolled her eye's when we spoke of our children....and not only that, you will not believe this, she told us about her pet cat which she loves with all her heart, a cat that isn't hers to love since she STOLE IT!!!! Oh Em Geeeee! 

Mrs D who has a blog and made a scrummy lunch for us all

That's Granny knitting her sock and Elaine from knit club in the back ground

That's my truncated sock, I've knitted the heel flap and am turning the heel in this photograph. It was like magic. A heel appears from no where! Seriously clever. Honestly sock knitting is so amazing and yet it's not hard to do at all. I was shocked by that. Knowing a few basics is all you need to be able to knit socks.

Granny kept thinking she had gone wrong but she hadn't, Suzie sat over her to give encouragement but I think she sat there because Granny smelt so nice. Jo Malone grapefruit.

It was such a lovely day. I really enjoyed myself. It was a big disappointment that my Mum couldn't come as I know she would have had a lovely time. She would also have been brave enough to give That Lady what for. My Mum used to work in a prison teaching prisoners. Since that's clearly where the cat thief will end up, I think my Mum would have spoken to her in the most perfect manner, the rest of us just bristled and gave each other supportive looks.

When we left, Suzie packed us up with left over cakes and bunches of daffs which she had bought the night before as they were 12p a bunch and she felt sorry for them. Whoever heard of leaving a workshop laden with cake and flowers? Honestly, The Wool Sanctuary is an excellent place and well worth a visit. It's not just knitting either. Those of you who follow Suziebeans on Instagram will see she has fallen into an addiction for crochet. (This post isn't a sponsored post, promise, though it does sound like it!)

When I got home I immediately took my half knitted mini sock off the needles and popped it onto stitch keepers and I started my real sock while it was all still fresh in my head. Amazingly I didn't need to refer to my mini sock. I should have had more faith in Suzie's instructions.


Ta Dahhhhhhhh!

Why didn't I ruffle these up a bit? The look so daft pulled up like that.

Mastering four needles was a bit tricky for me and you can see above that I hadn't got the placement of the needles right so there's a visible 'ladder' also my colour changes aren't very neat.

Does it really matter that these socks aren't perfection when I am so proud of them and so in love with them. They feel like fairy duvets to wear.

I'm most pleased with the heart which I added by adapting another of Suzie's patterns. My intarsia leaves a lot to be desired but where's the fun if there's no room for improvement?

My first sock was pretty good really and after several attempts at kitchenering (I feel quite big headed even knowing what that is let alone being able to do it) I managed to finish my sock off with an almost perfect toe. Ummmmmm, the second sock wasn't quite as good. I got impatient and lazy (and it was half term so the boys and I were at Granny's and she doesn't like to drink alone, so I joined her).

So there we go. Socks. An ambition fulfilled. I do think it is good to have small achievable ambitions as well as the biggies.

I'm all topsy turvy with my blog posts, I'm way behind and but I'm not keen on doing things out of order so I'll have to just ploddle along and hope you will all ploddle with me.

By the way, I had a comment on my last post, a really sweet comment from Anonymous, that she saw me shopping with Kmmms in Liberty. I've been spotted! It's like blog fame! So, Dear Anonymous, if ever you see me again, please holler "Coo Wee Cuckoo!" and that way I'll stop my argybargy over excited jostling to get at the haberdashery. No seriously, I'd have loved to have met you. To have had the opportunity to say "Thank you for reading my waffle and making my blogging experience as wonderful as it is."

 I'd blog anyway, with out having readers, but it's so nice to not be talking to myself. It's been a surprise and a delight that I have made true and lasting friends through blogging too.

Right, I must go, I have been quite ill for a few days and I'm so tired. I'm laying in my bed with so little energy but feeling like I Must Achieve Something. I have no phone signal nor phone wifi at the moment but luckily the laptop does so I have just popped the finishing touches to this post which I wrote at the beginning of last week. Hurrah for lap tops for I have Achieved Something! (But lets gloss over the fact that I'm behind with all other blogs, commenting......etc.....) Also I hear a baby, pre toddler really, stirring so I must get up up and get the dizzy spell over with before trying to get him out of his cot.



