Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The circle inspiration explaination

To tell you the truth I don't really know where exactly or when I first saw a circle centred granny square.  It's pretty much everywhere in blogland and it must have sneaked it's way into my head, forming a little plan, and then coming to life as though it was all my own idea in the first place.  Except I'm sure it was never my idea, I haven't an original idea in my head!

Maybe it was Bobo Bun's Cushion, or Raymond's mandala.  Perhaps it was Bunny Mummy's
blanket which was from Lucy's Summer garden granny.  Tke the middles out of all of these and you pretty much have my circles.

But then again did it creep in from these places?
Hand made at home
Yoyo quilts

Nope, it must have come from Julia Crossland she has made a cushion in circles laid in a brick formation.  I must have seen it there first and then every other circle granny square I saw added to the fire. I had to have a piece of the action.  Shame that yarn was bitchy splitty.  Never mind, the stripey one is whipping up so quickly that I may have it finished before my next load of yarn, just acrylic stuff, arrives.  I'm hoping I'll have enough of the cotton yarn to finish the stripey blanket in one go.  I ALWAYS run out of yarn, I cannot judge how much I will need.  On that note, the final ball of brown arrived today so that I can finish my bobble blanket and start using it before the weather cheers up.

Changing the subject completely, I saw my midwife today. As she was listening in to Pom Pom's heart she had a funny expression on her face.  His thumpety thump sounded much slower than usual and she listened in for way longer too, listened until it sounded like the usual train on the tracks.
"That sounds slow, is he ok?" I said.
"Yes" she said "everything is fine, did you not feel that?"
"Feel what? What were you doing?"
"You were having a  contraction that affected the baby's heart rate like we often see in perfectly normal labours, your tummy was as tight as a bullet, I'm surprised you didn't feel just a bit of discomfort"

Ah, right, that explains the speed of my labours then.  I'm a 'silent' one.  Lucky me! But then again she went on to say it means nothing, I could go on like this and still end up being induced and labouring for days.  Except now I feel jumpy at every little twinge.

I wonder which post will come first, the Bobble reveal or the Baby reveal!

The beginning of the bobble blanket.  See? I told you it wasn't an exciting colour but it has turned into a gorgeous blanket that looks so good in the little living room we call The Snug but the boys have renamed The Slug.



  1. I actually like that color, sometimes a plain blanket/cushion etc is really quite nice.
    Glad your little Pom Pom is a happy healthy one.
    Never heard of silent contractions, mine were all contained in a back ache, which was slightly better than contractions. I had my daughter in a very big spa bath (not running) and it was sheer heaven to sit in the warm water, all the aches and pains just disappeared.
    x Sandi

  2. When I went into labour with my first daughter I couldn't feel the contractions until they were only 5 or 10 minutes apart. The only reason I knew I was in labour was because my waters broke and when I was at the hospital the machines told me that I was having a contraction! When my second daughter was born I had extreme back ache and went to hospital "just in case". Still no feelings of contractions but after being checked by the doctor I was already 5cm dilated! On a crochet note I like your circles and your slug!

  3. For Sweet Seahorse, having trouble seeing my comment for you so I'll leave it here too!
    "I just left a comment, but I can't see it?! I left a comment then decided I'd sit back and have a read of your blog and now I notice you're brand new! It's a funny old world this blogland. Sometimes you wonder if there's anyone out there reading your brain dumps, you can see people are viewing your blog but don't leave a message so you never know if they just stumbled across you and click away immediately. That's why it's so lovely to get a comment. I was sooooo excited to see your comment. I particularly liked the labour info, I like to hear of easy births!

    Loving your flower squares, maybe you could adapt them a bit to make the project go quicker. Extend the square part by a few rows? Leave every other square plain? But if you can find the patience then those squares will look amazing as a bedspread.


    For Sandi: I never had the back ache thing but it's good to hear it's not so bad, everyone who has said they had back labours have talked about them with fear in their eyes! Getting a bit fretful now!!!


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