Thursday, 10 January 2013

Half Granny Square Pattern

Hello again!

Just a quickie tonight. When I was at Knit Club on Saturday a lady there, Christine, asked me if I had a pattern for a half granny square, but not halved from corner to corner like a triangle. She wanted it like a rectangle so she could adapt a jumper pattern into a cardigan. I felt sure I must have what she was looking for in a book, or failing that I just knew I'd easily find one for free online. Well, my books drew a blank as did the t'interweb. So I sat with yarn and hook and worked it out.

It's not a wonderful photo and I should have blocked the rectangle but you get the jist.

I use UK terms and I assume if you are ready to do a half granny then you already know our way around a full granny so I am just sharing the pattern and not a full blown picture tutorial.

Here you go:

Ch4 and ss into ring.

Rnd 1:
Ch3, 1tr, ch3, 3tr, ch3, 2tr into ring.

Rnd 2:
Join yarn to top of first ch3
Ch4, 3tr into chain space, ch3, 3tr into the same chain space as before, ch1, 
3tr into next chain space, ch3, 3tr into same chain space, ch1, 1 treble into top of 2tr.

Rnd 3:
Join yarn into the 3rd chain of the ch4 in the previous round, ch3, 1tr, ch1, 3tr into next chain space, 3ch, 3tr into same chain space.
ch1, 3tr into nest chain space, ch1, 3tr into next ch sp, ch3, 3tr into same ch sp, ch1, 2tr into the top of the last tr on the previous round.

Rnd 4:
Join yarn to top of first ch3, Ch4, 3tr into chain space, ch1, 3tr into next chain space, ch3, 3tr into the same chain space 
ch1, 3tr into next chain space, ch1, 3tr into next ch sp, ch1, 3tr into next ch sp, 3 ch, 3tr into same ch sp, ch 1, 3tr into next chsp, ch1, 1tr in between the two treble below.

Hope this makes sense! If it doesn't please let me know.

So Christine, I hope you find this since the email address I have for you isn't correct. I've tried lots of different variants but it's still pinging back undelivered. Hope you're well and that your flat is drying out.

I got my lovely (and I mean LOVERLY) friend Erin to check the pattern. She has a shiny new blog and a recently published book she has contributed to. Take a look! It's a gorgeous crochet book.

Thank you for such a warm response on my last post. It was lovely and generous of each of you. I'll be replying to you if you're not a No-Reply blogger soon.



  1. That was really kind of you - working all that out for your knitting pal. You're so sweet.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.....

  2. Hi Cuckoo,

    Good to see one of your posts again! Thanks for the pattern. I am still working on a plaid of granny squares I started two years ago. Hope I will finish it this year :-)

    Happy weekend

    Madelief x

  3. Awww thanks. You've made me a very happy stalker. A mention on hour blog is my stalking highlight!! Hehe!

  4. You're on a roll Mrs C, thank you for the tute, you are such a giving person and have such a BIG heart xxx Sandi

  5. Well done, Missus!
    Great pattern.
    Enjoy the snow!

  6. I hope Christine finds your post!

    I just came over here from Pinterest the other day, when your coloured bobble tutorial popped up. I am currently making dishclothes in a myriad of colours, all with white bobbles on them. (Spots make me SO happy, it's unnatural)

    I'm sad to hear that you haven't been blogging for a while, but I understand how it goes. I'm sure you'll get back into it if you really want to.

    Meanwhile, I'm going to explore your blog as it is!

  7. Hello...
    My daughter-in-law is expecting their first baby in April and I offered to make a baby blanket. She saw a bobble pattern blanket and loved it and sent me your link to this post...but I don't see any baby bobble blanket here. Do you have a pattern that I could use or should I just try to figure it out from the tutorial on bobble stitch that she also sent me. I used to crochet ALL the time when my children were growing I write children's picture books...but want to do this for my little granddaughter-to-be.:)
    You can email me: or visit my blog:

  8. Oi amiga, adorei todas as novidades do teu blog, fazia algum tempo que não passava por aqui, gostei de tudo mesmo,passe no meu blog sobre artesanato em geral e deixe um comentário se gostar do que encontrar, beijokas


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