Friday, 13 January 2012

It's all about Little Cuckoo's stuff today

Sometime ago I realised that Little Cuckoo didn't have any cushions in his room. How very remiss and neglectful of me. There was a very nice double bed crying out for a cushion or two, what an oversight and how lovely to have the revelation that there was a place perfect for a bit of crochet adornment.

I had a rummage around to see what cushion pads I had lurking about and what stash yarn I had available and I came up with a plan. Then I did bugger all for ages and ages until I saw this cushion over at Victoria's.

Woo hoo! That got me all fired up and I made this cushion in a matter of a few days. I finished it ages and ages ago and this isn't the first time this bit of crochet has been on my blog (see here and here)

You can probably tell that it had been used quite a bit by the time we had a bright enough day to do some snapping. Little loves his cushion. He sleeps with his head on it most nights. He wont let anyone else lean on it when he has a story. He says happily "My Mummy made this for me".

Of course there is a blooper. I don't think I have ever crocheted something without making a mistake. Have you spotted it? Yep one red strip is thicker than all the other red stripes. Silly me! I blame the Kir Royals we were drinking in this post

Little is quite excited as there is another cushion for him in the making. You can see it there in it's current state. I'm hoping to have it finished this weekend.

While I was taking photographs of Little's bolster cushion I thought I'd show you a couple of other bits of his room. Granny (my Belle Mere aka MIL) is a wonderful patchworker/quilter. She made this amazing quilt for Little

It's single bed size and has been quilted with a pattern of dragon flies. It is an amazing piece of art of hours and hours (and then some) of work. We have hanged it from a curtain pole but it needs re hanging as the pole is skew whiff.

It deserves a post all to it's self really. Maybe when Granny finishes Mini's quilt I'll show you all of the boys quilts in detail. Big Cuckoo has a cot size one of teddy bears and houses. It's adorable. Mini's is going to be a flying theme.

See that mural? I got into such trouble over that mural. You see we were at a charity ball that my friend had organised to raise money for a prostate cancer charity as she'd lost her very young husband to the evil disease. There was an auction and a mural was up for grabs. Mr C started bidding on it but then the bids went a bit high so he ducked out. I was chatting to an acquaintance and in my tiddly state I thought it would make her laugh if I leaped up just after the bidding for the mural had ended, pretending to bid. I know, not funny really, except the last laugh was on me as I timed it wrong and ended up placing the closing bid. Mr C was furious with his drunken Mrs! That was until he found out the mural had gone for way less than it's commercial value and so I was forgiven. In the end we went for two less detailed, half wall murals so that both boys could have one. We live close to Bristol so we chose the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Concorde on it's final flight and some hot air balloons as we have a famous balloon fiesta in Bristol every year. The penguin was included because Little's favourite book is Penguin by Polly Dunbar.

Remember Little turned 4 years old a couple of weeks ago? Well I figured no one would want even more cake to work their way through so I made a gingerbread house for him as it has all the size of a big cake but is hollow, not to mention covered in sweet sugary stuff. Perfect for a boy who has a considerable sweet tooth.

Ma Belle Soeur and I decorated it the night before but I had baked it on Christmas Eve eve using this recipe and template. If you want the smell and taste of Christmas them you have to bake some gingerbread cookies using this recipe. It was more Christmassy than Rudolf and certainly tastier (although I haven't tasted reindeer)

Ma Belle Soeur did the most splendid roof tiling.

Little loved it, we sprinkled it liberally with gold glitter and it sparkled beautifully when his candles were lit. We shoved one of those magnificent cake sparkler fountains in it too. 

Little came out with one of his many funny quips the other day. Big Cuckoo and he were in the bath and Big asked Little what he was doing. Little replied "Watch and learn, watch and learn" in a voice laden with superiority. It was v funny. Oh and he asked me for some gorilla milkshake. I think he meant vanilla but you can never be really sure with him.

