Tuesday, 10 July 2012

"That's ridiculous!" he said,

The other day Mr C said to me,

"You haven't been blogging much lately"
"I know, other things get in the way at the moment, besides I haven't replied to all the comments on my last post yet"
"That's ridiculous" he said.

So I wonder, is it? Is this self imposed rule about replying to all those who are not 'no-reply' bloggers silly? I know I would have blogged more over the last few weeks if I hadn't set this rule.

I love comments so much, I enjoy the banter, I feel that if you are kind enough to take time to write to me I should take the time to reply by way of thanks.

I'm thinking of putting a note in my comments box saying that through the Summer months I'll be blogging but won't have much time to reply to comments so don't feel obliged to leave a message.

Yes I think that's what I'll do, there are things I want to preserve here on my blog that are fading in my memory banks because I have stopped myself from blogging. What a muppet. I think I lost the point of way I blog for a while there. Besides I think I'd rather read a blog post than get a reply and I hope you feel the same.



  1. I know what you mean, I always try to leave a comment on someone's blog if they have left one on mine - kind of the same thing really. I haven't blogged for a month as I just don't feel like it - having to find and sort through photos on my computer or heaven forbid, take some more photos in the grey dark weather we have had! I've got so many blog posts backed up, I may just do one big splurge of a post and then leave blogging again for a couple of weeks! Anyway, hope you are all well and looking forward to the school hols, I certainly am. xxx

  2. You can't be expected to answer every single comment, especially if you're getting 50+ comments at a time. Yes, it's nice to get a reply but most commenters are also bloggers so we know what it's like. Life gets in the way or our mojo goes on holiday. We understand.

    A couple of years ago there was the "Blogging without Obligation" campaign. It really made a lot of sense.

    So please don't stop blogging because you haven't replied to us all. If everybody did that, blogging would come to a halt!

    Ruby x

  3. Mrs, this is supposed to be fun! Do it how you want to do it, not how you think you should. I'm sure people understand that not everyone has time to go back on every single comment and if they don't then they're not really worth the time and effort are they? You've got three young boys to sort out and it should be obvious to anyone that they're your priority. So don't feel bad just flipping do it and enjoy it.
    Laters, chick.

  4. Please dont stop blogging Cuckoo,I ve missed youxx

  5. Don't let that stop you from blogging. We all know what it's like and like has been said already, people don't expect a reply every time they leave a comment! (Don't you dare reply to all of us who left comments on this post!) Just update your blog and keep your memories alive. And thanks for letting us share them by the way. I love your blog and have missed your posts, but know how busy a young Mum can be! xxx

  6. I think I'd rather have new posts for everyone to enjoy rather than individual replies. :-)

  7. Aww bless, it's so nice you want to respond, but your blog is so popular as it is fantastic & inspiring it must take you ages!
    I'm sure your folowers won't mint you don't respond if it means you are blogging.

  8. Hello lovely lady :o)
    It was such a comfort to read your post, i am just the same and blogged about the same very thing http://sewsweetviolet.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/make-month-june-2012.html
    what are we like???

    Now that i have just read your post, i thought to myself that i would so much rather you post away so that i can see all the wonderful things that you'd like to share than get a return comment.

    It is so nice to read all the lovely comments on this post too and everyone makes so much sense.

    I too am finding it very hard to fit everything in at the mo and was considering taking a blog holiday, i am going to try to take a more relaxed approach to it i think and carry on.
    please don't stop x
    love jooles x

    P.S nice mug :o)

  9. I try to reply if someone asks me a direct question but I don't have time to reply to every comment. I used to, when my blog got about two comments per post and I was unemployed but now I have so much to do that there's barely time to write, let alone reply to people. I do feel bad about it, because I love to get comments and I'm always touched that people take the time to leave them. On the other hand, I do sort of feel that I start the exchange with the blog post and then if people reply then that completes the exchange if you see what I mean.
    Probably sounds really selfish, but I just don't have the time to reply to everyone.

  10. I mostly don't reply to comments on my post (even though I don't get half as many as you!) - and I sometimes feel bad about it, because I really appreciate the lovely comments I get. It's just that I don't know where the time goes - there seems to be so many other things to do - and when I have something I want to blog about - I just want to get it done and out there!

    Often I'll do a generic thank you in my posts, to everyone who has commented, because I want people to know how much I enjoy their comments. I really think that most people wouldn't mind if they don't get a reply. I know that I don't expect one when I comment.

    I'm sure everyone would rather get to see more posts!!! I know I had a little moment of excitement when I saw in my Blogger Reader Watchamacallit that you'd posted! (I know, I need to get a life..!!) ;o)

    So - don't hold back on the posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. You are such a tease - I eagerly clicked on your link thinking 'yay! she's done a new post' and you're just apologising in advance. Grr!

