Thursday, 5 January 2012

It was like a fairy tale

I'm talking about our 7th wedding anniversary celebration. It was, it was bloody AMAZING! Yes yes, I know, I just swore on my blog but honestly I cannot get over how wonderful it was. A 24 hour window of grown up time amongst two weeks of full on festivities that involved possibly the two most excited little boys on the planet.

Christmas was wonderful this year. It will be remembered as the year Uncle Dorv turned fire breather* and my two boys were hilarious in church on Christmas day**. I could bore you with all the minutiae, in fact I've deleted a couple of paragraphs as I was going ON and ON and ON when I really want to blog about our anniversary this very moment.

So back to The Savoy. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen. WE STAYED AT THE SAVOY!!!!!!!! Oh My gosh it was divine. I made a total disgrace of myself and ran about the place taking loads of photographs and looking totally uncool. None of this "I stay here all the time" demeanour. It was perfectly obvious that I was a country oik who had been plucked from her real domestic life for a spell in the world of glitter and glamour.

This post is going to be very photo heavy, to the tune of around 80 photo's and it's a loooooong one. I will not apologise for this as I think some of you will love seeing the delights of The Savoy. Also uploading all these photo's to picnik to make collages is simply too time consuming and faffy. I want to get this post going so I can relive such a super time. I adore my blog for allowing me literally relive a moment and then have it stored here to share with my friends, family and in time, my children.

Ready for the tour? Good, here we go.

So glad we stayed over Christmas time, those trees make my heart sing

We arrived and the door man asked our names and took our cases, he then handed us over to a chap with a discreet clip board and introduced us. That chap took us over to a lady who on hearing our names said "Welcome to The Savoy, you're in room 332, please follow me and I'll take you up now if you like?" 

Wow. What service! Such a slick operation. I felt like hopping on the spot and clapping. 

The red lift was the first elevator in London. It is beautiful

That was our room on the left

Even the fire extinguishers were elegant

I LOVE how each room has a doorbell, it had a gentle
 chime so it wouldn't make a person leap out
of their skin

Mr C was so cool about it all, he went and sat down and connected to the wifi and flicked through the magazines....

.....I, on the other hand, dumped my bags and flitted about taking photo's and exclaiming "It even smells NICE! It smells of linen water"

He just looked at me fondly, he is rather more used to this sort of thing than me.
His mother went to The Savoy for afternoon tea when she turned 21,
I went to a garden centre in Taunton when I turned 21! 

So uncool. Don't care a bit.

I swear to you, this shower head was the size of a tea tray.

The spare loo roll was wrapped up in tissue paper.

Have to say, this TV being off centre bothered me a bit

We then dragged ourselves from our room and met up with Little Cuckoo's Godfather and his wife Clarabelle and had a spot of lunch in a little place off Piccadilly, I think, (I had Thai coconut and crab soup which was divine) and then we had a mooch down New Bond Street. I was just itching to get to Liberty's though. I'm much more of a haberdashery/charity shop/auction room shopper. The glitzy places don't appeal much now.

I was rather restrained in Liberty as I have made a pledge to not buy any more stuff for future projects until I get a heap completed (famous last words). I only bought yarn as it was our 7th wedding anniversary which is copper or wool. I had thought I'd knit socks with it but Mr C said he'd really like some fingerless gloves to match the scarf I made him for Christmas which I'll show and tell another day, if I forget then remind me, though it is a very manly brown scarf, not particularly inspiring but Mr C looks lovely in it.

I love Liberty's usually but it was a bit crazy as the sale had started. I'm a bad sale shopper. I get the heebie jeebies amongst the crowds. I didn't stay long. I left the others to carry on mooching and I headed back to the hotel to have a long bath with some fudge I had spied in the mini bar. Afterwards I took my time to paint my nails and read a magazine with Antiques Road Show playing on an obscure channel in the background. It was heaven. I do enjoy Antiques Road Show.