So what else can I tell you? I'm feeling a little flat. I'm missing the Christmas tree a great deal. I know that sounds bonkers but I loved having it around this year. Usually once it's drooped and dropped needles I'm quite happy to fling it out but this year I feel sad it's gone. I miss the twinkle and the smell. I wish we could have this Christmas all over again. It was ace. I particularly miss the booze too. I suit being constantly merry. I can't remember when I last had a little schnifter, oh yes I can, I had a Pimms Winter on the 11th night while I took the tree down. Needed something to numb the sorrow!!!

I've got psycho eyes here!

And finally, spot something different about me? I have pink hair! It has already faded a lot but if it still looks pink enough tomorrow I'll get Mr C to take some shots so I can show you. Otherwise you'll just get the poor quality iPhone snaps I took of myself when I had it done on Wednesday. 

I have a skull X-ray on Tuesday at 6.30pm. Wish me luck. I am getting quite anxious, I've had a tricky tummy and two nightmares this week already.



  1. Hi Cuckoo,

    Love the pillow! Little Cuckoo is a lucky boy with such a creative mother.

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  2. Hope all goes well on Tuesday. Big Hugs Debs x

  3. You are just too clever!!! I didn’t even notice the thicker stripe until you said. Fantastic quilt, I wish I could make something as beautiful as that. And as for the cake.......clever clogs! :0))

    Lou x x x

    PS. I have had pink it!

  4. Me again..... good luck next week!

  5. Love the cushion, the sweetie house, the mural (oh, the mural!), the Noah's ark quilt and the pink hair! (Hope I haven't missed anything!) And good luck on Tuesday, I'll think good, healthy thoughts for you x

  6. Wow that quilt is gorgeous and so is that little pillow ;-) You are so quick and clever with your crochet. And that cake looks adorable love the way you have made the smartie roof. Do you know what until you pointed that red stripe out i hadn't noticed. Good luck for Tuesday. Big hugs, dee xx

  7. Lovely cushions...lucky little Little! It is lovely when they are proud of something you make isn't it? The quilts are amazing... Good luck with the X-ray :0x

  8. Love the cushion & I too hadn't noticed the stripe but now I know, I think it makes it more special, unique. Looks great in Little's room with that wonderful mural. What a talented belle mère! That's an amazing quilt. The birthday cake is a triumph too, so clever. Best wishes for your appointment, try not to worry, think positive thoughts - sending you virtual hugs. ((())))

  9. That cushion is lovely. I certainly didn't notice the extra red. Had to go back and see after you mentioned it. Your MILs quilt is absolutely gorgeous. Fun wall mural for a good cause). Wishing you well, Tammy

  10. Little sounds like he's got a great sense of humour, everyone loves gorilla milkshake dont you know!? His croceted cushion is gorgeous, love the colours. Isn't he lucky to have such a big bed!
    That quilt is amazing, I'd love to be able to quilt like that one day..
    I'm loving the pink hair I have to say! Put the iphone pics up anyway that you sent me, the funny one made me giggle. :-)

    Ashley xxx

  11. Sorry, I forgot to say before.. good luck with the x-ray. I'm sure all will be well. xxx

  12. Me too- I didn't notice that stripe until you mentioned. I think it adds character.....perfection is overrated. Good luck for your x-ray. And wow pink hair!! Thats so bold, can't wait to see more pics.

  13. I wondered when you would finally get around to doing the pink hair! You have been posting so many pink hair pictures on Pinterest I thought surely you'll have to do it soon. And from what little I could see it looks fantastic!

    Don't be anxious about the x-ray. Whatever you think, do or feel between now and then is not going to change the outcome. And a skull xray shouldn't be any more invasive than when you get xray's at the dentist, which after all IS a skull xray.

    You are such a clever crafty person, and it seems your whole family is too. You are so lucky to have those skills. Some of us really have to try very hard to do something that is even mediocre (me!).

    xXx Helen

  14. Good luck with the x-ray. What a lot of fab things in this post! I love the pink hair! I've always wanted to dye my hair pink or blue or something (it's dark brown) but I've never quite been brave enough - maybe I should just take the plunge? The gingerbread house looks fantastic and I LOVE the mural!!! We have family in Bristol and I've walked over the Clifton bridge once, such an iconic design.
    I'll think of you on Tuesday.

