Friday, 11 February 2011

A Suprise Gift!

The other day I saw something on Sandi's blog and I left a comment to say how much I loved it.
I said it made me want to learn to knit so I could make myself one. I never thought for a moment that...
...Sandi would package one up so prettily and send it all the way from Australia!  I was so touched, not least delighted to have my very own, stupidly gorgeous face/dish cloth!!!  LOOK!
Isn't it darling? I really love it.  I keep fondling it and holding it to my face as it's so soft.  I don't know if it has a front and back, both are equally lush.
The only trouble is, I know what it's meant to be used for but I can see washing my filthy mug (crockery/face) could ruin it.  So I want to find another use.  I'd like to be able to see it all the time and to use it somehow but I don't want to spoil it. For this reason I can't even bring myself to use it as a pot stand as the saucepans could sully it and that would never do.  Help! I need ideas! But I've been hearing form a few sources that typepad is playing up when people want to leave a comment.  Blogger here I come? But how? Will I lose all my posts and pics? I digress.
Thank you Sandi, so very much.  The fact that you took time and effort to post me something I am hopelessly dotty about means an enormous amount to me.  Thank you, thank you  x x x x x

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