It was a pleasure to get ready to go out, to do my hair properly and take time over my make up. I usually have to do everything at break neck speed after I've got the little uns to bed.

A lavender pillow hanging from the hanger,
oh the tiny details were special.

Mr C has fancy wooden inner thingies that came with his shoes.
What a dapper chap.

That's the cocktail menu, there was one called Grounds For Divorce
that we thought about ordering.

I can't be sensible. Ever. I can't help but pull faces. It's like a compulsion.
Doesn't Mr C look odd with that reflection around his chin!

Our partners in crime. They lead us a stray in the shops

After a few cocktails for me and pink champagne for them we went through to the restaurant to eat. The food was amazing. Every single mouthful was perfect and happily the portions weren't too small.

After supper before returning to the bar I popped to the bathroom and was gone ages......

.......I was snapping away at all the paintings. I had some very funny looks as I was weaving about snapping away and everything. Mr C would have been mortified if he was with me


Once back at the bar, I had an amaretto on the rocks and I had my legs stroked by the cabaret singer who had taken a shine to my tights. She was utterly barking mad and very entertaining. It was just her and the pianist and she held every ones attention for hours. I can imagine her touchy feelyness might have put some people off but I loved her. I thought she was a hoot and I was dying to get up on a chair and sing Big Spender with her. Mr C had growled "Don't even think about it!" so I behaved myself. Just as well as I'd probably have fallen off the chair as I was pretty wibbly by then.

Bit blurry

Me in her hat that had a shoe on it. A Shoe!!!

My tights. What a weird angle.

Back at the room Mr C and I kicked off our shoes and put on the slippers and had a little dissection of the evening before turning in for the night. I slept so well. Although the bed wasn't as comfortable as ours because it had a feather mattress topper that had got compacted so it was a little harder than the cloud I sleep on usually.

I was woken just after nine so I could get a robe on before breakfast arrived. It had been delivered by the time I came into the room and I was again left grinning from ear to ear. Proper linen table clothes. Stunning china, yummy food, pretty flowers. It was gorgeous.

There I am again!

Gosh I wish I was back there again now.

There's a small museum near one of the bars which was very interesting, I took a few pics of the things that appealed to me to share with you:

It didn't say if the postman had guessed right...must have.

I would love to time travel to see life back in this era

I would turn into a burglar to get my hands on this china... 

...I'd pinch this dressing table set while I was at it too.

I could have stayed in the shop all day, tasting everything they had on offer. I had to settle for taking photographs rather than mouthfuls though.

I love LOVE love how they have collections of paintings all of different sizes in different frames of different genres and yet it all works. I reckon I could pull this off in our hallway at home. Our hallway needs a bit of attention this year. It could be fabulous as it's pretty big but it is lacking in style.

Can you see me there with my bright spotty knitting bag?
I turned and snapped away at this chap and he said, I'll take one of you and your husband if you like, afterwards he asked if I'd like him to take the camera and get me some pictures of the kitchens. He was gone ages. Absolutely ages. To the point that we wondered if he didn't really work there and was a camera robber.

But he did indeed come back and he'd taken a fab load of shots! I really need to write in and thank him. He was a suuuuuuuper star.

This was going up to Gordon Ramsey the celebrity chef

"Whatcha doin'?"

They do all look really happy in their work.

Thank you Michael Stenekes for taking the time to make our stay even more memorable.

I'm going to copy this silver votive flower thing.
Anyone know where I can find a similar  looking vase?

Spot my knitting!

The lady in the background was perplexed by my wanton photographing,
I wonder what she thought when I started knitting.

Look how chuffed I am!

