Friday, 11 February 2011


Lifted from my old blog...

Still feeling rotten so there is little to blog about.  If things don't perk up round here I will have to blog about things from yesteryear.
Here is a photo of those girls of mine I was referring to in my last blog.  Big Cuckoo was just a small baby so it was a bitter sweet day as it was one of the first days I'd not been with him but I was with my girls and that was brilliant.  The sun shone, we all laughed, danced, ate and drank.  It was a beautiful day, a beautiful wedding.  Back then there were just two children amongst us and now there are eight!!!  

I must go, I have a christening cake to finish and I have to find the energy from somewhere as it is for one of my girls daughters.  It has to be perfect.  Not because my girl would care but I would.  I would not feel right if I hadn't put my heart and soul into it.


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