Thursday, 10 February 2011

Weekend in Salcombe

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I often wonder "is there anywhere better than England in the sunshine?"
 That's me, getting a bit mesmerised by my shadow again.  Is that weird?
This is the only photo of the hookiness that I can use as I didn't remember to ask permission to publish photo's with my friends children in them.  My friends little girl is three and a half and she's so fascinated by crochet, my boys don't give a hoot, but she is always to be found at my side if I crochet when she is around.  I think (hope) she'll stay interested and let me teach her when she's ready.
Can you see that little spec just in front and to the left of the boat?  That's my Little Cuckoo.  He spent hours in that hole, a hole that was dug by someone else, a hole that had been abandoned, a hole that was just far enough away from Mummy and Daddy to feel like a different, exciting world.  I didn't manage much crochet while he was in there as I had to keep looking up to check on him, you see he is just so sweet I'm certain everyone wants to take him home.  They'd bring him back though as he would eat everything in sight, he'd bellow rudely when he wanted anything and he'd wake them up all through the night.  But we love him all the same.
I mean, what's not to love?  So sweet, fast asleep in his Daddy's arms...except he never looks very sweet when he sleeps. He's a gorgeous looking child when he's awake but when he sleeps something funny happens and he looks very plain and peculiar.  I can't explain it, I know I sound horrid saying it, but he truly does look very different when he is asleep.  And he gets a really sweaty head!
There's Big Cuckoo, now he does look gorgeous when he sleeps, scrumdumtiuos.  I think he looks so amazing when he sleeps because it's still a novelty, he would wake for two hours and shout his head off every night till he was almost three.  It was exhausting.  Then one day he just started sleeping.  Properly sleeping.  Bed at 730pm, up at 730am sometimes even later.  He'd sleep for longer if his little brother didn't shout "Shhhhhhhhh [Big Cuckoo's] sleeping" right outside his bedroom door every single morning.  Big Cuckoo then gets out of bed (he hates to miss anything) and comes down stairs where he says "I don't like the light, shut the curtains" and I have to pull the curtains and kiss goodbye to the best light the kitchen gets all day.  Oh but don't children smell good when they smell of sleep, even Little Cuckoo with his sweaty head.
The sea was a beautiful colour on Sunday.  So clear. So BLOODY freezing! But beautiful none the less. That's Mill Bay in the distance in South Devon, opposite Salcombe.  We go there alot.  The boys love it so much.  We always have wonderful days at Mill Bay even when it's a bit too cold and a bit too windy.
This ball was found by my friends daughter when we were there a few weeks ago.  It's filled with glitter and has two little balls that light up when you bounce it.  In the sunshine it looked like magic, proper magic, like the sparkle dust that follows Tinkerbell around.  I am drawn to it like a magpie.  I could get lost in it.  I could stare at it for hours but then I'd lose sight of Little Cuckoo in that hole of his.
I just love this Rose in my friend's parents garden in Salcombe.  It smelt divine and next to the clematis below looked sensational.
Right, that's me done for the day.  Bed is calling, though I'm so rattled at the moment.  There is so much I want to get cracking with on my to do list.  I've put a bit of my to do list in my right hand side bar but it's much much longer than that in reality and all the mundane, must do daily tasks just keep getting in the way.  Then I stumble across something else that I want to do and that goes on my list too.  I accomplish about three things on my general to do list everyday but I add six more items as I go along.  Then I get anxious because I haven't got enough time to do it all.  I have to keep telling myself that I make my own treadmill and I could easily just strike everything unnecessary from my list and I would be much calmer...but I would be bereft.  I like having a list of things to do, it gets me out of bed (something I am rubbish at, takes me ages to come round).
More another day, I want to write about a Teashop I have fallen for.  Fortunately it's in Bath and impractical for me to just pop into.  I would say I was popping to the teashop and then I'd be there all day long, lost, again.

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