Monday, 7 January 2013

It's been so long...

....I don't know how to get back into blogging. So what I am going to do is fling out a post in ten minutes flat. At this point, I have no clue what I am going to post about. 

I'll just go and have a rootle about in my photo files (though I've not uploaded in an age)......................... Oh my word, there is a lot of stuff I could blog about. Took me a while to decide which pics to go for.

This is something I made for my friend Princess (ere, if you're reading this, Princess, then hurry up and get your blog up and running so I can link to you) for her birthday back in September.

It's a little pinny. It's not for craft stuff. I mean, one would get a rude injury bending over with knitting needles in a pinny pocket. It's a gardening pinny. We both agree pockets are needed when gardening. They are absolutely a necessity when cleaning too. It's rare you'll ever find the pair of us at home without a pinny hanging off our necks. Trouble is when gardening, a regular pinny can chaff about the neck, so a half pinny is perfect.

Once again I got the pattern from Cath Kidston's SEW! book. I've since made one for Granny, which I forgot to take pics of.

See? I said this would be a rushed, random post (it's taken me longer than ten mins so far so I'm rushing now) The boys and I had fun with tattoos. I loved my little ladybird one.

Did I ever blog about my "Fifteen Minute Targeted Attack"? This is where I have to focus on a job I don't really want to do for fifteen minutes. I go at it flat out. No distractions. Full concentration. Sometimes I don't get the task completed in fifteen minutes but I often just carry on till it's done. It's a great way for me to get my stuff in order. I always try to choose a job that wont take much more than the time allotted. I only do it a couple of times a day. Tomorrow I will clean out the cutlery drawer and wipe down the kitchen cupboards or iron four shirts, or something like that.

Wow. I did a post. It's a bit poo but I had to start somewhere!


  1. It's not poo! Good to read your post!
    Maria x

  2. Totally not poo! I got so excited when you popped up in my blog reader, lovely to 'see' you :)

  3. Snap! - am just uploading some photos thinking 'I REALLY want to do a blog post, but how do you start after such a long break?' Spooky!
    Banging one out is a good idea, I think (just made it sound as if writing a post is like doing a fart, clever...)
    Glad you've reappeared - I've missed your crazy posts
    Happy new year my lovely xxx

  4. Your post was not poo at all, in fact: I enjoyed it! And also loved the 15 minute tip. I'm going to watch the last 15 minutes of Downton Abbey right now! (only season 3 I'm afraid...) Flat out, no distractions! ;-)

  5. Welcome back! You were missed!

  6. Glad to have you back, been wondering what you're doing. Bet you have lovely Christmas photos you could share.

    Helen xx

  7. Ahhhh, so lovely to have you back!
    I try to do the 15 min thing too!
    Rachel x

  8. Nah - it's not. Sometimes you just have to just jump in and do it. Same with me saying hello. I'm fine about posting, but super poo at ever visiting blogs, emailing and picking up the phone to friends.

    Good to hear you. Think of you and thought she won't leave as she's good in this space. By the way saw your modelling ways in the knitty book. Very serene and lovely.


  9. Ha, my 15mins this morning turned into one and a half hours, that is I looked at the clock and it read 7.58am, said me to myself 'I will just lay here for a few more mins....wham it was 9.30am, then a lazy half hour catching up on IG. 11.15qam now and just having my breaky cuppa....oh lazy day.
    xx Sandi

  10. Hurraay you're back!! Great to have you back on my reader, I really missed reading your posts!!!

  11. OMG!!! how lovely that you're back x
    and as ALWAYS it is a brilliant post, nice pinny and what a great idea about horrid 15 min tasks. I often give myself 1 hour of cleaning just to get it done, otherwise i end up dragging it on and getting carried away, one thing will lead to another and then i'm cross as the day has gone!
    Love jooles x

  12. Good to see you're getting back into the swing of blogging!

    I like the idea of a Fifteen Minute Target Attack... I have a pile of unpacked moving boxes which could do with that kind of attention!


