Friday, 11 February 2011

Happy Birthday Little Cuckoo!!

Lifted from old blog

Three years ago today at almost 5pm I had the first sign that my baby was on his way.  At 6.12pm my Little Cuckoo flew in to the world and he hasn't slowed up since!
Today is his 3rd birthday, three years of joy with that fabulous little boy.  I feel blessed.  Because his birthday is at a funny time of year we plan to have a little tea party later.  He has requested a pink cake. He will not share it with us he says, just with his brother.  Funny little onion!  A pink cake? Pink?  Oh-Kay, how will I make that look acceptable for a boy of 3 and not embarrassng for that said boy when he is 6,7,8 and looking back at photo's?  But rise to the challenge I must.  Can't let my big boy down.
I'd post a picture of him when he was first born but I can't find one anywhere on this computer.  I must get Mr Cuckoo to get all the photo's off our old computer properly.  There are lots missing and I fret a bit about losing them completely.  I'd do it myself but I'm hopeless, I'm much better at baking than then where is that pink food colouring?

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