Friday, 11 February 2011

Sarong Trousers, Tutorial!


I've done a tutorial!!!  I'm surprised at myself.  I reckon I'll have missed something important so I if ever anyone finds this and gives it a go then I'll need feed back (but do be kind!).  I'm afraid I really couldn't do a CAD tutorial or even a PDF file but this is so simple that I think my sketches (very poor) will do and that if followed or even used as a reference, one would end up with a pair of these sarong trousers/thai fisherman trousers.
 You will need: 3m fabric and  co ordinating thread, Oh and a button and that's all!  The fabric I used was a cotton georgette type material that has a little stretch in it, this made darts unnecessary.
Here's is what I did to make a pair of trousers to fit me.  I'm a size 10 - 12 at the moment.
First I cut out 2 squares of fabric 116cm long by 103cm wide then I cut out a horseshoe shape in both bits of fabric.  I wasn't very precise, I just marked out a rectangle 26cm deep by 20cm wide and curved the corners by drawing around a mug! I sewed the two bits of fabric together by sewing around the horseshoe shape Then I folded the two long edges in on both bits to make slim hems.  Still with me?!
Next I added a waist band. I cut a strip of fabric 94cm long by 14 wide.  I turned under two centimetres all the way along the long side and did the same at the two short ends.  Then I folded the whole long strip in half, length ways.  I realise none of this will make sense if you are a novice.  Then pop the waist band over the top of one of the top parts of the now joined together bits of fabric. Clear as mud, hey?
The trousers should look like this, with the waist band hanging over the edges a bit to make tabs.  Pop the waist band on top of the trousers, sandwich style.  Sew all around the waist band to attach it to the trousers and to close up the open ends  On one tab pop a button on and a button hole on the other.  This is when I found it handy to put the trousers on to see where to place the button and hole.
 On the other side do the same but adjust the measurements (69cm)  so the waist band doesn't overhang.  When you sew it on in the same way as before just remember to leave the short ends open so you can pop the long ties in.
Then make two ties about a metre long and pop them in the open ends of the waist band and sew to secure.
To wear them you can either have the ties at the back or front.  Do the button side up around your waist and then reach around to bring the ties up though your legs and tie that around you waist.  Easy? Right?...Or maybe not.  Maybe I need to do some instructions/sketches/photo's as a guide to getting these things on.  Once you have them on you can hem them to the desired length. And that's it, done!

I must be a bit lacking in the occupied mind department lately as I found myself pondering the wonder of lovely bright white washing as opposed to a line load of darks.  Drab vs fab. 

And finally, some flowers from the garden that I picked as a gift for a friend who put on a scrummy supper for us last Saturday.  I was banking on her being two sheets to the wind so she wouldn't care about my shabby arranging skills.  Those pansies smelt surprising, lovely and whiffy, I hadn't expected that.



  1. I found your blog as I was looking for sewing trousers,and I'm truly glad I did. I hope you don't mind but I signed on to be a Follower.
    Your sarong trousers are adorable and look fabulous!
    Best and Thanks,

  2. I made a pair of sarong trousers for myself today and they are super cute! Thanks for sharing your notes with us! I did put horizontal darts near the hips to get them to lay nicely. I can't wait to wear them!

  3. I kind of followed your direction, I used a large silk scarf I was given as a gift and made it into shorts for sleeping in. Thanks

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