Monday, 14 February 2011

Circles vs Stripe

Just a swift fly by to show my new yarn.

It Rico Creative Cotton that I saw, like sooooo many other blogsters, at Lucy's and decided I'd give it a whirl too.  I ordered a stash of the stuff but had to wait two months for it to arrive due to stock issues (plus the snow) and a further 2 weeks for the final two balls of that stunning emerald green (second in from the left)  The plus side to having an unexpectedly looooong wait was that I had to go to my LYS and buy supplies for an alterntive blanket, the bobble blanket that is so near finished and waiting for a reveal AND introduction.  Any who, I digress, the yarn arrived and I could wait no more, I thought I'd just roll the yarn into balls....

Hmmmm, such yummy colours, I'll just have a tiny hooky play.  I didn't know what style blanket I'd do, stripey, granny, ripple.  So many options.  Then I thought I'd just have a go at making the circles to go inside a granny square.  Of course one led to another, oh the colours go together so nicely, how could I stop at one when I just needed to see how another pair of colours would work up?

Somewhere in my memory bank was an image of a blanket made up of the inner circles of a granny square all joined together, I decided to trial it, see if that was the way to go.  And I loved those circles, although I realise I should have joined them together in brick format not in straight rows.  When I remember or stumble across the image I have in my head I'll link to it.  So apologies in the mean time if I've managed to totally copy somebody out right, I vaguely remember where I saw it, I think, I'll have a poke around blog world at some stage.  

Yes I love those circles, love the colours, love how they look.  Do not love making them.  That yarn is bitchy splitty.  I think I'll save that kind of blanket for a non splitty yarn, in the mean time I intend to knock out a super speedy vintage stripe.  Tutorial found here. But I'll do irregular colour rows.  Just pick out a random colour and do as many rows as I fancy before a colour change.

I've made a little nifty crochet hook roll because I was losing and finding my hooks all over the place and I know I can't blame my little boys for this all the time, I'm soooo untidy!

I couldn't remember where I first saw the idea (terrible memory) so I googled it and found this.  I used it as a guide, I didn't follow the measurements at all, or the instructions as I was too impatient and wanted to throw myself at it.  On reflection it would have been a good idea to have followed a tutorial.  

Happily it was one of those rare things that I managed to start and finish in one sitting while The Cuckoo's were at school/prescool.  I was chuffed.  Then I remembered where I'd seen the idea first and where the tutorial was.  Wish I'd remembered sooner as I'd have been able to make a much better one.  You Go Girl, that's the tutorial I WILL follow next time.

In other news, the sun shone today and I noticed the world smells differently, the seasons are changing, I feel different.  



  1. Darling GW. I am loving having you back in the world of blog, but... I cannot read that font! It is sending my eyes funny. Am telling you this just like you with my Angel perfume!!
    Loving the new yarn colours. I am finally finishing up all my incomplete projects before returning to my flowery blanket. xxx

  2. PS OMG PLEASE will you make me a crochet hook roll for my birthday? PLEASE!!! I adore it!

  3. Consider it done! The font that is, you must pray for good fortune for a hooky roll ;oD. Hopefully I'll manage to rustle up one for you and for my Mum, who has also requested one, before the stork arrives.

    Is this font any better? You know how it's easier to read if you've written the content yourself, you know what it says. I hope this is better.

    ps you still sore about me complaining about THAT stink????
    pps. I'm finding Blogger suits me much better, I think you'd like it xx

  4. I would love to get my hands on some Rico Cotton, but I have so much yarn it is quite beyond a joke. Love what you have hooked up with them, even tho the yarn is 'bitchy splity' I find the bamboo the same and become quite swearingly vocal when I have to frog something multiple times because I haven't caught all the strands. Oh my I do love your crochet hook roll, you should sell them, you know along with mothering and new baby and house and husband, I'm sure you will have plenty of time (hehe)
    x Sandi

  5. Ooh you bugger, no I'm not sore about it! I just thought if I referenced that you would understand how I felt about the font! Though it looks the same to me now!

    I will check out blogger when I GMAIG. Sure you can work out the acronym!

    Got everything crossed for the hook roll. xx


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