Friday, 11 February 2011



(lifted from old blog)
I've given up waiting for decent light to take the photo's of my now much used Granny blanket.  My first big crochet project.
Ah, there she is!
I'm especially pleased with the corners, the edge is a treble cluster shell type concoction that kind of happened all by it's self.  Part of me does wish I found a better edge but I was too impatient.  But the corners... again they just happened, they are perfect.  I think they are perfect anyway.
 And now for my favourite squares (this is where I'd do a mosaic if I knew how)

I realise now I should have cleared the decks and moved the mop, but these photo's were taken when the day seemed very bright and I felt I'd waited long enough.  The Cuckoo's were off school, missing their last day before the Christmas holidays due to the snow.  Actually more to do with the fact that we live on a Peppa Pig style hill, right on the crest of a hill that's 1,500 feet higher than the village.  Therefore we get more snow up here and yet the road is never gritted by the council.  And as a result the Cuckoo's and I landed into a hedge having gracefully slid down the bottom part of the hill, the bit that is usually fine.  I was in the four wheel drive car that usually copes (sorry people, you cannot live where we do and not have a 4 wheel drive, but take heart in the fact that it isn't a massive wagon, just a regular car that has four wheel drive...I do recycle like a crazed idiot.  Am I forgiven?).  No harm done, except for the fact that I am still rather distressed about what could have happened.  Blooming hormones.  It was four days ago and I'm still haunted.
Anyway, back to the GRANNY!!!!!!

Now for a gratuitous corner shot
Finally, big thanks to Lucy for inspiring me, though as much as I adore her colour combos this has proven to me that I am far more pedestrian with my colour choices. Although I'm not sure how much of that is because I'm trying to fit stuff into a colour scheme that Mr Cuckoo and I agreed on years ago.  We have compromised alot on the decor of our home.  I wonder if I'd be more rainbow if left to my own devices. No, I don't think I would.  My head is so busy I need a restful colour scheme to calm me down.  I think I'd be more scandinavian, more chalky.  I'll get my colour fixes from the blogs of those who do it so well.  Most of whom I visit are in my sidebar. I must add a few more to that list.  I'm currently lost in Crochet with Raymond.  I am going to do her teacozy and cute shell stitched pencil case one day.  Should add that to my list in my sidebar too.
I have got to get better at taking photo's and styling the stuff I'm snapping away at.

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  1. Ohhh... So pretty! It must feel amazing when you finally finish. I have 266 squares in a basket patiently waiting to be stitched together. Thanks for the inspiration! Loved your Royal Wedding post. Looked like a fun way to celebrate. :)


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