Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My baby turns one year old tomorrow

Can you Adam and Eve it?!!

That is a long drool string and that is mango mush on his babygro

I know we all say it but I cannot believe a year has passed already. Time seems to speed up the older I get and goes faster and faster with each baby that arrives. I suppose it is because I am quite busy too. My one year old is way more distracting these days. He is simply adorable and I find it very hard to drag myself away from him sometimes. Perhaps it is because he is our last baby. Mind you, I say he is my last baby but since Little Cuckoo is the only child who was actually planned and tried for...well you just never know. I haven't the foggiest how Mini came about actually. I think we must have shared bath water or something!

This past year has been, on reflection, completely marvellous. To think that this time last year I was terrified of having three children, nervous and bewildered about how I was going to manage the day to day runnings of family life. I couldn't see how I was going to spread myself out amongst all the boys, catering to their individual and diverse needs. I expected the new baby to be a challenging like the other two. Don't get me wrong they were delightful and I loved them insanely but they were quite difficult babies. So when Mini joined us and turned out to be the sweetest smiley baby I have ever met, well I couldn't believe my luck. Yes of course he has had his moments of shrieking, but I can honestly say I we haven't had a single totally sleepless night. He is still waking most nights but just for ten minutes and he settles immediately, he always has done. He is pure sunshine. (aside: I am in the snug and I can hear Mr C in the kitchen playing with Mini's birthday present - a keyboard and microphone like the one he loved at Clairey's when we visited her last week- hilarious. He has just come in stating that it is awesome so at least I know someone will enjoy it!) He is mellow and placid and just lovely altogether. He fits in perfectly and we are all so in love with him.

I feel so stupid now for being scared of having three children, three boys felt like a cruel joke to a girly girl like me. But oh how I have changed my tune. I now find myself watching the Merry Band of Brothers playing and I feel like the most fortunate mother on earth.

Happy Birthday dear Mini Cuckoo, 
you have made everything in this life brighter and we all dote on you.

If you would like to read about his arrival then go here


ps. I am waaaaaay behind with everything blog, both the posts I want to write and the blogs I want to read and comment on. I am also very behind with replying to the comments on my last couple of posts. I absolutely love hearing your comments and I do like to reply to them all. This is sometimes a bit tricky if you are a No-Reply-Blogger. To change your setting read this post and you'll be sorted!

pps. Thank you to those (you know who you are) who have been in touch to see if I'm ok. I'm good, I feel well. Thank you for checking up on me. I never expect people to notice my absence, so I was enormously touched that I was missed!  


  1. Awww Happy Birthday little one. xx

  2. OMG! WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO YOUR SOFA?! Phew... Breathe, Nicki, breathe..... I get cushion rage when my boys (stepson and husb) throw my little scatter cushions on the floor, I could NOT cope with this. Ha!

    Love how the eldest boys are trashing the place and little Mini is sitting there casually making a phone call :-) In my silly head, Mini is saying to himself 'oh good GRIEF.... I'd better call Dad... things are gonna get messy..' ha ha!

    Happy Birthday Mini Cuckoo! xx

  3. Ha ha, Nicki you'd be horrified at my house too! The girls take all the cushions off (scatter and seat ones) and jump on the base etc etc. NOTHING is sacred!

    G, I LOVE these photos! So brilliant, esp the one of the feet sticking over the top. :)

    For once! I have been organised, card has been posted and gift has been ordered! Though it occurred to me that it might not say it's from me, being ordered online... so if a massive, enormous, extravagant gift arrives with no note, that's mine ;o)

  4. As a mum of three boys, I so identify with these feelings. And now I have 3 lovely grown up young men who are friends (most of the time!) and loyal to each other beyond everything. One so quickly becomes 18!!! At risk of cliches the time just seems to have flown, enjoy those lovely happy boys. And on the days when they fight or scream at each other (or you!) or wreck stuff - look back at this lovely post :-) xx

  5. PS - Chris wants to know what camera you are using??

  6. Happy birthday Mini Cuckoo. Time does fly. My little boy is 9mths and i don't know where the time has gone. I love every second of being with him. Fingers crossed someday our house will be filled with little ones. They really give perspective on life and whats important.