    I know how you feel about replying to comments but we all know what it's like to be busy and have other things in the way so don't expect responses to everything. xxx

  12. Oh, Gwen, that mug is immense. Where did thee get that done? This is when blogging isn't what it's meant to be. Do away with all the blog admin shenanigans and write a flipping post already. If they are true followers, they will understand
    X x x

  13. I honestly don't think commenters expect a reply unless they ask a specific question!!
    Keep blogging and don't worry. :)
    Love the mug!!
    Vivienne x

  14. I wrote a hugely long comment, then went to publish it and found Rosey had signed into google with her school account so all lost and me irritated. Basically I was saying I've had and have this guilt, but what can you do you want to blog, you enjoy it so and we all love reading it so we say hello and this and that in the comments box. I certainly don't expect a reply back. It's really nice, but unexpected when it comes. A comment back and forth every now and then is fine for me, so I guess it must be fine for most other people. We're all rushing about and this is meant to be our fun place. So please get back on telling us your tales, we need a catch up with you.

    Lisa X

  15. I agree with every single word and hope you do too. Then sit down and believe us when we ALL say just blog and let us enjoy a little bit of your life x

  16. Blogging should be a pleasure not a chore, family life comes first so dont stress about it, do what YOU feel is right, people will pop in to your blog because they are inspired by you not because you reply to every comment! Ada :)

  17. I have never expected a reply. I just love reading your blog and seeing what you are up to. I think you should enjoy blogging and not feel you HAVE to reply to each comment. Please , dear Cuckoo, keep us entertained and instructed. That's why I come by. :) Grammy Braxton

  18. yes, please blog more! unlike all the kind ladies above I will be mighty peeved if you don't respond to my comments!!! I was going to add that I'm joking but I don't think I am!
    I LOVE your posts..and love your pre get together get together idea...will get back to you.
    Check out my new post for photos of v v young cleggy in dungarees!!! yep, you read right.
    fee x

  19. Oh no... don't stop bloggin just because you can't reply. I know what it's like to feel like you're forgetting all of the things you want to blog about. I've been feeling mega guilty recently about not replying to everyone's comments and it's on my to-do list every day, but some day's it's just not possible to sit down and be emailing for ages.. then it gets to the evening these day's and I just crash! So when I do grab a chance to sit down at the laptop, sometimes I just choose to write a post in case the moment passes and I never get around to it.. it is supposed to be a kind of diary after all and I don't like the fact I didn't do much blogging for the past few months.
    Keeping posting as I always get excited to read a new post from you.

    Ashley xxx

  20. Please blog and don't worry about comments. I love to hear from you and am happy to forfit the reply if you are able to blog more! It's hard to find the balance and I think everyone understands that. Bloggers are a lovely bunch, you are too. So more let's have more blogging and less replying and everyone's a winner!

    Helen xx

  21. Hello Mrs C! Ah, get over the guilt and get back on the blogging wagon, Mrs! I've missed your hilarity. I certainly don't expect replies to all the comments I leave - Lisa's right - the odd reply/email back and forth is great, but replying to every comment is surely a recipe for stress!
    Love the mug, by the way...

  22. I glad you will be back to blogging, I think we should blog for our self firstly but it is always very nice to get comment.

  23. No worries! I know when I start trying to "manage" my blog, it's not so fun. We miss your posts, so break your own rule about comments/replies and come out and play!

  24. Ahh, I don't reply to everyone either, so don't feel bad, but just to make sure that people know I appreciate them commenting I will send a message occasionally. I find it hard sometimes as I get so busy at work, then too tired to blog etc.
    Hope you are on top of your health issues now.
    xxoo Sandi

  25. Hey Cuckoo, it's your own fault really (tongue in cheek!).........it's because you have such a fab blog and great sense of humour that we all want to visit and read about what you and gorgeous wee fellas have been up too and then add our 2 cents worth!!I

    It looks like all commenters are in agreement.....blog without obligation.
    When it becomes a chore, then something is wrong.

    I know I love hearing from you BUT I would much rather you were happy to keep blogging than worry about replying to my comment.......

    Claire ♥

  26. Keep blogging babe - but stop replying to everyone! We all adore you sweets (and wont stop leaving comments). Becks xxx

  27. Clearly you should listen to Mr Cuckoo, and every other person here,and forget about the blimmin bladmin, and get posting missus!!
    We want to hear more mooning adventures and the like :-)

  28. Nothing I can say that hasn't already been said. Your posts are hilarious! And I do love reading bout your lovely family!
    Take care,
    Celeste x

  29. I also try to reply to everyone and also make a point of trying to comment on each of the blogs I follow. My other self imposed rule is to have nice photos on my blog and it is this that often stops me from posting for weeks - I am just not that in to taking tons of photos so I often don't have any to add to my chatter. I am trying to stop myself being like this - its so daft isn't it! xxx

  30. I know what you mean - I have the comments come into my email box so I can answer them, I have to admit I don't reply to all of them only the ones I feel need answering. I do like to have a conversation with people even if it is via emails though! I love reading your blog, if you have the time to answer comments that is lovely but if you don't don't worry.
    Julie xxxxxx

  31. It's always lovely to get a reply to a comment but I never take it for granted and I don't expect it - and likewise, I will try to reply to comments on my blog but sometimes life just gets in the way, so basically, don't stress about it, we don't mind!
    R xxx

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  33. I leave a comment because I've enjoyed reading the post, not to get a reply.So I think you should carry on noting down your thoughts and reply when and if you have time or really want to.
    I had been wondering what the "etiquette" was about replying though, as I'm a new blogger, so this has helped!