Now it's all over. A week has already passed and the decorations are coming down, the tree is wilted and I feel a bit deflated. The boys are back at school and I need to sort through their toys and find homes for the new ones. The unbroken new ones that is. Quite a bit of what they were given is now broken irreparably. Either it was too grown up for them or very inexpensive or more ornamental than a functional toy. Big Cuckoo struggles to play in the way most children do. He is quite destructive and throws things a lot. It's one of the things he finds difficult. It's just hard when something gets broken and the tears flow. I get saddened that people spend a tenner on something that looks like a 'big' gift but it gets trashed as it can't stand up to the task. I'd much rather they spent a fiver on a small robust toy to save my children's tears and their pocket.

Anyway enough of that, I'm looking forward to this evening so I can sit down in the cosy drawing room with the fire lit and the lamps on. I'll light a few candles and get on with some knitting or maybe some crochet. I do love this time of year when it gets dark early and I can cook stews and snuggle in.

I rejoined weight watchers last night and so have just eaten 4 mini mince pies to get rid of them. I'm thinking about eating the other two and just be done with it.

Does anyone out there have any experience with heap lumps? In the Summer I noticed a bump on my forehead on the right hand side near my hair line. I thought it was a zit or that I'd bumped it except it didn't hurt. This past month I have noticed that it has grown so I went to the Docs yesterday and he said it was likely to be a bone tumour, probably benign and not to worry about it. He's referring me for tests/x-ray/MRI whatever they decide after a discussion at the practice breakfast meeting. The question I'm asking is do these things grow really big? Will I look like a unicorn? I don't mind looking like a unicorn as long as I get the special power of flight as well. No seriously, anyone know anything about lumpy heads?


*Uncle Dorv is a bit posh. He speaks very nicely, he knows the 'right' people, he went to one of the top schools in England, he is very gentlemanly (and lovely). So when he turned fire breather it was flipping hilarious. 

See the sweet little house tealight holder in the photo below? Well the tealight flame suddenly went wild. It grew to about 3 inches and the flame was licking at the gold frame of the picture above.  

"Quick!" Granny shouted, "The candle! My painting!" 

"Goodness me!" cried Uncle Dorv and as he was nearest he jumped to it and blew on the flame. But he had been eating icecream with home made rum topf.

Rum topf is rum that has had fresh fruit and sugar added to it
and allowed to steep for months. It's potent.

The flame grew and licked around Uncle Dorv's nose. "Jesus Christ!" he exclaimed and took in another big breath and blew harder. The look on his face when again the flame grew to mammoth proportions will stay with me forever. The surprised expression was priceless. Then Poppa grabbed the whole tea light house and blew harder than the big bad wolf and the tealight flew through the air and hit my Belle Soeur square on the left boob. It might have landed on her arm but I've remembered it as her boob as that's funnier.....I guess you had to be there. I'll leave this story in though as this is my diary of sorts and I don't want to forget that moment

**The boys were so funny in Church on Christmas day. I wasn't there as I'd stayed home to have a tidy for Granny and so that Mini could have his nap. The vicar had asked all the Children to go up to the front and be given an illuminated whizzy windmill and a sweet. The vicar asked each child to speak into the microwave (I meant microphone, but that has made me hoot so it stays) and tell everyone what they got for Christmas. Along the line the children had received iPods, Scalextrics, bikes, x boxes... he got to my boys and Little said "I got a bunch of dirty keys" Big said "I got a wiggly wig". Then someone spilt the rest of the sweets and the vicar told the kids to all walk around the church with their lit windmills lighting up Christmas lest we forget that it is about the birth of Christ. But my two were nowhere to be seen. Eventually they joined the procession with their arms full of the dropped sweets. "We tidied up!" 


  1. Wowzer.......what an AMAZING post! You and Mr C both look flippin' beautiful in the pictures. Thank you for taking so many so that we can see what a beautiful place The Savoy is. Loved your how you write. Love it all......not a stalker either!!!!!!

    Weirdly, I have two silver vases just like the ones in the picture and I have big rose brooches poking out the top of them. Have no idea where I got them from, but they sit in a glass cabinet. I thought about them the other day thinking I really ought to put fresh flowers in them!

    Okay, off to make a cuppa and have a re-read so I can really soak it all in!