  7. thank god you r back
    Happy birthday Mini Cuckoo

  8. Just sending you a large squashy bosomed hug...a special one.
    fee x

  9. ♥I do have a special bosom...but I meant a special hug. Just so we're clear♥

  10. Happy Birthday to Mini for tomorrow. Hope the gift and card arrived in time, sent it two days ago so it should.
    I am with Nicki, I can't cope with too much chaos. I need peace and serenity at the best of times. I am fortunate in that the Prince also doesn't like to make mess, which is handy as the Princess is rather untidy!
    I like me cushions on the sofa, they can trash their rooms if they want, but nowhere else. It quite literally does my swede!!! Maybe that's cos I work in the evenings though and don't want to spend the whole evening clearing up every room after them.
    I still can't believe Mini is a year. I remember it so well, I was off to Windsor with my parents for the day when your text came through, and at the same time my sis texted to say her friend Alice had a baby girl! So I never forget either birthday.
    Hmm, wonder who has the larger, squashier bosom out of me and Fee......

  11. I can't believe he's turning 1 already! He looks so much like Big in the first photo, I think it must be the hair.. same kind of colour and style.. I wish Rose's hair would hurry up and thicken up! She still looks like she's wearing a toupe!
    Time really does fly by... the photo's of him playing with the other boys are so special, it's making me incredibly broody and hopefully it won't be too long before we have another munchkin on the way!
    You have such a gorgeous family and I lovvee reading these kind of posts. :-)
    I'm sorry I'm not one of 'those people' that sent you a message wondering where you were, I kept how you were but life just kinda got in the way when it came to sending an email! You know how it is.. xxx

  12. I would also like to add that I can in no way compete with the squashy bosomed hug's from Fee and Gem.. After feeding Rose, my bosom has disappeared somewhere and doesn't seem to be returning any time soon!! xxx

  13. Have a wonderful day with your wee man! I adore the pics of your lovely boys - especially the 'feet in the air' pic! Time just seems to zoom by doesn't it (yet weirdly I don't feel any older). My baby starts school in less than 3 months - how the heck did that creep up so quickly?!!

    Have a fab week gorgeous girl.

  14. Happy Birthday mini cuckoo!

    I'm so with you, I was convinced that our no.3 would be a girl, but d'you know I swell with pride when I am out with my three handsome boys and a little old lady (it's always the ladies) comes up and says how lovely they are......I am the smuggest mum.....please note mind, this is normally when I am looking haggard and dragged thru a hedge backwards from the washing ironing, tidying, cooking, school runs......I'm almost certain there is no no.4 for us....but maybe that's a good thing as my husband wants a girl called Binky....and I can just imagine what a nightmare she would be!

  15. Happy Birthday to Mini! Hope his and your day is amazingly lovely!!
    Those photos are just beautiful- you clearly have three of the happiest boys in all the land!!
    Also, seeing you have made a post always makes me happy!!

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to cute little mini!!!
    Hope you all have a fabulous day x
    what beautiful photos, made me laugh how mini is just sweetly calm while madness is happening all around! those photos REALLY pulled at my heart strings
    love jooles x

  17. Oops, forgot to mention, you also get a special squashy bosom hug from me!!!

  18. aahh that has made me shed a tear seeing your 3 lovely boys playing and just being themselves ;-) They are gorgeous being a mum of 2 boys i know just what you mean and they are a joy every day and so loving. Happy birthday little man hope its a great day. dee xx

  19. Happy birthday to your little one.
    I was a girlie girl who had three boys! By the look of the lovely pictures the age gaps are about the same as mine......twenty months between the eldest two and three and five years between them and the youngest. I loved the years before they started school and the school holidays (other mothers thought I was crazy!) when they were back to being my children again. My boys are now 30, 29 and 26, and now I have two beautiful grandchildren.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  20. Awwwwwwww.........Happy Birthday Mini!!!!! Hope you have the BEST BIrthday and get SUPER BIG EXTRA cuddles from your brothers! Love the first pic, he looks so happy. He is a combination of both Big and Little in looks. Just adorable.

    Yeap time goes so fast. I look at Baby Bear and cannot believe he is 5. Where did the time go? I try to treasure every moment, even the annoying ones, as I know he's my last.

    ADORE the photo of the feet in the air. Mine are just like that too (so Nicki, you'd have heart failure over at mine also), although it's usually Baby and Middle that have the mad half hour before dad gets home. So the house looks a tip and he wonders what I do all day long. Middle Bear and Big Bear have more 'tempestuous' half hours that result in month long groundings! Nice! Awwww bless you Cuckoo, you have this to come! I'm with Sandra though.....on the bad days with the boys, when you think you are about to explode with their antics, look back at this post and it will all be good again!

