Friday, 11 February 2011

New Years Resolutions Update

(Lifted from my old Blog)

The trouble with the iPhone app is that I can't put two pics in and write around them. They just appear where they like. Hey ho!
So far I haven't done brilliantly with the resolutions. I still swear more than I'd like or realise. I haven't used a crystal glass. I've not learnt any eminem songs but I have had a bath. Will not have another till the baby is out. It was painful. I must be the only pregnant bird to find a bath made everything hurt much more! I've also painted my nails three times. Tonight, while the boys bathe and I wait for their dad to come home to get them out for me, I thought I'd multiple multiple task. I've dragged in the wicker chair from Big Cuckoo's room (my usual perch on the loo seat is not an option) and I've painted my nails and now I'm blogging. Oooh get me!
Look how massive I am! Ready, almost, to drop. But please not just yet, not quite ready.....
News Year Resolutions Update 
News Year Resolutions Update 

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