Monday, 28 February 2011

Oooooh he's a bit gorgeous!

I went to bed on Tuesday thinking about all the things I'd like to get done the following day. I'd started the bobble stitch tutorial so I wanted to get that done, there were a few beds to put fresh linen on, some biscuits I wanted to make, some little crochet projects to know,  a nice gentle day of pottering.

Then I woke at 3am with a constant ache between my hips, and my instincts saying "Get up! You have work to do!"  But I didn't agree, nope, too much lovely stuff to do in the morning.  I'd have a cup of tea and then go back to bed, address the situation some other time. 

I had a cuppa then phoned the maternity ward.  "ummm" I said, "I think I'm in labour, but it feels different to the last two times.  I hope I'm not being silly but I'm not sure. I just feel different and I have a constant ache that gets a bit worse every two minutes for a minute, but it's not awful, I feel ok, I've been to the toilet, it feels funny, some thing's going on...waffle...waffle...waffle.....Sorry I'm so vague"

How odd, to not really know if your baby is coming or not.  How ridiculous to call the midwives within half an hour of waking up.  Thing is Little Cuckoo came like in the movies, a sudden debilitating contraction, then another, then another.  A white knuckle ride through the city with husband saying loudly "Please stop pushing" whilst flashing his lights and hooting the horn.  Little Cuckoo was born within 4 minutes of getting on the bed.  Just over an hour labour. Total. Full stop.  So who can blame me for being alarmist?

Everything went fairly swiftly after calling the maternity ward. Mandy the midwife arrived closely followed by Lisa.  Mr Cuckoo made a waterproof den in the playroom with pillows and shower curtains.  I hopped into the middle of it all and reluctantly gave birth to my new sweet boy.  I was not ready, still, after all the preparation, I didn't really think I was in labour till about an hour before he arrived.  I thought it was a false alarm!  It was painful, I took advantage of the gas and air, some contractions I hardly noticed, some were dreadful, the pushing wasn't too bad except for I didn't want to do it.  I was too scared to have three children.  I wanted one more day to play, one more day of quiet.  

Then there he was, in my arms and I thought "Today is going to be the best day ever!"

Even the subsequent post partum hemorrhage (minor, self rectifying) and ambulance journey didn't ruin the day and we were all home by teatime.

I have had some lovely messages, thank you all, so much. Some of these messages have introduced me to new blogs to dip in to which is great when I'm up half the night feeding.

I don't know when I'll get a chance to complete the bobble stitch tutorial, Tif of Dottie Angel fame has started a bobble blanket and chances are she'll manage to show you all how to before I can so keep an eye over at her place. It's taken me 3 days to do this post but even so I think a could (cross fingers, toes, legs and eyes) finish a basic tute for those that can already crochet the basics.  Bobble is a doddle and very satisfying.


  1. Congratulations to the little one!

  2. Congratulations all around!! Sounds like quite the whirlwhind delivery! Take care of yourself and best wishes to you as you ease into being the mother of three!

  3. Ooooh you don't muck around do you, and here's me thinking that my 3 hour labour was quick!!
    Your bebe looks such a pet.
    I am sure we can all wait for the bobble pattern, just enjoy your family.
    x Sandi

  4. Ah, I do love other people's birth stories (although I admit to being *a bit" jealous, both my labours were around 24hrs! Ouch) Enjoy these early weeks, they fly by so fast
    R x

  5. oh congratulations my dear! it bought back memories of our #2 and her speedy entrance into this world :)
    do take care of yourself, rest up as best you can with so many littles in your nest...
    as for the bobble tutorial, gosh i will have to think on that one, i read it from a book i have and to be honest i am pants at that sort of thing but i will do my best and if you get yours written before me, please let me know so i can link to you :):)

  6. oh yummy new baby, & a home birth too, well done you, i had my 2nd at home & it was the best thing for me, i'm sure you'll cope just fine with 3! make the most of the new baby days & hope you get a chance to rest up,

    (also thanks for the feet measurements!)

  7. Crikey, well done on the birth of the littlest one, wonderful news! Fantastic that you are already thinking about bobble tutorials!
    Hen xxx

  8. Oh my! Congratulations!!! I came over from Dottie Angels blog. I love babies! Your little one is just so adorable. And, now you get to cuddle and cuddle and cuddle some more.

  9. so precious♥
    your story made me tear up (sweetly)

  10. Hi!
    Got here via vanessa @coco rose,and as im expecting no.3 in 1 week its been so lovely to read through your blog from the start then get to this one!
    Congratulations, he's beautiful...and your blog is lovely!
    Love Kirsty xoxo


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