  1. Que post lindo.

  2. I totally LOVE the photo of you with netted tutu frou frou surrounding you and your socks. A great photo. Look at your smooth, slim legs! Lucky bird.
    Really hope you are on the mend love. Sounds horrendous. But the sun is shining and tomorrow and Wed are due to be scorchio, so I believe you were perk up.
    Loving your knit class story re the woman from doom. What a hellish piece she sounds.
    Righto, must crack on with this writing brief and then walk the walk to get the Princess from school. She has a new friend Mabel coming for tea. Love that name!!!

  3. Oh and in my haste, I didn't say. I LOVE THOSE SOCKS. They look gorgeous. x x

  4. Cuckoo you've managed to knit a pair of socks with four needles and you're worried about colour placement and laddering.........they look fab and the colours you used are . absolutely delicious like a packet of pink and white marshmallows, yum.....

    I would love to be able to knit a pair of socks on 4 needles.......

    Suzie sounds like a great teacher and a very thoughtful person to boot.

    Sorry to read you've been unwell, hope you are feeling tip top ASAP ,

    Claire ♥♥

  5. Ooooooohhhh, ahhhhhhhh!! Love your socks you clever thing!! Loving the dreamy photos of them too :) it looks like you had fun taking them!!! That course sounds like the perfect way top spend some time with friends :) Hope you're feeling less dizzy & didn't fall over when you lifted the baby out of his cot!! Take it easy & I hope you're feeling much more like yourself soon x

    Jo x x x

  6. Excuse me for drooling a little over those lovely yarn photos, delicious!!!

  7. Oh wow, you knitted your own socks, A-may-zing. I love the heart on the heels that is just soooo cute and the colours *sigh* gorgeous, good work Cukoo x x x x

  8. Well done on the socks Cuckoo!!
    I've tried it twice, I now have two socks not matching as I never got round to completing the second one in each case!! Second sock syndrome, I believe it's called!! :)
    Vivienne x

  9. Wonderful-- I want to try -- I want to try---- I must try!

  10. te he...famous at last!
    I was reading this thinking 'how soon can I ask her to knit me those socks I pinned with the heart on the heel'....and then I saw you'd already done it!!!
    Wanna do a swap? blocks for socks (it's got a ring!)
    Hope you're feeling better lovely friend...fee x
    Sending hugs and air kisses in case its contageous...(((♥)))

  11. Well done they look amazing and the little heart on the heel is genius

  12. Super jealous, love pink, love stripes and the hearts are genius, I can't believe they weren't part of the pattern....check you out!

    That cat knapper women sounds bloody awful, maybe you could get one of those crimestopper awards for shopping her.

    Feel better soon me dear, get out in the sunshine and soak up som vitamin D

  13. Great your pink striped socks. I must learn this knitty thing soon, so I can join in the fun.
    Lynne xx

  14. Well Done! Well Done! Well Done Cuckoo! Beeoootiful socks! xxx

  15. Well done! Your socks are really lovely and I love the heart at the back. I was so pleased when I discovered that knitting socks was actually not as hard as rumour had it! I love knitting them now.

  16. Gorgeous socks. I love love love the heart on the heel. What a little touch of genius!
    Frankie xx

  17. I had to laugh when you mentioned your mum would have been able to deal with That Lady! She sounds like a nightmare - That Lady, not your mum!

    Socks are one thing I really would like to learn to knit, but as my knitting skills are virtually non existent I'd like to try a simple crochet pair first. I've actually got an old pattern, swiped from my mum's stash, for lacy knitted tights which I really really really want to make. Perhaps I should just pull my finger out and learn a new skill!

    BTW I don't think I would have noticed the ladder up the back of the socks if you hadn't pointed it out. They look pretty fabulous to me.

    xXx Helen

  18. Ohh, are you feeling a bit better today......hope so, nothing worse than feeling 'off' and still having to get around and look after kids. What an old harridan at the class, I wished your mum had been there too, would love to have been a fly on the wall :) I have a feeling that your Belle Mere and I would get along quite nicely nattering with a glass of whatever in hand.
    I love your socks, love the color and I LOVE the heart on the back...and the photo of you sitting surrounded by your fairy skirt, too delish. I really should knit some sox, was going to knit my dad a pair last year, the wool is still there in the basket, untouched tsk, tsk.
    xxoo Sandi

  19. You amazing, amazing woman! Your socks are just stunning!! I adore the hearts on the back - what a perfect touch. I was so busy ogling the pictures of all that lovely wool on the shelves, it took me a while to actually work my way down through your fab post. For a country with so many flippin' sheep in it - our wool choices seem so much more limited than you have in the UK - and really expensive. I found some Cashmerino here for $15 a tiny ball - eeeek. Anyhoo - back to those socks .... did I mention that I am totally in love with them!!! I hope you're feeling better soon hon - take care of yourself won't you. We've all been hit with the lurgy too so I'm looking forward to getting the small folk in bed so I can sleep.

