Sunday, 28 October 2012

School cakes

My last post was about the gifts I gave Big Cuckoo's teachers when he left his old school at the end of last term. So I thought I'd follow up with the cakes I sent in for the end of year fundraiser.

I really enjoyed having a big bake up. I don't have an excuse to do it very often so I went a little overboard.

There's a bit of a rough tutorial on one of my really old posts if you want to have a go at making the above ice cream cone cupcake. They sell very well at kids school fundraiser type events. To transport them just pop them in a muffin tin with some tin foil shoved in to stop them toppling.  Big Cuckoo's reception teacher has asked me to make a heap for her wedding next year. I'm not sure she was serious but I think I'll decline this time.

These ones reminded me of the seaside. Of ice creams and helter skelters and hot summer days (the likes of which we didn't see much of this year)

As well as making the cupcakes I made some mini loafs. Mainly because I wanted to play with the cute cases. I was very impressed with the brown cardboard ones I got from a supermarket (Sainsbury's or Morrisons, I forget which). I was less happy with the polka dotty ones. They went a bit greasy which, for me, spoilt the over all presentation, not that hungry primary school kids care!

I made the piped sugar pansy's some time ago. As long as you store then correctly they last indefinately. Well I suppose sugar is a preservative so it should be no surprise yet I am always wary. I have to eat a few to test them out, naturally.

On Thursday, since it was Little Cuckoo's half term, we went and collected his best friend from Big Cuckoo's old school. For a long time I thought Little would be joining reception class along side his bestie but there is just no way I can get Big to his school and Little to a school in totally the opposite direction. So Little has joined a different one closer to Big's. It was so nice to see everyone. I realised just how much I miss the place. It was lovely to see Big's old teachers and report how happy and settled he is. though I know he does miss his friends very much.

I've been thinking lately about the blogs I miss. I bet you all do too. I miss Unravelled, Posy and Crochet with Raymond. I don't think the later two are coming back but I'm optimistic Emily will return when life calms down a bit. I also miss Nicole and Jamie from Must Be Destiny and Snow in December. (All links in my side bar)

I've so much more to chat about but I better go and get dressed (3.45pm and still in my PJ's!)



  1. What happened to Posy, I feel a bit worried for her, she seemed a bit troubled.

  2. You are clever, the cakes look fab, just like helter-skelters (my iPad wanted to change that to ake terse...what on earth does that mean?) as you say, I'm disappointed summer has gone but I'm such a kid about Christmas, I love it more than summer!

    We kept a tier of our wedding cake, I think you're supposed to use it for the christening (?) but fourteen years on and the icing really hasn't faired well, and well, we've had three boys and none of them have been christened, i'm too much of a dilly-dallier to have chucked it out.

    I too miss a few of my favourite bloggers, but I guess sometimes life is hectic and takes over other stuff, and I suppose that's the way it should be? I am a huge fan of Emily's writing style and lovely makes (I am at this moment totally nicking her idea on her star blanket) and I really miss Posy too...hopefully balance returns so that we can all enjoy their blogs again.

  3. Alice has started a new blog just this week called hook knit spin. She did one last blog post on Crochet with Raymond with a link to the new blog.
    Love your ice cream cupcakes. I sometimes do them like that too, but I make amarshmallow frosting and dip the cake into it, looks a bit like soft serve when I am finished.
    xXx Helen

  4. Crochet with Raymond has come back here as a different blog (due to Raymond hopefully finding somewhere new to live rather then anything even sadder)

    I think we all get a bit bogged down with life and the effort to keeping up to date with the blogs goes. I often wonder about Posy. I missed Patchwork Heart but found her again throu IG. I miss Ashley's posts on Country Rose as I used to show them to Mum (her Nan).

    Glad Big is happy at his new school. The cakes looked amazing xx

  5. Not being a cake eater, I go by aesthetics and your cakes are terribly pretty.

    So glad the boys are both settling in. I know how traumatic the whole school-moving thing can be.

    Yes, Emily. Such a witty minx. I miss her blog too. Did I dream it or did she and Fee once meet up?

    Posy's posts have always been a bit sporadic so I'm hopeful she'll crop up again and I'm pleased to hear that the CWR blog has been relaunched.


