Friday, 11 February 2011


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We are fortunate to have a cottage in Salcombe, South Devon, I call it the Seaside House.  I was so lucky to recently spend two weekends there with friends.  No boys allowed. It was a really lovely break from the old routine and I returned home with renewed zest and vigour.
That's Bee.  She's a lemon, look at the foam on her lip! We had such a chilled out time, we slept, we cooked, we ate, we mooched around the shops, we watched DVD's, we caught up with each other properly which we rarely manage as there is always a lot of interruptions from our very young and vocal children. We crocheted too, Bee is just beginning to learn and I was chuffed to have the opportunity to help her learn some new stitches.
A few years ago that table would have been covered in wine glasses or shot glasses and the remains of a daft drinking game.  Probably the remains of a kebab too, I was known for kebabbing all over the place. How times have changed! I rather like the changes but I know one day I'll be posting a photo of a boozy table because I haven't hung up my sparkly shoes yet. My GRANNY is peeping out at the bottom of the pic.  Next week, regardless of the weather, I will be posting a GRANNY tribute.  I had the most unexpected and glorious kip underneath it on Sunday afternoon.  Out like a light I was. Slept right through kids tea, Mr Cuckoo dealt with it all.  What a star, he hates kids meal times as he can't stand the inevitable mess.
Horrors, look at the curtains all bunched up on the window sill. But it was chilly and we needed to keep the radiator uncovered.  Bit rubbish of me but I took very few photo's.  Too busy gassing and enjoying having Bee all to myself.

And then a couple of weeks later I went back to the seaside house with My Girls.
Those two lovely girls have blogs I have already mentioned.  Funny how two of my oldest and bestest friends all started blogging around the same time as me, all totally independently.  Or maybe that's not such a surprising coincidence.  That's GW on the left and this is her blog.  Gem is on the right, no point giving her a nickname as she isn't anonymous on her blog.

Oh My!
There's plenty to make me laugh in that photo. Goringe is all blurry, she looks like she's trying to get away from whatever has captured my attention.  Gem looks like she's up to no good and just got caught out. I've had all my hair lopped off, notice that? It was halfway down my back when I started blogging and I've been steadily clipping away at it.
This turned out to be another rock and roll weekend.  Very similar in format to the one I spent with Bee except we had supper out, albeit an early bird sitting so that we could get back for The X Factor and to crochet.  GW was guiding Goringe who could do some of the basics but wanted to do granny squares.
It was my challenge to teach Gem to crochet, I say challenge for two reasons, she is a lefty and she's a terribly distracted pupil.  But hats off too the gal, she decided to do it right handed.  "I use right handed scissors" she said. "I'll learn this right handed. Since I've never picked a hook up before it'll make no difference".  And the awkward pupil got her head down and she did it.  She really did it. Despite that look on her face she was enjoying herself and she has been hooking away ever since.  I'm enormously proud of her.
I've included this pic so you can see my bump.  Little Cuckoo said the other day "you look like a wheel barrow!", need a wheelbarrow more like.  10 weeks to go and I can't see how I can possibly accommodate any further growth.  This photo was taken 2 weeks ago and I swear I have doubled in size since. Ok that's a blatant lie but I am visibly a lot larger now and my ribs ache.  I grunt a lot too.  So attractive. Little Cuckoo also thinks the baby should be called Fire Engine.  Big Cuckoo is sticking with Pom Pom.  I think he is still hoping the baby boy will turn out to be a baby girl, he very much wants a sister.
I had to take a heap of things down to Salcombe when I went with the 3 girls, there's is still so much I want to do to the cottage but it's all finishing touch stuff.  The place is super comfy already.  I want to do some free motion embroidery pictures and make some bunting, stuff like that.  Anyway I digress, I took a new kitchen bin as the pedal bin got broken by tennants over the summer.  Cest le Vie, these things happen.  I'm delighted that the place hasn't been trashed! And off I go on a tangent again.  What I am trying and failing to get to are these lamps:
Two for six quid from Argos.  They start off like the one on the right and after a little light glue gun work they end up like the one on the left.  I would make some modifications to my design next time.  There will be a next time as I bought another set the other day.  One is again for the Seaside House and the other is for our kitchen.  I think they turned out rather good considering they cost less than a fiver each all in and they look perfect in the attic bedroom.
Hopefully the next post will contain the GRANNY in all it's glory and also something gorgeous a blogging friend sent me all the way from Australia.  It's just the light is awful these days and I'm a hopeless photographer at the best of times.

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