  34. I do understand Cuckoo! I have the same problem. Especially in summer there is so much you want to do. I am constantly struggling with time too. My children are all eighteen + (but still at home), but I can imagine that with a young family it must be even more difficult.

    Enjoy your summer!

    Love, Madelief x

  35. It's funny how we impose these rules on ourselves! Don't worry at all. Blogging should be a fun thing and not a burden! I love to read your posts and I never expect a reply whenever I comment on any blog. Rachel x

  36. Gorgeous girl - please keep blogging your little heart out. It's for you after all and we're the lucky ones to be able to pop in and visit. I think everyone agrees that there is no expectation to receive a reply. We leave comments when we want, because we want to. It's funny isn't it because it seems all of a sudden we are all starting to feel the same way about our blogs. It all started to become a bit of a chore, not the enjoyable lark it used to be. I for one can't wait to keep popping back to see what you're up to! Have a fabulous week hon. Hope you're getting some decent weather so you can get out on that oh-so-flippin-gorgeous bicycle of yours!!

    Take care,

  37. Oooh - what a gorgeous bicycle - too pretty! Just found your lovely blog via teawagontales - I love all your crochet - I've just started to learn! Hoping to produce a lovely blanket - nothing like setting your sights high! I may have a long way to fall! :-) Bee x

  38. do not feel sad
    I do not have a blog now
    But I really love to follow-up your blog
    i cant speak English very well
    but you really has a positive energy
    pleas take care and do not but your self under a pressure


  39. Oh don't get bogged down ... it's such a shame if it becomes a chore. When I first started blogging I promised that i'd reply to everyone, but soon realised with the large number of comments on posts that it would be too much pressure...i generally just reply if people need an answer...you can't be superhuman! Otherwise you spend all your time on the internet and none doing the things that people want to hear about...so self defeating.

    Just blog when you want and enjoy it.
    Fleur xx
    (ps, no reply necessary!)

    1. Hello - new to your blog - and having a self imposed Silent Summer, but just wanted to say that I understand, and have actually disabled the comments function on my own blog for now, so that folks don't feel obliged to comment, and i don't feel obliged to reply. Missing the feedback, mind you, but too busy to keep up with it all.
      Have a great summer.

  40. I always intend to reply to my comments, but it doesn't always happen and I often reply 2 weeks after they're left, but I continue blogging. I continue blog reading too. I don't think many people mind. What I hate is if I've left someone loads of comments and they have never replied, that does bug me so I try to reply to new commenters first, but with us lot, we know you, we love you, we don't think anything bad if you don't reply!

    P.s. do NOT reply to this message. Delete it. Now.

  41. See, we all know how you feel, and admire you for feeling that way, but will be happy with the odd comment on our own blogs from time to time. Like you I often get 40, 50 or more comments and I can't reply to them all. So rather than send messages of thanks I try to comment on these kind folks blogs as often as I can from time to time and reply to non-bloggers in the comments.

    Just blog Cuckoo m'dear, we're not going anywhere :D

  42. Hi Cockoo!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my return to blogging. You should know I truly appreciated it.

    The funny thing is... what you write in this post... I get you. And in a way it was part of the reason for me closing my blog back in February. We bloggers appreciate the feedback and comments we get, even thrive on it. Yet it can be hard to keep up and to return the compliment. How to balance it... I have yet to figure out. But it does not seem to stop me from blogging... after all.

    Wishing you the loveliest of summers ;-)


  43. Aww bless you for worrying about replies....I for one just love to see what you've been up to....take it easy and enjoy the summer
    It'll be gone before you know it ( I don't think it ever arrived! ) xxxx take care sweet cuckoo xxxx

  44. I think it's admirable that you take the time to reply to all of your comments, but i'm sure people don't expect it and will let you off for being slack with it!

    I would love to do that. I have eternal guilt that people take the time to write a comment and I cannot get to acknowledge it. But, I just don't have the time in the day to do it, and I do hope that people understand. I thought about setting aside an hour a week to try and pop on over to those blogs and just say hello, but as yet, spending less andless time in blogland, it has not happened. Hopefully it's something I can turn my attention too in the summer hols. I'm pinning a lot on the summer hols so I hope they don't disappoint! xxxxxxxxxxxx don't reply!

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  46. Sorry, shall try again! Sent it with errors, you know how anal I am!!! Will keep eye for those LB books you mentioned. Just wrote a long post but not got time to re do but suffice it to say, yes I am feeling pretty pleased at the mo. Things are beginning to pan out nicely so I am happy. Got a lot to be thankful for and its the important things that I am chuffed about. Was just watching the kids last night playing in the sea and realised how great life can be. The weather does make a vast difference, doesn't it?! x x x


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