Thursday, 10 February 2011

Petal Power


(Lifted from old blog, some links may not work)

Here is the finished article!  Amazing how having a blog can galvanise one into action.  I'm quite surprised that I said I'd do it and I did it, right away.  No procrastinating.

Just ignore the stray cotton, I didn't spot that before I took the photo's, stupidly and now it's all rainy outside and the pin cushion is peppered with functional pins so it's too late to retake. Hen is right, it really is a perfect sized pin cushion. Hen has made loads of these but I can't find the particular post right now and I really must not get lost in her blog...again...I lose hours in The Henhouse.  The only modification I made to the pattern was to have some thin cardboard in the base but this was only because I didn't have the right interfacing but I did have the back of an A4 pad handy.

A flower amongst the flowers.  The Nelly Moser clematis is looking gorgeous.  It was my Great Nanny Laura's favourite clematis.  I never met her but my Mum says I am spookily like her.  It feels strange that someone who has been a huge influence on me is someone I have never met.  Someone who has influenced me through her daughter and grandaughter.  Does that make any sense? Anyway, I feel like Nanny Laura would have been a kindred spirit and I hope my being like her comforts my Mum because I know she misses her terribly.

I'm such a copy cat.  Not an original idea in my head, I'm copying Bobo BunPosy in making this hanger.  Tif of Dottie Angel  fame has got a fine tutorial on the "Happy Hangers".  It was a dream to make and I was able to start and (almost) finish it whilst watching Slumdog Millionaire.  And I'm chuffed with it.  The colours aren't really me so I think I will give it to someone else who will like it more.  I'm raring to make more, and I shall pay more attention to the instructions as I have one fewer shell clusters than I ought.
I did the friendship braclet style finish up the hook.  I'm sure there is a better way but I'll work on it.  In the meantime It looks just fine as is. 

I'm on the home stretch with my GRANNY BLANKET (shouting, still), I'm adding a pale blue layer and I'm doing Lucy's  'Join as you go'  technique which I have to say was a fiddle when I started but now it's much easier and I reckon I'll have this blanket completed in a couple of weeks.
Weaving in the ends is an absolute stinker.  A real slog.  But once I get into the rhythmn all is well.  The silver lining is I get to snuggle under my burgeoning blanket.

Changing the subject.  I have been in cake mode lately as I had a request to do a girly cake for my friend's 4 year old daughter. Having no girls of my own this is a task I adore.  Out comes the glitter. Out comes the pink.  There's the cake taking a peek...
I always try really hard to get the fondant icing very smooth.  I usually cakes on an iced and ribboned cake board but this was a last minute request and I didn't have the supplies.  The cake plate was pretty so it worked out ok.
Excuse the support pins, this cake had to travel and I didn't want a flower to make a bid for freedom enroute!

And to finish, the plant pots my boys painted when at the creche at the shops.  I wonder if anyone elses children ask to go to the shops so they can go to the creche.  Not that I'm complaining!

We'll grow some runner beans in them.
My blog looks so much nicer in the editing window.  The photo's and word layout shifts when I preview it. Hmmmm, another job for another day as it's late and I've been fighting with the laptop all evening.  I think it gets hot and bothered and plays up (just like me!)

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