Sunday, 4 March 2012

Granny to the rescue!

Here in Cuckoo Land we have had great excitement and drama. 

Some weeks ago it was noticed that there were two acorns stuck in the shower drain. Nothing would get them out. Lots of different tools were enlisted in the desperate attempt to retrieve these errant acorns. 

It is not known how they were to find themselves in the drain. The Cuckoo Boys said "It wasn't me, it wasn't us. It was someone else. We wouldn't do that. No. It must have been Daddy"

The mother of the house has spent many an anxious moment checking on the acorns in the hope that they wouldn't sprout and grow into an oak tree. As romantic as having a tree in ones shower sounds it is not conducive to personal cleanliness.

Happily today at 11.34am Granny came to the rescue with specialist equipment. A skewer and a Fireman Sam head torch. The acorns having spent considerable time in water were soft enough to yield to the pointy stick. Now the panic is over and the Cuckoo's can continue to cause chaos elsewhere.

In other news there has been a Wip completion. Yes you heard right. A finished object after too many months to mention.



  1. perhaps Daddy read about your threat with the kipper and decided to get you back with acorns? Sounds like a sneaky Daddy thing to do ;-)

  2. Granny's know all the tricks!

  3. Hoorah for Granny!
    happy sundat
    love jooles x

  4. What a clever granny! Clearly no toolbox should be complete without a skewer and Fireman Sam light!


  5. PS. Seriously re skewers - we use them to clean our remote controls ... a gross but strangely delicious job! xx

  6. Hehe, oh the joys of being a mother of boys!!

    Well done Granny!!


    S x

  7. Granny's do know best!
    Now I have to convince my son with the children that!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  8. Yayyy for the Grannies!
    Ours has the regular job of unblocking the downstairs loo when the boy does a mahoosive number 2 and uses too much toilet paper!

  9. Yay for Granny!
    Grannies always know what to do and they have their own brand of powertools too! :)
    Vivienne x

  10. You are so lucky having such a wonderful Mother-in-law and granny, having met her yesterday, I'm jelaous!

  11. Head torches always make me roar with laughter. I don't know why, I think they are hilarious. My bro-in-law has one that he wears when he goes camping for Le Mans so he can drink beer and see at the same time. Always makes me laugh when he wears it.

    The Fireman Sam head torch belongs to Granny? Am well impressed. I would absolutely love one.


    (I don't find acorns in the shower but I do find bogies on the wall. Teens.)

  12. aahhhh grandma always knows best ;-)) Ohhhh you little one i could just munch him he is adorable what a gorgeous cheeky smile ;-)) dee xx

  13. lol,Well done gran,arent they the best.Cant wait to see the completed WIP!xxx

  14. Naughty Daddy putting acorns in the shower! Of course it wouldn't have been the boys, they would never do anything so mischievous!
    Now you can't end the post with such a tease, I need to see your finished object right now!
    xXx Helen

  15. So much excitement in your house Cuckoo! To have an oaktree in your bathroom :-)

    Love the photo of grandma & your boys!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  16. I kind of imagine that you cropped the last photo, and that the bit we didn't see was the rest of the lounge, with you upside down doing a lounge headstand, completing the pattern??
    Cutest photo ever!!

    Awesome repurposing of the fireman sam tools, Granny is clearly a Ninja in her other life!! Or Magyver!!

  17. Thank goodness for mum's they know all the tricks. I wonder who they got there.Mmmm

  18. 3 bid distractions?
    I bet you do.
    NEWFOUNDLAND got the same problem.
    And all those RED DONS- RED ROOMS- RED BUBBLES- RED PATHS, do too.

  19. Good on you granny! Love the head lamp!

  20. Hon I am sure you would make an oak tree in your bathroom look super fabulous, but thank goodness for granny! You never fail to make me laugh. Becks xxx

  21. Hello there, I'm new to reading/following your blog and I have to say that in very impressed with Grannies forward thinking re the skewer, it felt a bit like a blue Peter 'here's one I prepared earlier' moment! I now feel like I need a fireman Sam head touch too, they clearly make you brave! :)

    Jerra x

  22. Hey don't leave us hanging in mid air!!! We need to see the finished WIP! Love your Granny! She's a girl after my own heart...I have a strange talent for mending broken toilets! Most impressive to young men, I've found! Granny and I could team up. You never know when you're going to need an acorn removing from somewhere awkward! Big hugs chickadee xxxxxx

  23. hey - LOVE that bogie of boys picture!
    Clever Granny. And fancy her having her fireman Sam head torch with her. I have a morbid fear of head torches after a gynacologist came towards me wearing one. Seriously.
    Off to check the cottage location...pleeeeese let it be within staggering distance...fee x

  24. Lol, go granny! Love that last photo of the boys x

  25. Supergran!!! :-)
    Please can we see some pics of your completed WIP.....

  26. You never fail to make me laugh! Thank God for grannies and fireman Sam head torches. A picture paints a thousand words. Absolutely brilliant!

  27. I love the way the children never own up to anything. We have still not got to the bottom of who stole a freddo frog out of the treat box. 'It must have been Daddy' was the line mine used too. Which, when it comes to chocolate theft is well within the realms of possibility!!


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