Friday, 11 February 2011

Catching Up With Summer

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At least what I mean is catching up with some of those photo's taken over the summer when I was feeling too ropey to be bothered to blog.  Of course now I forget the narrative I had in mind for each photograph.
Summer seems like such a long time ago, and although I do find joy in these dark wintery days sometimes the goings on of the daily grind do make me wish for blue skies.  It seems a bit of a kick in the teeth to have trials and tribulations when the weather is like something from Wuthering Heights. The sort where you feel damp just looking out of the window.  The like of which my Nanny Dot would dread as it made her poor crippled body ache to the core.  Although days like today do serve a purpose.  That's what I say to myself to help ride the storm.    So the purpose of today and it's manky weather is to make me appreciate those summer days where there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the boys could get out into the garden and let off some steam.
That was such a gorgeous day, the Little Cuckoo's had found a way to share their tractor, the sun was warm even under the shade of the apple tree where I had taken root.  You can see our bedroom sun blind was still drawn as the curtains are silk and bleach really easily.  Silk curtains, oh how glam, how totally not me.  I'd like to change them but it would be so wasteful.  When choosing the decor for our room we both had to compromise and two years down the line I'm itching to redo it.  But it would be far too frivolous to change them after such a short length of time.  I'll have to wait till they look tatty enough to warrant a change, besides, they are beautiful, I'm just bored with them and that's not a good enough reason.  

Oh look at him.  He'd fallen asleep under the boat launching slipway thingy in Mill Bay opposite Salcombe. He woke up smiling instead of roaring and it was bliss.  I forget what the rest of the day was like but that doesn't matter, this snap shot was of an idyllic moment.
 Look at that!  Painted toes. I struggle to get my shoes on now. This photograph was taken on my phone.  I facebooked it with the caption "Who needs the south of France when south of Bristol is like this?"  One of my friends answered "Yer, tis gert lush" and she was so right.

I've done that thing where I upload photo's in a random fashion, back on Mill Bay now and a bit of crocheting, not that I did much over the summer as I got giddy and sick just looking at my hook darting in and out and pure wool is so hot.
In the background you can see our little "pop pop" boat, as the boys call it.  It's the only boat I get a little excited about.  I don't care for boats AT ALL.  But this little one is just great, it's gets us around the bays near Salcombe and the boy's play in it all day long having fabulous imaginary adventures.  In theory this is when I'd be doing something a bit craft orientated that would allow me to keep an eye on the little fella's. However I was SICK and all I did was sit and eat my entire body wait in pasties.  I still find it very odd that I ate through the sickness, it goes against the usual compulsions when you feel ill.  Perplexing.
DSCF0696DSCF0693DSCF0692DSCF0690DSCF0627Oh the flowers in the garden where gorgeous this year.  Just gorgeous.  They survived the harsh winter which surprised and delighted me.

OK so this isn't a flower. A surprise visit from a pheasant needs a mention!
DSCF0605And of course the best news of the summer was this:
I can't believe he'll be here in just 13ish weeks.  I'm excited and terrified in equal measure.  Feeling far too emotional to elaborate right now!
Before I go, just in brief so I can remember when looking back what those daily grind trials and tribulations I alluded to at the start were I shall write a list:
My car is playing up.  The computer system has failed, the drivers seat rocks, the wing mirror changes position at will, the cd player doesn't behave properly, the handbreak is losing it's laquered finish, the alloy wheels are peeling, the tinted windows are de laquering (is that a word)  All of which aren't covered by the warranty.  It's a ford S-Max and it's such trouble.  It's not even 3 years old.  The bill to fix the lot could be over £4k allegedly.  Hopefully Mr Cuckoo will be able to at least get the computer system sorted by sending out a few well worded letters.  How can something as major as that not be covered by warranty? Bloomin' FORD, Fix Or Repair Daily!!
Our extension has "settled" leaving two massive cracks in the limestone in the hallway and this has effected the underfloor heating. ie there's a huge area that is never warm.
The kitchen roof is leaking.
There was a leak in the upstairs underfloor heating and so the hallway needs a bit of redecorating.
The aga is broken.
The fridge freezer is broken.
The fire smokes intermittantly.
The drains emit an eggy whiff in the utility room as thats part of the old system in the old part of the house.
The flue needs lining in the snug and we have been warned to not use the woodburner till it's done as it's a tinder box at present.
And finally Big Cuckoo started school in September and he is now falling so behind due to his learning difficulties that his self esteem has taken a huge hit.  He has lost his sunshine and it worries me immensly.  He is not his usual self and as much as I know all the why's and wherefore's it is wearing being with a child who is whining constantly, having paddy's at the drop of a hat and NEVER doing as he is asked.  To top it all off he is sensitive beyond belief so I can't just deal with his behaviour in the usual manner as I need to preserve his fragile self esteem.  It's a minefield.  All I want is for him to be happy and currently he isn't.  He is such a goegeous little boy and to see him struggling and sad is awful, it's more than awful actually but again, too emotional/hormonal to go into more detail right now.

In other news, my GRANNY blanket is nearly finished at long long last!!!!!!!!  Hurrah hurrahhhhhh!!!!!!!

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