  2. Oh my goodness!! Didn't you just have a super time or what. I am sooo jealous of you both. I've never been to the Savoy but with all those piccies I was transported there for a few minutes.

    Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Brilliant. I find myself quite excited by how excited you are!! Also love that the kitchen guy made such an effort. Bless him.

  4. Brilliant, brilliant brilliant I so enjoyed reading your post and seeing your pics. The savoy looks amazing, I love how you took pics of everything and your posh tea (supper) too!

    Your uncle dorv story is great, I reckon you must be a pretty damn good cook to make a pudding which allowed people to be fire breathers....

    You and mr c look a very dapper couple indeed and you both look very at home in the savoy.

  5. Wow wow wow! i am speechless!
    well not quite but what a place, i really really really need to go to the savoy now :o)
    it is so lovely to see you looking so happy and relaxed and what a sweet kitchen man...i love him.
    what good boys you have feeling they should "tidy up" so cute
    love jooles x

  6. You are a very, very lucky girl! It all looks so fab.

    I love your two funny stories. - a big bunch of dirty keys for Christmas is priceless!

    My littlest was funny in church on Xmas day too. The rector goes into my 2's school regularly and is known to them as 'Reverend Ken'. Z kept pointing to the front of church and saying 'there's Trevor'. 'Who do you mean?' I asked, 'Reverend Ken?'. 'Yes', he says, like I'm the dimmest person on earth, 'Trevor and Ken!'. Still makes me laugh now and every time I see the Rector I want to call him Trevor!!

  7. Wow,I loved reading your post,cor! its like another world isnt it? So posh,lovely to see you both looking so relaxed and happy.Just lovely;)xxx

  8. Wow, looks like you had the most amazing time! How sweet of the sous chef to offer to take photos for you. It does indeed look like they have a great time working there. In fact, my late uncle used to be the pianist at the Savoy during the 80s and 90s. The food looks just delicious, oh to have a posh meal out, we usually just go out for lunch at Pizza Express with the kids! Now make sure you get some time doing something you love in amongst all the boring cleaning and tidying which January inevitably brings. You could always book the Savoy for this year's anniversary maybe?! xxx

  9. It was like a fairy tale to read! Oh how lovely, thank you for sharing it. I'm so glad that you took so many photos for us!

    your two boys had me chortling out loud, they're such a pair aren't they. A Wiggly Wig!

  10. Brilliant post, your giddy excitement and enthusiasm is very infectious! Love that photo of you in the bathroom, your face is saying "I can't believe I'm here!" And fair play to the Sous Chef, what a lovely thing for him to do.

    But you should definitely write and complain about that off-centre TV. Tsk...

  11. WOW, I loved every bit of that post! I've just snorted out loud while reading it, the thing is I'm not at home....I got some very strange looks. You are mad, but I love it. The both of you looked gorgeous! I will have a good look on the computer when I get home. If I start reading your posts while I'm out, I will have to start taking some spare knickers with me. ;)

    Lou x x x

  12. Oh, I have enjoyed this post so much - I wanted it to go on and on! I loved the photos of the Savoy and the sous chef was so lovely to get all those photos. Love the fire breathing and wiggly wig stories, I think the thought of them is going to make me giggle for quite a while to come!

  13. Oh my! (I sound like a spinster aunt now) You did have an amazing time. The savoy looks beautiful I would of felt right out of place being a right ole country bunkin! What a lovely chap taking all those photo's of the kitchens for you. They do all look really happy in their work. The carbaret singer looks a hoot too. And you and your Mr C look such a lovely and glamourous couple.

    Just loved the Uncle Dorv story and your two cuties in church! A wiggly wig? Pricless I was snorting in to my tea! I just love your enthusiasm it really does shine through on here.

    Hope you have a fantastic New Year.

    MBB x

  14. posh hotel envy! (I LOVE a posh hotel!) and loving how many pictures you took - I feel like I've BEEN (thanks especially for the toast!)

