Saturday, 4 February 2012

Bed time

Did you know my Granny Blanket has magical sleep inducing qualities? Well, it does. It really does. Everyone who snuggles under it falls in to a deep restorative sleep. This is why I am fannying about snapping away at it rather than snuggling under it. You see I haven't had enough fluid today which means I am thirsty at bedtime which means I need to guzzle some water which means I need to postpone bedtime till I've had a really big wee wee. TMI? Ha!! I've had wine and am in the mood for sharing secrets....sometimes I pretend there's a secret camera watching me and I act in front of it. I talk through the steps I take to cook a meal or wash up or what ever. I pretend I am being filmed and I do little asides to the camera. I am sooooo juvenile! I doubt I'll ever stop this little quirk that is a remnant from being an only child who moved county roughly every two years till I was 11. I am never bored. Ever. There's always an exciting play going on in my mind.


ps. An update on my friends daughters well being: Minnie is doing really well. She has a lot of confusion and pain but all the xrays have come back with good news. Soon this will be a distant memory for all but I hope the lessons learnt will never be forgotten


  1. I hope that you're okay after the awful ordeal with your friend's daughter. I'm so glad to read that she's doing well.
    Your secret-sharing made me smile. I do plays in my head to. I never say the words out loud, but I plan things I'm going to say to people who've annoyed me. I never actually DO say the things I say in the plays in my head, though. Shame!!! ;-)
    Here's to crazy ladies!!!

  2. I love your wine posts!!!! And I love you do the camera thing- that is adorably cute!!
    Favourite ever!!
    And I don't think there can ever be TMI!!!!
    So glad your friends daughter is doing OK!!
    Friday night I had some strawberry cider, and thought about writing a post, which would probably have been something like * I love youse guys, you are all the bestest!!!
    But instead of that potentially highly entertaining blog post, I fell asleep in front of the telly, and had to be woken and led to bed. Like a child!
    ps strawberry cider =amazingly yum!

  3. Good for you lovely lady, after all life is just one big play so may as well act up to the part and have lots of fun while doing it, hey, teehee x x x x

  4. Laughing! You really make me smile xxxxxxx

  5. Gorgeous photo, really looks like a snuggly blanket with soporific qualities. Love the "on film" scenario, made me chuckle so much. Reminds me of dancing round my bedroom when I was younger, pretending to be Ginger Rogers or similar, imagining I was staring in a film! xx

  6. OMG I have always done that pretend filming and still do sometimes! Such fun!

    Nothing worse than waking up in the night for a pee. I got a phone call twice in the night yesterday from a olleague - at half past three in the morning. He has just come back from holiday and I think his blackberry was ringing me by accident. Gave me the fright of my life and I'm shattered today.

    Sorry about the quality of my comments lately - I find it really difficult to change typos on am iPad. See, not going back to change that 'am' because my pad will freeze. Sox. Soz

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  8. Stoopid thing.

    Show us the blanket proper like, it loos lovely!!

    You lush. Good girl!


  9. Sounds like your having fun pretending. I want what your having!!!!

  10. I like to narrate my life in different novel styles when I'm bored.

  11. Tee hee!
    I reckon everyone does the camera thing!!
    Blanket looks super-gorgeous, too.

  12. The blanket looks warm and cosy and read for dreamland - can we have a closer look?
    You made me smile - I'm an only child and I when I was a child did what you do play in front of an imaginary camera, not sure I do it much now though.
    Glad to hear your friends daughter is on the mend.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. So funny, I used to do that all the time as a child (I'm not an 'only' but the eldest of a big brood), particularly when doing a job I disliked, I think my 'Tips for cleaning the bathroom' segment must have been enthralling!
    So glad to hear your friend's daughter is on the mend.

  14. Good news about Minnie.
    The camera thing....too funny. I don't do it, but I DO dance quite alot, you know the kind of dancing that you would seriously NOT want anyone to catch you doing? (think Beyonce/Janet Jackson circa 1989)
    Now - off to investigate strawberry cider...fee x
    (Nikki's comments also v funny. I threw Cleggys ipad across the settee the other day because it wouldn't do what I was asking.Prefer my wind up laptop)

  15. I must have missed a post about Minnie. glad things are well. Bless you crochet blankets are gorgeous and snuggly its lovely yours are being used. Have a good week, dee xx

  16. What a great post! Had a little chuckle to myself! Your blanket is looking lovely, but I think we need to see it in all it's glory. I'm so glad to hear that your friend's daughter is going to be okay ~ it must of been dreadful for you all. :O)x

  17. I understand the need to wee big time before bedtime! We have only one bathroom and that is downstairs right at the back of the house. Night time wees are not something I ever really fancy doing. I have noticed this being more a problem in the past few years as the bladder is not what is obviously once was! lol. So understand your need.

    Your blanket looks gorgeous! and can see that good nights sleep would be had under such a pretty creation.

    Glad to hear you friends daughter is doing ok. God its a scary world sometimes.

