Thursday, 10 February 2011

My Sons

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This morning my boys looked so cute.  Like little cherubs.  They smelt of sleep and toast and they were giggling with each other in a special "you're MY brother" way... and then "You're a blow off" cackled Big Cuckoo.  "I'm not!" bellowed Little Cuckoo whilst throwing a punch that knocked Big Cuckoo off his chair. Cue tale telling, crying and whinging from both.
DSCF0116I find my two boys fascinating, more than most parents would because I'm an only child and a girl to boot. I have no idea how it feels to have a true sibling.  To have grown up with someone else so closely. To have a shared history.  I find them so perplexing in their little boy ways as I was mostly raised by my Mum and my Nanny Dot as my Dad was away alot and the other menfolk were working during my waking hours.  
DSCF0160When I went to make a cup of tea the other day and was met with the above sight it got me thinking about how it would be a totally reasonable thing for a little boy to bring a snail shell in from the garden and put it by the kettle.  Totally reasonable but utterly confusing to my female head.  Do you see the Mellow Birds coffee jar in the back ground, so unfashionable but I love that coffee.
DSCF0086They are the most amazing little boys and I love them so fiercly but understand them I really do not. Fortunately they have their Daddy who is with them all the way, who gets them completely and will be their big playmate as they grow.  They can all go car crackers together.  They can ooooh and aaaaaah over John Deere.  They can get excited about flying machines and visit helecopter museums whilst I do what I do in the making a home department.  I'll do what I do whilst waiting for them to come home so I can flap and shout and feed and generally do those Mummy things that only I can do because I am their Mummy. I might not be the best in the world but I try very hard to make them happy and keep things ticking along in the back ground so that they can concentrate on hiding snail shells around the house.
(see what I mean about Little Cuckoo?  Sweaty headed and looking nothing like his normal self when asleep)

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  1. You remind me of my cousin Janet... She is Blessed with three boys. The twins are 8 and the Baby just turned 7.
    I love your photo of your sleeping boys♥


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