Friday, 11 February 2011

Apron for a big busted beauty!

(Lifted from old blog, some links may not work)

I've been working on a post for ages now but I have had to shove it back in the drafts because I'm still not finished with it, need to take photo's of a couple of bits, need to do all the links and track backs etc... but I wanted to get something on here as I have to scratch that itch.  I have to quiet the Blog Voice within.  I wonder if any one else has experienced the Blog Voice commentary that I now live with.  I am "composing" posts all day long.  I evaluate everything in a blog post style.  It is quite barmy.
Anyway here is what I have been making in snatched moments for the past few weeks:
Aprons for the bigger boobed amongst us
It looks a bit odd on this dummy as she is adjusted to fit me.
The apron is for a my friend Nomes.  She has lovely big bazookers and was complaining that pinnies only cover one boob or half of both.  She really helped me out the other day and so I have made this by way of a thank you to let her know how grateful I am.  The red and white stripy fabric is a cheapy one from Ikea, the blue and red is Dunelm Mill and the pockets are Cath Kidston new stars.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  The waist ties are super long so that she can tie it either behind her back or all the way round and then tuck a tea towel in the belt when cooking.   The bib is a goodly bit wider than a regular apron but not too wide, no armpit chaffing to fear here.
Now this wouldn't be a true Cuckoo post with out a photo of a flower.  This is an orchid I bought my Mother in Law (Belle Mere as the French say).  She has diligently sprayed it with rain water every day for a year. She has had to execute other rituals too but I can't remember the details.  Finally she was rewarded with a shoot that had several of these flowers on it and they bloomed for almost two months.  I'm sure there is a moral there.
Right I must hop off to bed, I have a lovely morning to look forward to.  Popping to the sewing machine shop in the morning to pick up a walking foot for my Brian the sewing machine and then off to Fanny Adams for a chillie mocha.  Can't wait.  Our Boys will be having fun at nursery so this will be a gorgeous treat for me.  Totally self indulgent.

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