  15. Nice story about being 'so drunk I placed a bid by accident'.... I must remember that one for myself.... Ha!!

  16. Stupid iPad froze on me :( anyhow, good luck with the x-ray... Let me know how it goes. The gingerbread house is GERT LUSH innit

  17. iPad froze again, I'm outta here x x x x

  18. i am loving little's new cushion, you clever pink haired lady you :o)
    my goodness that quilt really is a work of art, what a wonderful family treasure.
    good luck for your xray lovely (not that you will need it x)
    love jooles x
    gorilla milkshake anyone?!

  19. Love the cushion, especially the deliberately wider red stripe to help teach the boy's to have good observational skills - educational crochet, just genius! I'm in awe of the quilt, this IS the year I'm going to pluck up the courage to make a quilt and your MIL's work is inspirational - think I might have to start with something a little more basic!
    Best of luck with the x-ray, will be thinking of you.

  20. Oooh, what a lovely post!! I love the crochet bolster pillow and Little's mural is fab. Love he has a double bed - perfect for snuggles. Our boys had a triple sleeper and until about a year ago would insist on sleeping together.

    What a perfect gingerbread house, I have been craving it lately but back on the bl**dy Weightwatchers now.

    If you're missing your Christmas tree why not treat yourself to some nice fairy lights?

    Love the pink hair!! I wanted pink highlights in mine but my friend (who does it) claimed she wouldn't know where to begin *rollseyes*

    Hope the x-ray goes OK, remember it won't hurt!! Or are you worried about the results? I reckon if they w-rayed my skull it'd be empty except for a couple of butterflies fluttering about!!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend....


    S x

  21. Ooops, forget to say the quilt is fab!! I've just joined a quilting group to learn and the experienced ladies do the most amazing work...

    S xx

  22. Oh so soooo much loveliness in this post!! Again!!! I am soooooo jel of your pink hair! Bloody brilliant Cuckoo, just fab!! Really suits you sir :) Godh I can't tell you how fab I think it is!!! Cushions, quilts, murals and birthday house cakes galore gorgeousness.

    Sending you lots of positive vibes for Tuesday. I find Night time Kalms really help with halting the nightmares. Not long now and it will be over x x x

    Take good care of yourself & have a fabulous weekend

    Jo x x x

    P.S. Thank you so much for email.....I will reply!!!

  23. I am too missing my xmassy tree. At the moment, it is lying on the lawn, awaiting the Mister to carve it up ready for the garden recycling bin.
    The problem? It still looks perfect. I kid you not, it only dropped a couple of needles, even when hauled through the house to the garden.
    (Last year, by the twelfth night, the bugger was a mere stick and the hoover was feeling a tad poorly having consumed its own bodyweight in green stuff over the Xmas season)
    And so, a toast to our Xmas trees. A shame you cannot stay with us longer. (Wouldn't a Valentine's / Easter tree would be so cute?)
    Happy weekend


  24. Oh, totally meant to comment on the cushion.
    That thicker stripe is how you tell things are handmade versus factory made.

  25. Ooh, lush pink hair - really suits you.

    Love the bolster cushion - had to scrutinise your pics to find the thicker red stripe though.

    Clare and I played 'fantasy bedrooms' this morning - she always starts with a double bed and blue duvet cover (pink is currently the forbidden colour) so I shan't show her Little's, she'd be green with envy!

    Beautiful quilt hanging and loved the mural story - I'd have painted you one for free!

    Good luck with your X-ray - hang on in there and try not to worry. We live in a very cautious world these days where every lump, bump and blemish has to be x-rayed or biopsied. I'm sure all will be fine.