  13. Its so good see you back and hear that everything is well in your little world. Loving the little tattoes there so sweet just like that little apron. Take care lovely, dee x

  14. Wow- you're back !! It' like Christmas has come all over again.....or early perhaps ? You could never do poo :) Always look forward to your posts.
    Happy New Year .....or Bonne Annee as they say over here.x

  15. ha haaa - see you've got 14 (now 15) more comments than you deserve for such a poo post!!! (kiddin')
    How lovely to find my terrible procrastination rewarded sooo handsomely with a post from two of my favourite people in blog life AND real life (Emily too? what a treat)
    I have missed both your funny posts. Catching up with her for coffee next week...only wish you were three hours closer. V excited about our plans though...fee x

  16. Great to have you back. I have missed your lovely posts. Great idea about the 15 minutes. I shall try that today :-)


  17. I think I need to do a full day of 15 min targetted attacks. I just moved house on Saturday and I am looking at everything that still needs to find a home and wondering how it all managed to fit in the last place! I really should be putting things away while the kids are asleep but it is nearly 10pm and I am exhausted from moving the last of my stuff from the old house. Oh joy, now only the cleaning to look forward to.
    xXx Helen

  18. Lovely to have you back in bloggy land Cuckoo,I missed you Xxxx

  19. Hello!

    Happy 2013 to you and all of yours. Why is it the very best bloggers disappear and worry about their blogs and what they write? No need, your blog is fab!
    Hope to see more of you soon. You are missed as you are lovely and your writng is very amusing as well as empathetic and thoughtful.

    I like your targeted 15 minutes - just need to do a whole day of them around here!

    See you soon, then :)

  20. Just blog whatever you like! I love to read it :-) x

  21. Snap!
    Have just written a blog post after bloody ages- takes a while to get back into the swing of it, doesn't it.
    Anyhoo, nice to catch up with the bloggy peeps.
    Have a lush week.

  22. Hellooo! Nice to hear from you again.
    I have that Cath book too, I am going to look up that apron pattern, it's very pretty!

  23. Poo or not (not by the way), nice to have you back!

  24. Welcome back dear Cuckoo...I'm in the same position as you. Easy does it and we will get there xxx

  25. 'Ello! I need to get back to it too, maybe once I finally get rid of these spotty children! Love that half pinny, adding to my list. xxx

    PS - Too much spam?

  26. Nice to hear from you! And love the idea for 15 minute targets - but like when someone's coming over and i suddenly find I *can* tidy quickly after all! Might just have to apply that to my chaos! xxx

  27. Mornin' Martin,

    Welcome back to the old fashioned method!

    Mind you, having said that, I am finding no time to blog. Or any real desire to at the mo.

    Suddenly felt a bit bored of living a life and then writing about it, as it felt a me me. Same with Facebook and Twitter.

    Having one of those Shall I End It All (not my life, social media I mean) moments.

    Really enjoying reading, pottering and just being quiet with the children.

    May be a New Year thing. Fresh start kinda feel.

    Anyway I love that pinny so much, how cute. Will sort dates with the Husband tomorrow. HOW long has it been!!!!! Think I last saw Mr Cuckoo when I was pregnant with the Prince. He might go all Kung Fu on me.....yikes!

    x x

  28. I wonder if A+E get many cases of injury by knitting needle in pinny....I'm reckoning it's not so uncommon. The pinny is lovely, your friends and family are very lucky indeedy to have you make things for them.

    Liking your fifteen minutes idea, wishing I had more jobs that would only take 15 to-do list is scary!

  29. Welcome back and Happy New Year! It's hard to get back into the blogging habit when you've stopped for a while, I've certainly been struggling with it myself a bit too. But lovely to see you back again. Love your 15 mins attack idea, might try that myself, I'm so very good at putting off all those little jobs...
    R xxx

  30. Hello you :D You know it's hardly poo to see you pop up in your bloggy space again. Love it that you're back, hope you stick around :D

  31. It's so good to have you back! But don't forget to do another "Fifteen Minute Targeted Attack" post soon!!! Also love all your amazing pictures

  32. So excited to see you posting again. Your posts always bring a smile to my face! Lovely piny by the way. Welcome back to blog land!

  33. I'm so glad you posted again! I love your blog, your sense of humour is fab :-) Hope you keep on keeping on :-)

  34. get on with it or give it up. you are getting so very boring,

  35. Lovely post darling. It's hard to get back into it after a break isn't it. Good to see you the other day. Oh and your anonymous commenter makes me laugh, boring you are NOT!

  36. Whew! :0) That felt like catching up with a friend who only had five minutes to talk. :0) Welcome back!!

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