Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Cookie Recipe

Sandi has requested the recipe for these delectable little cookies.  They are so easy that I can make a batch in moments and they are so adaptable too.  What I mean is, if you're after cookies that spread out flat then dollop in more golden syrup, if you want flapjack style domes then leave out a little syrup.

180 degrees, 10 mins (or until they look like you want to eat them)

*110g of each of the following: self raising flour, oats, sugar, butter
*2 tbsp golden syrup
*pinch of bicarb (I don't bother anymore)
*handful of goodies: raisins, choc chips, chopped nuts, apricots, whatever is to hand.

Melt the butter and syrup and stir in the dry ingredients. Put rounded balls on to a lined baking tray and flatten if you want flatter cookies or leave high if you want flapjack style ones.  Make them as big or small as you wish.  Just remember big domed ones will cook on the outside and not in the middle.

It's an adaptable and experimental recipe.  It's never turned out the same twice for me and my friend's never turn out like the ones they ate with me and which prompted them to ask for the recipe.  Mine never taste like GW's, who I got the recipe from, she in turn got her recipe from her friend who I think calls them "ten ten two cookies".  In that they take ten minutes to make, ten to bake and two to eat.  If you live in Kent and you're after amazing cupcakes for any event or reason you should click on that last link.  Planet Cupcake, oh, divine.

Edit: Now featured on this gorgeous blog


  1. Ooh, I live in Kent! Mmmm, those cakes do look divine! Yummy looking cookies too.

  2. Thank you for the recipe, I shall be making some that's for sure. That baby can't be too far away if you are up at 3am blogging hehe. I love your flowers, I would love to have seen your crochet flower. I have come to a bit of a stand still craft wise as I have my daughter in law and my granddaughter here and they are sleeping in the loungeroom, and they sleep late into the day, so it stops me from doing much as it is an open house, meaning that the kitchen, meals area and lounge are all open, no doors, and all my 'stuff' is in the lounge room.
    Ha you are like me, the first time I saw my children after they had been away I ran to them crying because I had missed them so much.
    Take care and maybe next time it will be baby news. x Sandi

  3. I just made your biscuits. YUM! I did make a mistake and a substitution though. I used maple syrup instead of golden syrup because I was out of golden syrup. And then I measured out 110g instead of 2tbs of the syrup. But it wasn't a problem. I might make the mistake deliberately next time.

  4. Just put three trays of these in the oven!! Back on the wagon properly tomorrow p- I can't put the bloody diet off all year!!


    S x


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