    Sorry, cannot compete with big bosomed hugs. Why is it when you lose weight it's first to go on the bust? The only thing I liked about being 'bigger'!!!!!!!

    Lovely post Cuckoo, big hugs............xxxxxxxxxxxx

    p.s Why is it the girliest of girls have boys, and usually three????????????

  21. Happy b'day to the wee fella!
    I know- time flies too fast at times. My littlest is at preschool this morning and surely only yesterday she was a tiny baby in the moses basket!
    And WHAT is it about kids and throwing all the cushions off the sofas??!! Mine do it do and it drives me nuts!!!!
    Have a great day.

  22. Aww, he's so cute! Happy Birthday Mini!
    I always said I'd never have an odd number of children as I hated being the middle one of 3, but then am always a bit jealous of those with 3 (never happy!!) and am way to old to attempt 4!!!! Your boys are gorgeous creatures. Xxxxxxxx

  23. Happy 1st Birthday to your dear little Mini Cuckoo!! Hope you all have a fabulous day in each others company :) Now tell me, there MUST be cake involved somewhere!!! Show me, show me, show me!!!!

    Jo x x x

  24. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TODAY MINI, you are too cute with your phone, doin your own thing. Bless his little heart, and his big brothers too, they are all very cute. My third was the happy kid too, she still is pretty much of the time. AND I was terrified and cried for three months when I found out I was pregga's again "oh my gawd, how the hell am I going to cope with 17 month old and a new born' waaa, waaa, waaa. I coped perfectly because she was an easy bub. I'm gonna give you all a special 'squishy' bosom hug because mine aren't generous (bosoms not hugs)enough to give you a big squashy one....bahahahaaha. Hope there isn't too much fighting between mini and Mr C over the birthday pressie.
    Loves xoxoxo Sandi

  25. You do make gorgeous boys young Cuckoo! A very happy first birthday to your littlest one.

    My little boy's first birthday only seems like yesterday. He's now the same height as me, has slightly bigger feet, a voice that's jumping from high to low in every sentence and a shadowy top lip. How the heck did that happen???

    I grew up with three brothers and, other than the constant pong of cheesy feet, wouldn't change it for the world.

    Enjoy your precious brood. Boys are so lovely and affectionate - you'll never be short of hugs.


  26. Happy birthday little one, what a happy little family

  27. Happy birthday,Mini Cuckoo,he's adorable. I hope you all have a fabulous day.
    Take care,of yourself sweetie,I have been thinking of you and wondering if alls well,Been a bit manic here too,Hugs juliexxx

  28. Happy 1st Birthday to your gorgeous Mini Cuckoo ~ he is just so adorable! Hope he has a super day ~ he just happens to share his birthday with me too :O)xx

  29. All your babies are beautiful. I hope the little one has a lovely day today. Happy Birthday Mini! What gorgeous pictures you have taken of them all playing. Being a mummy is a very special thing indeed. Boys? Girls? What matter? Every one of them unique and special. Have a special day all of you.

  30. Awww Happy First Birthday to Mini. Gorgeous. All three are utterly cute as muffins. I have my own boy Toby and two step sons Thomas & Liam. Boys are great!

    Sam x

  31. Happy Birthday gorgeous boy, I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE WILF'S A YEAR OLD, it's just flown by so quickly, too quickly and he truly is an amazing gift to your already wonderful family, I MISS YOU GUYS, love all the photo's too x x x x

  32. happy birthday to mini for tomorrow ,gorgeous pics , my sister has three boys they eat alot as they get older and i mean alot think cereal was a favourite easy and no effort ha ha but also very helpful think that maybe there dad been in the army thou everthing done quick sharpish. yes really would love to catch up im free mon, tues,wed most weeks as work the rest so whenever suits you thou do get odd thurs off due to racing think next one is 8th march xxtake care hope all is well x happy birthday again to mini xxx

  33. Happy birthday Mini!! Love those photos!!

  34. Happy Birthday Mini! :)
    Believe me when they hit their teens you will be more than thankful you have boys! Boys make wonderful teenagers.
    Vivienne x