  6. Oh My Goodness! What lovely, lovely confections! What a wonder you are :)))

  7. amazing cakes, the little loaves are so cute and I really must make some of those cute ice cream cone cakes.....vivienne x

  8. I could just eat one of those yummy looking cakes, my mouth is watering infact im drooling.Love Jill xx

  9. Ooooh yum! and oh so pretty, love love love the ice cream ones ..... you clever thing!
    I have been missing the lovely Emily from Unravelled too x
    you are probably back in you r pj's now ...i am ;o)
    love jooles x

  10. Just a quick little comment, Alice has a new blog, so pop over. Will send email very soon now that I have time after my hectic time has slowed a little.
    xoxoxoxox Sandi
    L O V E your cakes.

  11. Wow what wonderful bake session!

    Alice has a wonderful new blog called 'hook knit spin' only started in the last week or so, it's wonderful to see her back in blog world.

  12. Gorgeous cakes!! Going to check out that tutorial.

    Kids are a lot more adaptable than we give them credit for, it's nice to hear they are settling well.

    I miss Posy too, hers was the first ever blog I read and she inspired me to start mine - do you know why she stopped?

    S x

  13. Your cakes all look so pretty I bet they were a great success. Glad to hear the boys are settling ing well.

  14. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

    Off to check out those links...and can report that Emily is fit, well and as funny as ever. Just terribly busy having building work done. Off to text her so she can see how missed she is.
    Love fee
    (and yes Heather, Unravelled and I are now real life pals!!!)

  15. Hello Cuckoo! (or Cockoo as I so elegantly spell it lol)
    thank you for your lovely post on my blog, it was so lovely to get a hit of your kind and energised vibe in my life, you are such a sweet person, you really are.
    I have been popping to visit you while on my break although admit my last visit saw you in the gorgeous pink shawl.
    Your cakes look incredible, my god, I just want to come to your house to eat them with tea and do some knitting together, wouldn't that be amazing?!
    Thank you for your kind thoughts, we are reunited in the blog world YAY!

  16. I think I just put on 3 kilos just looking at all that cakey goodness! Aren't you an absolute baking whizz - they all look stunning.

    I hope you're having a fab old week hon. It's nice to be back in blogland after far too long! See you again soon.


  17. They look just delicious. I am on my third batch of cupcakes in a week. The first were for a halloween bake off at G Kisby's work, one set to use up excess carrots (hate waste) and the for the baby? They are so quick I can't help myself but none look as gorgeous as yours.
    Nelly x
    P.s I miss Emily at Unravelled too!

  18. Wow you have been busy i love the cases you used they remind me of the old fashioned fairs. Im not suprised they sell well they look gorgeous and those little flowers on the top so pretty. Good to hear that all is well with you and your little ones, dee x

  19. Oooooh! These loook SO yummy! Your obviously a very talented baker (as well as everything else)!!! I'm suddenly feeling very hungry - for somethig sweet and delicious and fattening.....

  20. Wow amazing cakes you certainly did have a bake off. I miss reading country rose but I know being pregnant and blogging isn't the easiest combination especially with a little one to look after too. Sarah x

  21. You really did have a big baking day! They all look beautiful. I can attest to the longevity of icing decorations..the ones on top of our wedding cake were still good to eat more than five years afterwards.

  22. If you ever need to employ a cake tester I'm free ... just thought you ought to know ;)

    I miss the blogs you mention too, and Do You Mind if I Knit. I suppose it's inevitable that people come and go but I do worry about the people that disappear without a trace.

  23. Such beautiful cakes.....I love the stripy cases and the dotty flags...and the ice cream cones and the little loaves...well all of them really!
    I miss some of the blogs that have gone too, especially Do You Mind If I Knit.
    Helen x

  24. oh wow but those cakes are sooo pretty, the offerings at my son's school do's are nowhere near as gorgeous!
    I really love your blog and hope you keep posting for aaaaaages. I love your projects and your enthusiasm :-)

  25. You have surpassed yourself again - a-m-a-zing cakes!! x

  26. I missed this!! How did that happen?! Grr. Anyway, gorge cakes. Bet you got those mini loaf cases from Sainsbos, that's where I get mine from xxx

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