    Also - I would really like to be called Clarabelle - what an adorable name....
    speak soon
    fee ♥

  15. What a great post it looks fabulous. Cuckoo are you sure it was a lady? Glad you had a great time. Your boy's sound really sweet - they can come to my house and tidy.

  16. what a lovely post , what a lucky girl and you made me hoot with the recount of the fire breathing . Really enjoy your blog xxxx

  17. You're ace! I am SO ill in bed and you have made me smile so much. I would have run around taking pics too. I love your tights and shoes. I love the glamour. i love the happy kichen staff. You looked marvellous and glam and so pretty. I am glad you had the best of times.
    I would much prefer a wiggly wig to an ipod or whatever any day, it sounds a right lsaugh.
    I hooted at the firebreathing posh uncle. Back in my hippy chick days, I knew some crazy people who firebreathed, but not in that fashion. Classic, I love it!
    Ta for cheering me up. xxx

  18. Wow, what a brilliant post Cuckoo! How glad are we that you spent your anniversary rushing here and there taking photos? It all looks so beautiful, as do you and hubby. Seriously, you really do have a gift in putting together a perfect and flowing post my friend.

    D and I went to the Savoy Grill for a meal a couple of years ago - oh my, the food was off the scale. I think we're still paying for it actually ..!

    Re head lumps, I remember an English teacher of mine had one on his temple - it was about the size of the top of a button mushroom. There was also a chap due to have one of a similar size removed when I went to have my wisdom teeth out.


    My header is my own piccie you minx - just Tilda stickers on random glass votives. x

  19. Sorry, "... gift for" not "gift in". Anally retentive and proud of it x

  20. For the first time ever I am glad we live miles apart. Now I can shamelessly attempt to copy your haircut which I am LOVING! Looks so fabulous (esp in the pic of *scrolls up and down for 20 mins to find it* you and T sitting with your fancy pants outfits on (lovely dress too) and the best one is you in the cardy and florally blouse (?). It's quite a little pic but I adore it, can I have a copy please? Digital is fine. Anyway, sorry about the copying!
    The Savoy looks divine. How sweet of that chap to take all the pictures for you. Don't they look happy in their work?!
    Chat soon? Have been thinking over your kind offer. xxx

  21. Oh my god, envy and mirth a-plenty....
    1) Shoes!!!!! They actually make me want to weep, I love them so much (had a bit of a weepy shoe-related incident in a shop yesterday, actually - I'm still welling up thinking about them now)
    2)the photos are just amazing - esp love the telephone, bizarrely
    3) knitting? In the Savoy? Brilliant!
    4) Fire breathers? I snorted my chocolate out of my mouth reading that bit
    5) I spent my 21st at Manuel's restaurant in Taunton...I spent my first year after uni working at the bus station there - my life's been a non-stop whirl of glamour ever since.
    6)The dilemma was sorted - just feel a bit pants for letting a friend down, but I think she was okay about it - I've promised to make her cake next week to compensate (hope it's not rubbish...)
    Emily x

  22. WOW!!! How flipping super duper and what a fab post! I can't take it all in.. You look soooo happy in the photos x Just a really lovely post. Now, does this mean you are really a Taunton girl then? Because so am I originally!! I never thought when I was a teen that I would say I miss Taunton, but I do! We're now desperately trying to move back to the West Country.

    Anyway I back to look at your pics again....a feast for the eyes :D

    Jo x x x

  23. Oooh, I want to be called Clarabelle and drink pink Champagne! Gorgeous post and like the readers above, it gives a great insight into the Savoy. I can almost smell it.
    So glad you had a wonderful time. Wonderful time to do it, Christmas and all that. Very romantic.
    Mr C looks a bit like Bryan Ferry! Does anyone know what I mean?
    Speak soon lover
    xx x x

  24. There aren't many blogs that have me laughing so much the tears are streaming down my face --- needed the tissue again there! --- that was hilarious. thank you. so glad you seem to be back on top form and have had such an amazing holiday period.