    Have a fab week hon,

  20. Well done, your socks are gorgeous! I just love the stripes and the heart!
    I do think the only way to see how easy sock knitting is to take a class. It's the thought of 4 needles that make it so off putting!!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  21. Crochet with Raymond22 May 2012 at 10:29

    well done you! Congratulations on your first socks and now that you have "popped your socks cherry" you will totally agree that they are way easier than thay look!
    love your lovely socks, they look super snuggly and cuddly, just awesome.

  22. Ah geez woman, what are you trying to do to me? I want to knit for two things, to make socks and to make that cardi we both spied on pinterest. Simple as. I can just about knit one purl one, but it's so bloody hard and the hook is so much easier. I need to give it my full concentration and at the moment I just don't have any spare time to. I think I need Suzie in my life too! You are wonder woman. I think you and Becca are the only two women who amaze me with just how much you pack in. I'm in awe, and once again I want to be you. Just remember to lock up ya sock drawer 'cos i'm a coming for them!


    oh, and as for cat woman.......really? Some people!

  23. LOVE your socks!!! Also still laughing from Alice's popping your cherry comment
    Hope you feel better soon, that sucks that you've been sick.
    What a terrible troll that cat thief sounds like....see its fine to steal people's beautiful snoods, and maybe also awesome socks, but nicking a cat, that's just messed up!!!
    Take care

  24. Oh my! You clever, clever Cuckoo. Those socks are blimmin' SMASHING! And The Wool Sanctuary looks like the kind of place I'd happily live. Beautiful photos, looking forward to seeing some other 'Tahdahhhhs' very soon xxx

  25. I LOVE the socks. You're just amazing, doing those as your first pair!

    Hope you never meet the cat-burglar again!

  26. The class looks like soooo much fun!!! I'd love to go to some crafty classes, but I think I might get more-than-a-little confused over the German!!! I'd need to take a translator with me! ;-)
    Those socks are amazing! I can't believe they're your first pair!!!

  27. oh my. Those socks are GORGEous. I have never fancied knitting socks before, I find knitting SO much harder than crochet, but those socks are so pretty I want them! The way you describe it is very inspiring too, you make it sound achievable....hmmm. :-)

  28. oh, meant to add, there is a pub in the next village to me called 'The Cuckoo Pint'. hehe!

  29. Bloody brilliant socks! They are gorgeous you clever lass! I hope you're starting to feel better? I am sitting here feeling rotten too, but LMAO at your story about the knitting class and the annoying lady - you know you could try your hand at writing a novel too - you have the knack for telling a great story. Your Gran sounds seriously cool too :-) Feel better soon sweets. Becks x

  30. Yay, well done you! Your socks are FAB, especially that heart at the back. Shame I wasn't there, I'd have sorted that annoying lady right out, but I do find that there is one annoying lady at most craft classes. Oh dear, I do hope that in the ones where I think there isn't an annoying lady that annoying lady isn't me?!?

    Hope you feel better soon.

  31. Hello again, I was the anonymous reader from Libertys (I didn't mean to come up as anonymous, I didnt see how to put my name in!). I do wish now I had said hello. I nudged and budged my friend and told her all about your lovely blog and how it must be you because I recognised your lovely floaty skirt.
    Ps I love the socks!!

  32. I only just caught up with this ... I do hope you're feeling better now x

    Popping in here really is like having coffee with a chum and a jolly good natter, with the bonus that there's knitting ... a lot of the friends I actually get to meet for coffee don't have a clue about knitting. Your socks look so snug.

    I used to teach in a prison too, just for a little bit, I wonder if I met your Mum!


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