Friday, 11 February 2011

Good Stuff in the Post

(Lifted from my old blog, some links may not work and the layout may be odd)

My lovely, dear friend GW is a great one for sending me things in the post, an unexpected card, a letter (I do keep them) and photo's.  It is such a thrill to find a GW item in the post rather than a flyer or a bill. Recently a padded envelope arrived with this inside:
Sock making stuff!  The spooky thing was that the night before they arrived I had been looking at the socks Betz White had been making and thinking how one day I'd love to have a go at making some.  And then GW's parcel arrived.  Freaky things like that happen to me all the time, there is definitely someone/thing guiding my life, it's great!
Last week, GW sent me the following:
Goodies made especially for me by my God daughter who is only 6 weeks older than Little Cuckoo.  I'd been chatting to GW on the phone when Lady Buttercup demanded to speak to me and then told me she was 'doing drawing'.  I asked her to do some for me.  And so she did.

 What a gorgeous parcel.  Big Cuckoo scamped off with the drawings as he said they were for him.  I haven't found them again yet but I know they will turn up and then I can put them inside the door of my "lovely" cupboard.  I know, nick names for everything here.  We even have an "urggggh" cupboard in this house as when you open the door you go "urggggh" in a shocked kinda way.  It's THAT sort of cupboard. The lovely cupboard is very different with shelves lined with oilcloth with scalloped edges and the inside of the door covered in photo's.  It's a smiley cupboard, I smile when I pay attention to it.
DSCF0157I bought a couple of birthday presents from Cath Kidston the other day and treated myself to these note books.  The one on the right is for my bloggy ideas, it's filling up but boy oh boy where am I going to find the time to put it all on here?  My earthly life does fill up my day so much that I don't get to tinker about in my cyber life.  My promise of littering all the blogs I read with comments hasn't happened as I haven't even had enough time to properly read and absorb new posts.  I tend to have a quick squizz whilst the kettle is boiling.  Not only have I been busier than normal, with the usual great timing of the law of Sod, I have been feeling ropey for over a week now.  But give me a few more weeks and I'll be well and truly on the mend.  Thank goodness for my fab husband who has been so tolerant and helpful.  I'm not easy to live with when I feel ill.  I think he can see that I am not myself as I haven't really had enough energy to do all my favourite indulgences.  I haven't even been cooking meals from scratch which is the way I unwind after a busy day.

It's been so lovely and sunny that I have been trying to do a bit of crochet in the garden, I hate to moan, but it's been too hot to handle the wool.  I've been over heating.   I'll not get my blanket done before Autumn at this rate and I have heaps of other blankets on my must do list.  I especially want to do one like this but in blues.  I might not do the flower either as being the only girl in the house, the boys might refuse to snuggle under it.
I'm a messy muddle maker, just look at that table.  the boys thai butternut squash soup remains in the background and my home remedy spray for the roses abandoned there too.  The metal bowl is my way of preventing my yarn from flying about when I give it a tug when I need more to hook away with.  Works a treat.  When I have finished my crochet (I can only do it in fits and starts, I get called away all the time to deal with various scraps) I bung everything into the bowl and then it's easily transportable.  I'm regretting putting my red and white spotty enamel tin down in our seaside house now

Talking of seaside, look at this lush fabric I bought for my mother in law or Belle Mere as I call her.  I got it in my favourite shop, Fanny Adams  She is nuts about lighthouses and patchwork so it was an ideal gift.  I wonder what she'll make with it.
I bought this gorgeous vintage fat quarter at the same time and I think I'll make a hat out of it if there's enough fabric to do that.  But first I need to start feeling better, catch up with the world of blog and get back into my pursuits of the crafty kind.
This is a patchy post, jumping around like no ones business but I so want to get a post out there.  I see my new cyber buddy Sandi has been checking in now and again and it would be nice if there were something new for her to read.  She is the first person to leave me a message off the cuff, not after I have messaged them.  Oh it felt great!  She is a new blogger too and we both wondered if our words are out there, swirling around, having fun (to quote Sandi) but now we know that we are reading each others and it feels good.
Remember the little pots my boys made, we decided to put cress in them.  They grew very nicely and caused great excitement...for a second.  I was more pleased with them than they were.  Kids hey?!
Here they are, the little monkeys, having tea with their "friend" Luna.  You can just about see her stuffed into the back of the chair.  Homemade butternut squash soup, so healthy, one day and the next shop bought pizza!!  And no veg.  They did have fruit and yogurt for pudding, I'm not that bad a mother, not really, despite appearances!
I still haven't completed my favourite blog list.  I have another brilliant one to add to it, Oh My Word!,  she's my friend from school who is a journalist.  Some of what she writes is a bit saucy but she is a hoot and it is so worth having a read.  Also, my GW has a super blog, she is also a talented writer and rather insightful.  Of course I totally relate to much of what these fantastic girls write as they are MY girls.  We form part of a group of five who have known each other since school and despite living miles away (one lives in Gibraltar, who I rarely see but I know she is there) they are girls who I would walk to the end of the earth for.
Hopefully I'll be back to blogging and normal life soon, I hate feeling poorly for long periods of time.  So dull.  But I'm optimistic all will be well pretty quickly.

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