Sunday, 20 February 2011

Can't sleep? Blog.


The not-so-desolate garden

I made a very basic collage!!!  Oh I am happy, sat here at almost 3am, unable to sleep (grrrrrrrr) and yet functioning rather well even if I say so myself. 

Today Mr Cuckoo took the Cuckoo boys to his parents for a mini holiday and while he was out I took a stroll around our rather bleak plot.  There were a few surprises to be found.  

I crocheted a hellebore today for my tea cozy. A cozy like the many gorgeous ones you can see over at Crochet with Raymond.  I didn't think to take a photo of it during daylight, I didn't think I'd be awake and blogging in the middle of the night.  It could well be my most favourite crocheted flower I have ever done, not that there have been an enormous number but there have been several over the past year.  


Every time I use these products and see results as promised on the packet I feel I should blog about them. 

My eyelashes are rubbish, they are still rubbish even after using the above for months but they are much much better, a third longer I'd say.  I have got a 'before' shot on my iPhone but it's terrible quality, so you'll have to take my word for it.  Anyway, I'm pleased. See, terribly vain.  I've mentioned it before, my vanity that is, I hope my vanity is a secret bad trait of mine.  I'd hate for someone else to describe me as vain in a derogatory way.  I mean I'm the first to take the mickey out of myself or to point out my flaws but I am really very vain.  I do try hard to look my best, I just feel really unconfident (that's not a real word is it?) without my war paint and considered clothes.


And amongst this chaos I create.  You can just about see one of my bags of crochet/yarn in front of the sofa.  I sat there calmly crocheting while the Cuckoo's whirled and squealed around me. It only got worse!

And now they are at Granny and Poppa's and I find myself missing them dreadfully.  I want to go and smell them and whisper how much I love them in their hot little ears.  I got so tearful when I waved them off today, the morbid thought of what if something bad happens, what if I never see them again, what if they never see me again?  Horrid thoughts.  But I have lost a dear family member in a car crash and Granny lost her mother when she died in childbirth so these are real fears for me.  But I'm optimistic this time next week they'll be tearing around, whipping up a storm and my baby will be screeching and I'll be wailing like a banshee.  Normal life resumed with a twist!  It's a good life, even when it's pants it's still good.

Right, I'm going to publish this now and start to do the Bobble Blanket reveal post.  If I finish it I'll schedule it to post sometime soon.  I'm hoping the baby will turn up in the next few days while The Cuckoo's are away. I had the other two before my due date and here I am the full 40 weeks pregnant which is novel.  I'm a bit tired and uncomfortable in the back and hips now, I'd like to get on with it.  To know he's here and we are all ok.  Also my labours have been a bit quick in the past and I'd rather not have to worry about who to call, who can get here quickly enough to babysit.  The nearest person is only ten minutes away but she has two small boys of her own so she can't just drop everything unless her husband is home.  My Mum is over an hour away and our neighbours are all much older and we don't really know any of them very well, the boys certainly don't know them. Oh what will be will be, I shouldn't fret! But it would be so great if he arrived before the boys mini break is over.


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  1. Ooh, good luck with the baby! We managed to er, "persuade" (use your imagination - it worked!) our no 2 to arrive while no 1 was staying over at Grandma's in half term. So much easier! Hope it all goes ok.
    R x


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