  25. Wow! Just wow! It must have been like a fairytale! I am very jealous, but so glad you had such a fantastic time!

    P.S. The Christmas stories made me laugh out loud so I had to share them with my fiance! x

  26. My crush on you just got bigger... You wore Louboutins! You look gorge in these photos, so lovely to have a proper date night.

    That lump on your head sounds nasty, get it removed sharpish.

    Fab post. Made me laugh so much I'm going to read it again.


    PS I have an ulcer on my eye. I somehow ripped the cornea and it has ulcerated. In a huge amount of pain and have to go to hospital tomorrow - no-one is giving me any sympathy!

  27. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! You're a stitch!

  28. Thank you so much for letting us see inside the Savoy! I bet Mr C didn't completely 'get it' when you were taking hundreds of photo's. Occassionally I get Ray asking me why I'm taking pictures of random things like a cup of tea for example.

    Your patent black shoes are Gorgeous, love them! I have hardly any high heels now... I never really go anywhere these days where I'd get to wear them!

    I love the photo of you with the floral top and navy cardigan on, you look so so happy. I'm so glad you had such a special time. Oh and I love your hair! It's lovely... some day's I wonder if I'd like my hair shorter but I've spent so long growing it this time. Does hair grow a lot slower after having children?! No idea...

    Ashley xxx

  29. Aw, lovey- this was just wonderful!
    I adore staying in any old hotel with the Mister when Grandma has the kids, but the SAVOY??!!!
    I have laughed and laughed. Especially at the many, many photos!

    Have a wonderful New Year.


  30. I saw a show on T.V on the making of Savoy it was fab lucky you for staying there. sounds and looks like you had the best time.

  31. Goodness, where to start, what a post!
    What a truly memorable anniversary at The Savoy, it looks amazing. Thank you for showing us around. :)
    Your boys ~ priceless!!
    Fire breathing?? Only on this blog Cuckoo, only on this blog! lol ;)

  32. Girl you totally crack me how I've missed you! Glad to hear you had such a grand time..happy anniversary!

  33. I love this post! You look simply gorgeous - beautiful! Thanks for taking us fellow bloggers on the journey with you - what a magical time. Oh to stay at the Savoy - I can only imagine 'sigh'! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary - Mr C looks like a dashing Mr Darcy type - may you have many, many more happy years together. :-)

  34. ahhhh i had a huge lump in my throat and tears dropped at the end. I know just how important that time away was for you and your excitment really came through bless you ;-)) I would have been the same. Bless the kitchen staff nobody else will have memories of that. What a gorgeous hotel thank you for sharing it all. I hope everything goes well at the hospital. Happy new year, dee xx

  35. Really interesting and informative images. You've certainly outlined your subject with a detailed and comprehensive manner. Some of these links are amazing,love it.

  36. Hehehehehe, oh Mrs C, your boys are just the best (what is a wiggy wig btw) I LOVE every last morsel of this post and you look absolutely gorgeous, as does Mr C....actually he looks like he does this every other weekend. I am like you, I run around looking and touching everything. One of the times my second hubby and I went to a posh hotel, after a show we had dinner bought up to the room and there he sat in the nude with his back to the mirror and ate his tea, I giggled all the way thru dinner as all I could see was a big squished bum staring at me (that was one of our better times)
    Happy days ahead my friend xxx Sandi

  37. Wow, it sounds like you had a fab time! I'm a bit surprised to see you were wearing a dress in the restaurant though... don't tell me you've been telling me porky pies? You looked stunning by the way, you are a truly gorgeous lady. don't worry, I don't fancy you but I can appreciate beauty!!

