Thursday, 1 March 2012

The one where Mini Cuckoo has his first birthday tea party.

On the morning of Mini Cuckoo's birthday I recieved the following email from my Step Dad, remember him? Ex Royal Navy, stiff upper lip, he of quiet reserve? Well it turns out he is getting soft in his old age (he reads this and knows I'm kidding...though he is REALLY old. Still kidding had you for a minute there didn't I Chukins!)

"Happy Birthday Mini Cuckoo! It is hard to imagine that I held you for the first time a year ago, and told you I was your Grandad when you turned and looked me in the eye, I was so proud!
         Happy First Birthday
                                       Love from  Grandad   XXXXX"

It was an ordinary victoria sponge cake made special with the bunting Jooles
made for Mini's Christening last year.

We had a teeny tiny tea party for Mini. My Mum and Step Dad arrived laden down with a helium balloon, amongst other bits, with "First Birthday" on it which I can deflate and pop in his memory box like I have the other two boys. Their balloons, you understand, not they themselves! Although sometimes I think it would be nice to pack them away for ten minutes. Especially when they are scrapping. My Dad and his wife came along too. The boys call my Dad Grandad Pig because he eats loads. 

We gave Mini the key board I mentioned Mr C was loving (just a little bit too much for a grown man) in my last post. turns out Mini is equally in love with it, if not more so. He plays with it frequently and is so sweet squwarking into the voice changing micro phone. He even does a funny leg wibble like Elvis. I particularly like it when he is wearing his blue suede shoes slippers.

I love that photograph even though I'm holding him in a very undignified fashion as I was putting him in his highchair.

On Tuesday, after we dropped Big off at school and Mini was having his schluff (our word for nap) Little Cuckoo asked if we could please now make the den I had promised him that morning. Now I'm not the best ever Mother to boys other than I like to cook and feed which I hear is a really good thing when you have teenage boys. I'm also talented at stain removal from clothing, which is very handy when you have children who could get filthy in a sterile bag. However when it comes to dens I am AMAZING. Yep. I am. I can have a wonderful den constructed in moments. I'm looking forward to the dens we will make when they are a bit older. Dens that will be made with cool stuff like planks of wood and branches...and bunting.

We had a jolly time under the old table. It's really old, about 1760's apparently. Little pointed at the wood worm holes and declared someone had been very naughty and had been jabbing forks into it. Now there are a few details I want to point out to you. The quilt was deliberately hung that way around so that it would look like wallpaper. Nice touch hey?

The tea tray is the one with the legs that come down making it a very good one to have ones Mothers Day Breakfast on. A breakfast that might look something like this:

Going back to the tray, it is kept in the Lovely Cupboard. The big one to the right of the fridge. The one Mini likes to squirrel about in at any given opportunity. The one where we keep our glasses. The tray is in the bottom on the right. The nice looking tea towel that is on top of the tray is in the drop down cupboard on the left on the top shelf. On Mothers Day it would be very nice to have a breakfast tray such as this with a handmade card from the boys. 

Mr C, I hope you have taken note, if we have a rerun of last year then I will stick a kipper in the heated seat in your car. Ha!!!

Ok back to the den and the Elevensies we enjoyed. As we were sitting there slurping our tea and chomping on Walkers French Fries and raisins, Little declared it was too dark. We need light, he said. Get some of those stringy lights in here, he said. So I did. Oh lordy how happy was I? Vintage china, pretty fabrics, fairy lights, my boy and crisps.

Totally worth getting a cricked neck for.

I love how I have five fingers in this pic! It reminds me of my favourite skirt I had as a child. It had a cow with five legs on it.

I have about 60 photographs of these cups and not one is in focus.

The tea cups we had our tea in were a lovely gift from a bloddie. Heather (Little Tin Bird) had mentioned to me way back in the Autumn that she had something she wanted to send me. I was chuffed to bits as I had something I wanted to send her but had worried it might be a bit forward of me. So in January I sent Heather her gift and received these gorgeous tea cups, saucers and cake plates. A perfect pair. She also sent me two balls of 4ply cotton yarn in a bluey pink colour. I'm not sure what I'll make with it yet as I want to make something I'll use and keep for a very very long time. Any ideas?