    Keep smiling my friend,


  26. Little's bed cover took me back to state school to my fav teacher, she was gorgeous and she wore a blue polka dot dress in that exact color. Love the pink hair Mrs, did you get it done for a reason???? Sending you good vibes for Tuesday. LOVE the mural (and the story behind it) loving the patchwork quilts and the cake and the cushions and Little's sense of humour and...and....and :)
    xx Sandi

  27. Lovely cushion and Yummy cake, off to find the recipe when I have typed this.
    Good luck for Tuesday - been there, I had the same thing done last year - love the pink hair.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  28. Wow love the cushion, love the gingerbread house and especially loving the pink hair! What a fab old time you're having at the moment. Best of luck hon. L x

  29. What a great post! There's so much to see and read! The cushion is fab (and I didn't even notice the little issue with the red until you pointed it out). The quilt is amazing! I'm is awe of anyone who has the patience (not to mention talent) to put something like that together. Wow!!! I loved reading your tiddly auction story - it really made me smile! :-) And I love the pink hair!!!
    Hope everything goes well on Tuesday.

  30. testing? or bumping your own comments up?! (giggle)
    What can I say here - fab crochet, amazing quilts, and that little house....OMG all sparkly and everything, just wonderful.
    How many more superlatives (?) can I get in this comment?
    I'm missing Christmas too. It's the serious lack of family, time, fun and yes...booze! I might even throw food into the mix - I miss the opportunity to eat what I want, under the header 'it's christmas, therefore I can eat what I want'.
    Lets get on with plan b (tee hee) which can incorporate most of the above.

    We once went to a charity ball with our neighbours - and Mrs Neighbour nearly bid 5K for a weekend to Paris out of drunken giddiness. Mr Neighbour had to literally SIT on her hands to prevent them winning a weekend for the cost of a Caribbean holiday! The photos of said event are hilarious - he was terrified. We, of course egged her on out of badness!!!

    Anyway - lot of love for a cheerful weekend
    fee ♥

    1. Ha ha! Yup, trying to fan it up a bit. I see that blogger has added this reply button thing so I wondered if it emailed the commenter so I tested it out. But i'm not a no reply blogger so it wasn't a very good test!

      Woo hoo for plan b. Please bring your badness with you.

      Email me, will ya, and tell me if you got this reply?


  31. Me encantó leer tus vivencias,son preciosas las fotos,un abrazo

  32. lovely post , the mural and quilts are amazing . my niece's birthday is on christmas eve and my SIL always makes a gingerbread house instead of a birthday cake , once we have sung happy birthday tis tradition that all the children have a rolling pin or some other bashing implement and at the count of 3 smash it to smithereens and then sit there stuffing their faces . I t is most amusing to watch and it is nothing short of a miracle that noone has ever ended up with a black eye or missing tooth as they swing those tools with all their might ! x

  33. Pink hair a great idea, looking good. Will be thinking of you on Tuesday.

    Colours green, red and blue are great together, but really really love the sparkly house, not that I could ever break it up and eat it. Would just sit and admire it for an age.


  34. Loving that bolster cushion! What yum colours and the project you are working on looks amazing too!

    What a clever MIL you have those quilts really are a labour of love.

    I think you would rock with pink hair! I only wish that A. I had lighter hair so it would take a pink dye (my hair is very dark) B. That I was a lot more braver!

    Good luck on Tuesday.

    MBB x

  35. I never would have noticed the red stripe if you hadn't pointed it out! Fab cushion...
    and I wouldn't mind a bit of that gingerbread house either!
    Hope all went well with the x-ray. xxxxxx

  36. Now, why did I think I already commented on this post?! I think i'm going mad. I think to reply, then in my head that translates to having actually replied. What a numpty.

    Firstly...your cushion...........I am having MAJOR BOLSTER ENVY! I LOVE the colours you have used. It's the cutest thing that Little loves it so much. It amazes me how the Bears love my home made stuff. Well, it amazes me that they are boys, and they love it. Big Bear was so jelaous of Baby Bear's Amineko Cats, that I have had to PROMISE to make him one in the next couple of months. And he's 12!

    Wow, what a Granny! That's some quilt action going on there. Gorgeous. The detail is awesome.

    The mural? Love it! Love the story of it too! You must be a scream on a night out!

    Gingerbread......any left? Is there no end to your talents lady?!!!!!

    Sadly, I couldn't wait to get our tree and decs down and move on. Maybe just because this year we weren't in the mood for celebrations. Hopefully it will be different come the next one.

    And STILL totally envious of the pink hair! Still in? Ahhhhhhhh sigh...........


    p.s hope you are feeling not so churny today

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