Friday, 11 February 2011

Cosy cosy

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I don't mind these dark evenings.  Not at all.  In fact I look forward to the clocks going back an hour in the autumn.  To me this spells cosying up in front of the fire under a blanket (maybe even my GRANNY blanket, more about that later), warm drinks, hearty stews, candles and lamplight.    Unlike many people I rather like the fact that people don't do much in the evenings, there are fewer invitations flying around.  I like to hibernate, socially speaking.  I enjoy bunkering down with my nearest and dearest...preferably with an amaretto on the rocks, but not at the moment obviously.
It's a shoddy photo but I can't keep apologising for my appalling photography skills.  See my gardening basket over there on the left? See the granny squares waiting their turn to be crocheted on to the GRANNY blanket.  Almost there my beauties, almost done.
I feel as though I am noticing autumn and its beauty so much more than ever before.  I think this is a combination of having young children and the blog world.  Last year I'd not fallen into this magical on line world and my boys were so little and not very interested in the changes.  I haven't any photo's to show how glorious the garden has been this year.  It's been stunning. But we had a storm over the weekend and now most of the glorious golden leaves are on the grass heap in the paddock.  Most of the apples are off the trees now too, haven't managed to go and collect them all up though, bending over is a bit of an issue here. (I must post a nice photograph of the 6 month Pompom bump)
It was a glorious crisp sunny day today but I didn't stay out for long, just long enough to snap a bit of the gorgeousness that is so cheering.  And boy did I need cheer today.  I had a dicky tummy in the night and also when I woke, hence I feel pretty rough and rather tired today.  So I stayed indoors and quietly chipped away at my to do list whilst my boys were at pre/school.
I'm going to hop about a bit now as I've just uploaded some photo's (takes an age!) and I wasn't paying enough attention.  I don't know how to rearrange them now they're there.
There's my GRANNY blanket.  Ahhhh, Sigh.  I shall miss doing it when it's finished.  I know I'll enjoy the next one I've got lined up to do, but there's something special about first granny blankets.  I think they hold a piece of your heart forever.  But then I'm terribly sentimental, I have soft spots for my first car, boyfriend, house....
There aren't any mints in the tin.  They got gobbled up many many years ago.  It's a nifty container for my needles and threaders.  Which leads me on to weaving ends in.  Oh. My. Word.  The never ending, tiresome job of weaving in quite literally hundreds and hundreds of ends actually puts me off ever doing a similar style granny blanket, but then again I love it so much it is worth it in the end.  Besides that memory will fade and I'll only remember when I'm next up to my neck in end weaving hell.  That's a bit like child birth, at the first pain it all dawns on you again.  Gulp.  la la la laaaalalala  Shake that out of my head now!
The children cuddled up in the unfinished blanket on Sunday.  I had been weaving ends in but they wrangled it from me to buggle under whilst they watched Toystory.  There's little cuckoo with the obligatory vehicle in his mucky mits.  Bless Big Cuckoo, he really needs a hair cut!  Actually I hacked at it a bit after bath time tonight but I'm afraid to admit to that as it may look dreadfull once it has dried off properly.
I love that stone ball.  It looks like a planet when it's wet.  It's amazing!
I wanted to share the view I wake up to most mornings. Except when I forget to pay the View Bill and the clouds drop down and hide it till I cough up!  I never tire of this view.  Those hills are the start of the Mendips.  Gosh I am so lucky to live here.
A lovely friend of mine, who lives too far away to see very often, had a baby very recently.  A much longed for little girl to complete her family of two gorgeous boys.  She said she'd keep going till she got a pink one so I think there's relief as well as delight that a pink one popped out this time!
I crocheted a little car seat blanket for her.  The trouble with regular blankets is that they are too big and have to be double up too many times and then the baby gets way too hot.  You just need a little cozy single layer blanket to keep the chill out while taking the baby from the car to indoors.  You can't buy them easily though.  In fact, I don't think I've ever seen one. Maybe I've found a gap!
Apparently it does it's job well and my lovely friend is after crochet lessons now.  Oh if only she didnt live so far away.
Remember Fanny Adams the lush lush lushy lush shop near me?  I've been very slowly covering hangers for Jane the owner.  Using up some spare odds and ends of yarn and having a little play around with stitches and little flowers.  Oh Rats! I've just realised I dropped a couple of hangers off the other day and I didn't take any photo's.  Ah man, I'll just have to go back to Fanny's, take some shots, have a cuppa and drool over all the amazing creations that I can't fit into these days.  What a chore.
Before I go, look at these two cherubs, they fell asleep after a super sunny September day spent in the garden.  Butter really wouldn't melt.

Yeah right.  Little Cuckoo spent a lot of last week screaming  "I don't like your face!" at his brother who was terribly tearful, not surprising really.
Hopefully next time I pop by to blog my GRANNY blanket will be done.  I'll be snuggled underneath it in blanket heaven.

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