    MBB x

  18. i talk to the camera too when cooking....i think it must be all those early cooking progs.....graham kerr, delia etc....and as for the wee thing, totally sympathise

  19. LOL, LOL, I sometimes act silly when I am home by myself and then catch myself thinking 'oh, what if some one had a spy camera on me' so I stop doing said silly thing, then forget and start being silly again. Loove the blanket, big pic next time, you know, of the whole thing, not just a teaser of a little bit.
    Glad Minnie is going to be oki doki. :)
    xx Sandi

  20. I seriously need to get myself a blanket with magical properties!
    I have nominated you for an award


  21. ah soo funny , dont worry your not alone i dont talk to camera but just myself and sometimes aloud not good when some when hears you and just looks at you like your bonkers xxhope your well dont think you have seen my quick blog as would of been good to see you x

  22. That just doesn't surprise me at all (the monologuing, pretending to be on camera etc)!

    So pleased to hear Minnie is doing well, what a horrendous ordeal. xxx

  23. That's a gorge pic - love the out-of-focus-sharply-in-focus-out-of-focus-again thing you've got going on.
    I often imagine I'm reading an article about my house in some sort of Period Living-style magazine (that's actually made me laugh, writing that, it's just so absurd and unlikely to ever happen).
    So glad your friend's daughter's doing okay - poor, poor thing.
    Emily x

  24. So glad that Minnie is getting well so soon... and PLEEEEASE...more photos of the whole blanket!! :)x

  25. Ah yes there is no better sleep than snuggled up under a handmade granny blanket, it's like a big giant hug :)

  26. Haha! Hilarious about the acting in front of the camera. Sometimes when there's no one else home I do find I talk to myself while pottering about cooking - What a weirdo!

    Glad Minnie is going to be ok :-)

    L x

  27. Me again Cuckoo! Just popping by to tell you that I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award if you would like to pop over to my blog and collect it...and the rules! :)x

  28. I love your wine posts!! They're always very entertaining, don't delete this one though! Your blanket is lovely, how brilliant that it has magical powers! haha
    Love that you talk to an imaginary camera, sounds like it would be very funny to watch. I don't do that... but I do dance around the kitchen in a Very embarrassing way. (I'm usually trying to entertain Rose, it doesn't always work.)

    Ashley xxx

  29. Ah Cuckoo, you do make me laugh! I always imagine i'm the only one to do these funny little things but reading your post and the comments here i see i'm not alone! I feel like showing M this post and saying "See? SEE! It's not just me, theres a whole bunch of crazy girls out there!".
    I'm glad to hear your friend's daughter is on the mend, such a terrible things to happen and it could have been a very different outcome, she is so very lucky. Take care, K xx

  30. Love your random wine posts! So glad Minnie is doing well...

  31. I'm so pleased all is ok with Minnie! :0)

    your post is just what I needed, you always put a smile on my face... you mad Woman....

    Lou xxx

  32. Haha love your story of acting for the cameras, teehee we all do nutty things when no-one is around, well at least that's what I reassure myself with!

    So relieved to hear your friends daughter is going to be ok. I was chilled to the bone reading that post about her accident.

    Helen xx

  33. Boy you make me laugh! What a hilarious post - I love that you talk to an imaginary camera!! What a total scream. Your blanket looks sooooo snuggly and cosy. Have a fab week hon. L xxx

  34. This post is so cute. I love peoples' quirks. I actually think life ought to b a musical with pople sporadically bursting into song and dance routines.
    I am going to make my bloke read your othr post. I have told him time and time again about it. People here are very slack about seat belt wearing, pootling around merrily not wearing when at all! This is not a prejudiced generalisation, it is totally true. My father in law and friend Jana actually rarely wear theirs. It is madness or arrogance. You also see people sitting in front seats with baies on their laps!!! It makes me angry.
    Anyway. Glad you are ok and that the girl is too. It must have been terrifying for you. It hits you afterwards sometimes. Take care and I will be reminding everyone here to 'Clunk click!' Do you remember that ad? xxx

  35. Your blanket looks fab, I love these blankets and you are so right about snuggling under and falling asleep.
    What an awful shock. It is well that your friend had you to support her. Good to here she is doing well.
    Carol x

  36. You just crack me up! Love, love, love the wine posts, ha ha! I would like to pass on to the "Versatile Blogger" award, which was given to me by Julie over at 'Tales from Toadstool House'. Feel free to pop over to mine and copy it if you would like to. You are then supposed to nominate 15 new blogs you have come across and also list 7 wee bits of information about yourself in your next blog. Cheers! Becks x

  37. Oh you do make me chuckle, I do love your wine induced secret telling! I have a tendancy to burst into song and dance routines, Oh yeah, I'm talking Beyonce Crazy in love, full on! I just can't help myslf!
    My 17 yr old son is fed up of me " kick ball changing" all over the house, ,especially when I try to teach him how to do it, Tee-Hee!
    I love your sleep inducing Granny blanket and would like to see more of it please!
    So glad Minnie is on the mend, I held my breath whilst catching up with that news!
    Rachel x
    Rachel x

  38. I do love your blog x
    so glad minnie is doing well x

    love jooles x

  39. We are so pleased that you are delighted with your purchases. And yes I can save you two of the little silver vanilla pots. I will put your name on them in our order book and can hold them for a week or two. Just confirm that you do want them to go in with your next order as we will have to put them back in the shop for you to add to your cart before you start chopping.
    the Cabbages & Roses item will start to appear hopefully next week. Most of these will be hand made items. We also will have wallpaper and fabrics for sale. We may be adding Kate Foreman as well. fingers crossed.
    I have been trying to read through some of your blog in bed with my iphone, I love seem such a fun loving girlie. I too will be on The London Eye soon but may be a wee bit too cold to flash any
    You have such a lovely family life going on there which makes me smile to see that yes it does still go on!
    Keep smling and fluffing about with all your new bits I hope to see some of them on here.
    Carol x

  40. Oh Cuckoo, you must keep your family entertained with all your antics....
    You just wouldn't be you if you stopped doing these things, don't ever change..

    So glad to read Minnie is doing well and the xrays bought good news.

    Claire ♥

  41. Hello! I've just discovered your blog and thought I'd stop by and say 'hello' :) I love your magic blanket, and having just read your last post I'm so glad to hear that your friend's daughter is doing ok xx

  42. I hope all is well...I need my mamma C!

  43. we miss u

    i love your blog ...

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