Friday, 11 February 2011


Lifted from my old blog

It's been very...weathery.  I could go on and on about how different daily life is due to the weather but it's would just come across as grumpy.  Living where we do is really difficult when the snow falls.  We get rather cut off and I feel very very VERY nervous about something happening to my boys or my unborn baby and an ambulance not being able to get to us.
1110 374

That's frost!!!!! The snow you see in the top photo kind of dried up, it was too cold for it to melt and I didn't see any drips, I suppose it did melt but it seemed as though it dried up and got replaced by a frost that stayed for three whole days.

Followed by more snow that has brought the country grinding to a halt.  Yes it's beautiful but it's spoiling lots of peoples Christmases.
The view from our home is breathtaking though, mesmerizing almost.  Good job too since we are stuck here!!!

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