Go here to see what I sent Heather and to hear the story behind the pair of teacups.

Talking Bloddies, I went to The Vintage and Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury on Saturday. It was great, really great. I got some treasure which I'll have to blog about some other time. But the best thing was I met Fee of Chipper Nelly fame. We had such a lovely time. We really did. Oh how our cheeks ached after a day of smiling, laughing, chatting and frequently saying "Me Too!". We met some other bloggers there too which was marvellous. After hearing Fee and Michele talking about there tortoises I now really would like one but their toes make me feel a bit odd. Can you believe we didn't take a single picture? We have plans afoot for meeting up at Easter so we will compensate then. Hoping to meet Nellie then too (Hope Mabel feels better soon).


ps That lump on my head. The X ray results came back and it is not a scary nasty cancer. Thank the Lord! I rang for the results and they gave me the good news. That knot of worry dissolved instantly. But what on earth is it?! What is this funny bony lump that is slowly growing out of my swede?

pps. Want to see some wonderful coats my friend makes and sells in my fave shop and want to see a really minging pic of me at the same time? Go here! Click on the second pic down.


  1. Evidently your brain is too big for your skull and needs a bit of extra room, perhaps it's a special seat of crochet knowledge! Glad it's not nasty.

  2. how bizzare...have just this minute been to Little Tin Bird's blog! (me too!!!) How have I missed her?
    LOVE your den. Cleggy is a BRILLIANT den maker - in fact it's the first thing he does on each and every holiday, boys willing or not!
    Little bit worried about going to this coat site...I had major coat envy on Saturday, is this going to be where I can furnish my wardrobe with such a coat??? fee x

  3. OH NO...I went there.
    And fell in love with the turquiose and white one....

  4. Your lovely boys will always remember your awesome denbuilding - frenchfries (salt and v?) and raisins sound like top den tucker!!

    Sounds like your littlest man had a perfect birthday, love it when grandads get soppy! x

  5. The first photo is lovely, and I was thinking "what is she on about?"......and then I clicked on the second photo!!!!
    Love your den- that is awesomely adorable, and I want one so badly!!
    I am going to ask my 18 yo boy if he will come in if I make one.
    although second thoughts, I might ask the 4 year old instead, third thoughts, might ask all three to pop in with me
    haha, lucky i for once spellchecked this before publishing as I had written "i might ask all three to poop in with me"!!!
    so so glad your bump is not cancer, i wouldn't worry too much about what it is, I had a scan last year where they thought i had a bleed in my brain, but it turned out to be calcium, and they just said "some things you cant explain and shouldn't worry about"

  6. Also, rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday to Mini" coming from across the waves

  7. All hail the den-building queen of Bristol and all the known world. May she reign long and fabulously.
    I have my fingers crossed for a Chipper family triple whammy next week (couldn't do it this week due to poorly Mabes) - slightly scared I'll be a complete let down after you and your day out in Chipping whatsit! Erk...
    So pleased about the head bump/special seat of crochet knowledge - what a relief

  8. The cake is perfect! Jooles does make a wicked cake bunting eh :) What a truely fab place the bloggy world connect with like minded peeps who we might never have crossed paths with....amazing really :) good for the soul. it sounds as if you & Fee had a jolly spiffing time :) Den is fab.....I want a vintage tea party! Oooooh and look at those coats....gorg! I had to smile as I've just bough myself a hydrangea mac from Boden...the Mum's at the school will freak, they all wear black coats 100% of the time! I stand out like a sore thumb in my bright green winter coat!!!! I have though at times had anxiety attacks at home thinking they are calling me Shrek, Kermit or Princess Fiona!!! Lol :)

    Hope Mr Cuckoo takes the hint....the mahoosive one! like your style :)

    Jo x x x

    1. P.S. So glad your lumpy bumpy thing is no longer a worry....great news :) x

  9. Awwwww what a lovely post hon! Huge birthday wishes to little Mini! I bet he's having a fabulous time. I adore the den you made - it's just perfect (also absolutely love your tights in that pic!!! I can't wait for it to get wintery here so I can buy some). I never thought to put a little table in our under-the-table den - will most definitely do that next time! And as for those twinkly lights, well that just tops it off perfectly.