  35. And no I can't Adam & Eve it! Where does the time go....


    Don’t leave it so long before your next post, i've missed you. See, I can be nice....
    have a fab weekend X

  36. Gorgeous photos! Your little ones are simply adorable hon! Happy birthday to mini cuckoo!!! The universe has a funny of way of working sometimes, one of my super 'girly' girlfriends has 3 daughters and phoned me in tears as she is sick of all the pink, the tantrums and tiara's (as she put it). So glad you are feeling better too sweetie. Take care and enjoy every moment! Becks x

  37. Bit late reading and commenting here but hope Mini had a lovely 1st Birthday! It goes so quickly and more so with the 3rd baby i've found, my Emily is 1 in a couple of weeks and i just can't believe it. Love the photos of all the boys together, it's like that at our house most of the time, Em & Tom are a proper double act! And for anyone who has all boys, i have 2 girls and neither of them are really girly girls, despite my best efforts. Em can be a proper hooligan lol. Take care Cuckoo, glad to see you back, K xx

  38. I absolutely love this post. Happy birthday Mini Cuckoo, he is such a cute little boy! I love the photos of them all playing together, they look so happy. He sounds like an angel baby. My own little boy who recently turned one sounds quite similar to your first two, I was hoping that maybe if we're lucky enough to have a second that they won't be as terrible at sleeping as my first. He's a total star in other ways but sleepless nights were the norm for about 9 months so I know where you are coming from. You have a beautiful family and a beautiful blog you are a lucky pup. The photos made me smile.... lovely!

    Helen xx

    PS I think I have figured out the no-reply blogger thing, fingers crossed! Thank you!

  39. Such a cheeky chappie! Lovely post and so sweet to see the boys playing around together. Glad to hear all's good with you. I have one boy and find him a handful at times so can't imagine having three! Well done you for raising three very happy boys.

  40. You have such a gorgeous family! xxx

  41. Happy birtday to baby Cuckoo :-) Hope he will have a wonderful birthday!

    Have fun!

    Madelief x

  42. Happy birthday to Mini!


  43. What a lovely, lovely post! :-)
    Happy birthday to sweet little Mimi!

  44. Happy Birthday to Mini :D

    I have four children and only planned one, I'm with you on the dangers of sharing bath water!

  45. Your room reminds me of my Katies with her boys!! Happy Birthday wishes. He looks so cheeky. Will you have more? My Katie is thinking about no 3, wants a girl as she has 2 boys....but I am looking forward to another boy. Do love my boys. If we got a girl I would be over the moon and she will be a princess!!
    I have still got your candles put away, if you do change your that is ok just let me know. And yes you get a choice of colours and size.
    Did the London Eye but was too bashful and it was busy in there! to do a you!!
    Loved it all though.

  46. Thanks for your posts- I have now read and followed the blog tutorial so am no longer a 'no-reply blogger'- thank-you!! Will be taking you up on the offer of a crochet masterclass too!
    Hope Mini and the reat of the family had a fantastic day for his 1st birthday xxxx

  47. What a really lovely, happy post! I have three boys too - a couple of them are now teens, love 'em all to bits. I have a girl too, so we escape sometimes for some pink time! Just discovered this gorgeous place of yours via Nicki at homebird, so glad I did. Will be popping by to read more - love your wine o'clock post btw! Bx

  48. Happy belated birthday Mini Cuckoo! Everything about this post resonates loud and clear in my heart. My youngest and last turned two end of January and I treasure every day with her. (Mind you now the terrible twos are upon us maybe I should be truthful and write 'virtually every day'. Being a mother of three is absolutely fabulous and unlike some of my friends I will always be in awe of newborn babies and remember those magical and weary days postbirth.

    Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.


    ps Oh and I am having a giveaway just incase you might be interested. ;-)

  49. Maybe it's something about 3rd children - my 3rd is also the smiliest, mellowest little girlie! Although she's absolutely determined to do everything her big brother and sister do. At 20 months, she's currently toilet training herself and refuses to wear a nappy during the day - fortunately, she's also being really good at it!

    Hope Mini had a lovely day!

  50. What lovely photos, I had my third daughter when my other two were 12 and 10, it was challenging and hard sometimes but we got through it. She's 12 now. Your baby is very cute, hope he enjoyed his birthday xxx

  51. Awww Happy Birthday little one. xx


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