  38. Just read this all the way through - fab reading! Glad you had such a great anniversary and took so many pics! You also totally look like you belong in the Savoy (mad picture-taking aside!). x

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. My last post was so full of spelling mistakes i thought i had better stop and start again!!
    Firstly i hope everythings ok with your head-the Dr's will be right on top of anything.
    Wow-how amazing-i cant even type/speak, what a fab post, fab pics, everything. You must have been so excited.

  41. Wonderful post my lovely. Your pleasure and excitement oozes through. In my dreams I've always fancied being taken to the Savoy pre-WW2 for dinner and drinks. In the past I'm always hideously rich, fabulous wardrobe and glamourous lifestyle never a servant. Love that you took your knitting, although sadly those pics didn't show up for me, some technical glitch I don't understand.

    Try not to dwell on your feelings about the gifts. Melancholy can be so easy to slip into at this time of year. I'm sure you know how to look after yourself mind you. I always got saddened at how things I saved from my childhood for when I had kids got broken by them in minutes. The dolls cot I gave Eldest and made bedding for was used more as a stool to reach on top of shelves, or as a boat to sit in. Guess what it fell to pieces in the end. I suppose they don't get the preciousness of material stuff in the same way as we do? Who knows.

    Thinking of you with your bump which I'm sure will all turn out fine.

    Have a good weekend.


  42. This stay looks wonderful and full of fun. I've just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading it.

  43. Wow, wow and wow again!!! What an amazing place!!! I'm not surprised that you went camera-crazy. And I'm so glad you did! Now I want to go there!!! ;-)

  44. What a wonderful post. Over night stay at the Savoy, lucky you. As to the fire breathing Uncle, the best beloved and I nearly choked on our lunch time sandwich. Just like to wish you a happy and healthy new year.

  45. What an awesome post! So many fabulous photos! Only discovered your blog a few weeks ago - think I'm going to enjoy it a lot :-) Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.
    Can I ask....what camera have you used for the Savoy photos? Your photos are so perfect!

  46. Enjoyed a lovely cuppa while reading this scrummy the photo's, didn't you do well!!

    Glad you've got your apt through my angel.


  47. What a super stunning post hon! I am going to re-read it now in case I missed something. I adore the backstage kitchen pics you managed to wangle - totally fantastic!! What wonderful memories you will have forever. L xx

  48. hi , gorgeous post and fab pics ,they should pay you for such fab advertisement ha ha x looked like you had a brilliant time and you looked stunning x . bump sounds horrid hope gets sorted soon x

  49. A triumphant post my dear Cuckoo - and you are worth every minute of all that gorgeousness and luxury! My fave pic? The one of you jumping for joy in the bathroom - it is totally how you are in my mind when I think of you! xxx

  50. What a lovely place...such a lush hotel, even the fire extinquishers. I love your purple tights and red shoes....I think i would've moved that table/tv over to be centered!

    Oh, Liberty? You lucky lady! I look forward to seeing what you're crocheting/knitting!

  51. Wow feel like I was actually there, even called g Kisby over for a look which is a very rare occurance when I am sat reading blogs!
    Sounds just amazing and great photography.
    Isn't having time to get dressed up just fab, one of the small things you take for granted prior to children, one of many...
    Nelly x x

  52. Absolutely gorgeous photo's, stunning place. I haven't been yet ! but my son and daughter in law recently had a 'Riverside Suite' for the week-end courtesy of the Manager who has recently bought my son's beautiful house from him. Perhaps I'll hint for an overnight stay for my birthday, or even afternoon tea.
    Your post is hilarious and like you I embarrass people I'm with when I start snapping everything in sight.

  53. I don't think I've ever seen so many photos on one blog but it was amazing because I literally now feel as if I stayed there too! What a great idea to take all those pictures, especially the detailed ones - I'm so chuffed for you that you had such a great anniversary :-)

    Oh, and Happy New Year!

    Lizzy x

  54. I'm late I know but I've just found your blog and this post.

    What a beautiful thread full of beautiful things - The Savoy, Louboutin and Hermes! Some of my favourite things, they're not normally associated with knitting though.

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