    I'm so pleased your bumpy thingy is not bad news - yippee!

    Love the mothers day hint! With all those boys in the house, you can't really be subtle ay!!!

    Have a fab weekend hon.

  10. What a den!!!! i want to live there please, may need a slight height extension, not much though ;o) it is just perfect from the wallpaper to the 'perfect for mothers day' breakfast tray. good hinting girl!
    it looked like mini had a wonderful day and that cake looks yum...thank you for the very kind mention x
    so glad about your head, must be a huge relief x
    happy weekend to you and your lovelies
    love jooles x

  11. Sounds like everyone had a happy first birthday! Love the den building - perhaps you should move onto a playhouse, but just for you to sit inside whilst the boys riot outside?
    I hope Mr C gets the hint for Mothering Sunday!
    Jo x

  12. Oh Cuckoo .. you really are a breath of fresh air. I have gone through a whole spectrum of emotions reading your blog of late and me thinks there is a very good book inside you .. dying to get out and be read. Love your humour and style! Now.. you den building took me back in a flash to my own des res dens of old.. sitting under the table or my bedroom wardrobe.. dreaming of Narnia.
    It was great to meet you and Fi at the fair and hope we get to do so again one day. If you want any tortoise advice is to visit The Tortoise Shop.. from whence we bought our Winnie. Fi and I will fill the gaps.
    Happy Belated to little cuckoo..
    Michele x

  13. Wow! What a fab den- you are such a cool Mum!! Enjoy the years you can get to play with the boys, all too soon they grow up and find it embarassing!
    So glad your results have come back clear, but don't let them forget about you, keep at it until the mystery is solved. I do like the idea of it being your crochet brain expanding though!
    Fingers crossed for Mother's Day for you too...I wouldn't want to be in Mr C's shoes (or car) if he forgets...

  14. Oooh man, that cake looks absolutely delicious. Having a baking session myself this weekend as the stepson is coming to say. I think you are a perfect Mum to boys - what more could they need from you?! Your den is awesome. If it was a teensy bit bigger I'd come and join you for a coffee in there.

    I'm going on hols in a couple of weeks with the family and I'm totally going to employ your den-making techniques to make a little den with my niece. I must remember to take all of the relevant supplies! She will love it.

    Laughed out loud at the extra detail about the tea tray. Nice touch. Hope Mr C sees it, I'm worried for him this year after last year's disaster! :-)


    PS Don't tortoises smell? My friend found a stray one (I know, weird, how does the slowest animal the world manage to run away?!) on a building site. Her husband was smitten with it but it was a bit smelly and peed everywhere. Her mum adopted it in the end.

  15. My den making abilities are rubbish, I think you should do a tutorial : )
    I love the mother's day hints and tips, woody is away for the whole of march so I think I will have to leave out some card making materials and give the girls some hints.
    I'm really pleased that your head is ok it sounded really scary.
    Emma x

  16. Happy belated 1st birthday Mini Cuckoo! sounds like he had a fantastic birthday. Love the fact he loves to rock out on his keyboard. Go Mini!

    That den is genius! I love the "wallpaper" effect and those fairy lights set it all off a treat.

    Glad also to hear that you have been given the all clear about your lump on your bonce. Its scary times when you have to wait with baited breath about these things.

    Thank you too for your lovely comments on my post about books. I was indeed giggling by the time I got to the stop laughing comment! You are indeed a sweetie for saying and thinking such nice things. I am not sure I could write a whole book but I do enjoy writing!

    Hope you and your lovely family have a wonderful weekend, with a bit of den making and some fairy lights too!

    MBB x

  17. OOoooH! I love the den! May I join you for elevenses........?
    My boys were not den makers, and they didn't like tea so I never had fun like that!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  18. Really glad to hear the good news about your bump.

    I love a good den, my children still talk fondly of the 'camps' we used to make and my youngest is 22! Fortunately my 4 year old nephew is also a fan and marches in to get the granny stripe blanket as soon as he arrives. My brother and I are making him a Jedi blanket for his birthday and the most important requirement is that it's up to camp building standard!
    Oh, I finished my bobble blanket and its lovely, thanks for the pattern, so easy x

  19. Wishing the mini a very happy birthday indeedy. I too am a den fanatic....and can be found in my girls room faffing with blankets and cushions creating little hide aways...they sometimes sleep in them time I might join them, if they let me....but they do wiggle, ummm maybe not then.

    But I think I'd quite like to take a daily afternoon tea in your den, it's a floral wonderland!

    Nattie x

  20. I was so pleased to read that your bump is nothing scary - that must be such a huge relief for you.
    A first birthday tea party sounds lovely - and that cake looks scrumptious! The bunting is cute, cute, cute!!!
    And the tea party under the table!!! When I'm next in Devon, visiting the in-laws, I'm coming over to the DEN for a brew..... ;-)

  21. What great fun!!! Love the den. Wish I could crawl in to.

  22. Happy Birthday to your baby boy!
    I remember creating dens from patchwork quilts for my children too - they are a bit big for that now sadly....

    It was lovely to meet you at the V&H & hope you'll make the next one!


  23. Love the den - it looks like lots of fun in there! Thank goodness your lump isn't cancer, such a relief!

  24. I charge £25.00 an hour...if you let me in your den with a bit of cake no charge. ;)
    I really miss making den's with my boys, i've just asked if they would like to make a den at the weekend? Reply....are you on drugs! :0(
    fab post as aways, I'm glad all was ok with your bump.

    Lou xxx

    PS. let me know if we have a deal about your garden. X

  25. loved this post, I feel like I relive a bit of my boys childhoods every time I read your blog :-) What a fab den, we had an old wooden clothes horse that made a great den frame - lovely memories x And really hope the menfolk in your life get the massive M day hints! Sometimes you just can't afford to be too subtle can you? :-D

  26. Grandad pig, brilliant! I do like to read your blog and have a good giggle....hubby also gets subjected to it as I read (I've mastered reading without making noises or moving my lips) I laugh very unladylikely and then insist on rereading aloud so he can laugh too.....

    Glad your lump isn't anything scary.x

  27. Oh cuckoo you lucky thing! I wish I could have come along to the Vintage and Hand Made fair with you - it sounds delightful! My Mother-in-law lives in the village next to Chipping Sodbury and has just finished telling me about how fab it is...then I read it here to...I wanna go...waaah! Meanwhile, you really are the queen of den building - fantastic! I love the little ones drinking out of proper tea cups (and why not!). Happy birthday too, to your sweet little darling - you do have adorable kiddies :-) Have a fab week hon, I am off to drown my sorrows with a spiked hot chocolate ;-) Becks xxx

  28. P.S. Tried to send you a little email about your lump/bump but couldnt get the darn thing to go through...but I am SOOOOO relieved that everything is fine! Phew!!! Sounds to me like you deserve a treat to celebrate :-) xxxx

  29. Happy birthday to the littlest cuckoo is completely gorgeous. I love your den, it is extremely pretty. I also like yor tights! So happy the bump is nothing dodgy. Your pics are so pretty and I wish I made perfect looking cakes like that. xxx

  30. Love the message from Grandad/Dad.My Dads getting soft in his old age too,especially since all of the grandchilren started arriving.Love your den,I remember doing the exact same thing with My two and having a tea party,AHh precious memories... We got our tortoise about 3 years ago,she s so sweet,when we hold her up her legs dangle down and it rememinds me of a baby legs in a babygro,will have to take piccie to show what I mean ;) How great to meet fellow bloddies,I'm dying to get to a vintage fair,maybe this year.So glad all s well with the lump,what a relief.Have a great weekend,lots of love,juliexxx

  31. How wonderful...... dens with 'wallpaper' and fairy lights where you drink tea from beautiful china cups.......
    What fun to have a bloggy catchup sounds like it was a real hoot.

    Happy birthday wishes to Mini who is the spitting image of his biggest brother and what a lovely email from his Grandad.

    Cuckoo, here's hoping the hints for Mothers Day breakfast are duly noted and you won't need the kippers!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Claire :}

  32. Love all the pictures of your boys, they are so cute! I used to make dens with my kids too, I think I liked it as much as they did :) Adding the light is a great idea!

  33. The tea party under the table looks such fun! So glad your bump is not too serious, hopefully it will go away soon. xx


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