Wednesday, 22 May 2013

No way! (+ another giveaway)

No Way!!!!!!

How can it be a month (two now, I started this draft a month ago ((edit: add another fortnight on to that since this laptop is being naughty and I don't know how to sort it out))) since I announced the giveaway winner of the Greengate tea towel? That's mental.

I said I had some coasters to giveaway, didn't I? Al the tea towel man sent me two coasters too. Such lovely robust coasters.

It's taken me a while to get around to blogging about these as I never seemed to have a cuppa in a complimentary mug when it is a good time to snap a few pics. Anyway the pics are done and the giveaway is open. Pop over to All Tea Towels to browse the loveliest of tea towels.

The rules are simple. You don't have to be a follower, you just need to leave a comment below, express your coaster preference and make sure I have some way of contacting you. If you blog, instagram, pin, tweet, facebook, let off a balloon, sky write about this then let me know and I'll add your name to the hat again for each shout out (yes, I'll draw names out of a hat this time because I think I'll enjoy that...little things that amuse....)

I'll just quickly show you my skirt. I made it using a quick and easy pattern by New Look (no.6843). It's a bit big so I'll have to doctor it at some point. The pocket was made using a doily Sandi sent me at Christmas time and the lace edging is from a 70's wedding dress my Mum was given that was moth eaten. She salvaged the good bits. The fabric is by Amy Butler and is a dream to work with. Very well behaved.

Need to blog about my granny rectangle blanket in the background

We have been busy bees here in Cuckoo Land. It's been a joyous whirl of boys and friends and family and knitting and crochet and sewing and less housework that ought. I have a gazillion photos to share, most are already on IG (cuckoob) so pop over there for a nosey if you fancy. I don't know why I have fallen out of the habit of frequent blogging since I do enjoy it so much. Life has become very busy. I lose a significant amount of time each week on the school run now my boys are both at different schools that aren't local. Mini Cuckoo has turned into the sweetest little chap but boy o boy does he make a big old mess and need lots of cuddles and tickles. The mess  annoys me. The cuddles and tickles make me so happy. I guess that's why I'm not blogging so much lately. I'm tickling a small boy who has the cutest giggle. I'm making the most of him.

Also I have started running. I'm still surprised. I don't even enjoy walking yet here I am 6 weeks in and running 5k every other day. I wish I could say it's made a positive difference to my life but I'm flipping pooped. I still weigh more than I'd like. My knee twinges and my ankles hurt. I also have the mortification of knowing I look like a fat toddler when I run. Add to that the fact that I cannot help spontaneously bellowing out the good bits of any given song I'm listening to. I freaked a sheep out last night. I burst into song more loudly than even I expected "I DON"T WANT YOUR MONEY HONEY, I WANT YOUR LURVEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Then sometimes a little dance routine flies through my arms. Thriller comes on and my arms go all Zombie. I am 37 years old now and I cannot control myself it seems. Never mind, good job I see very few people on my runs.


  1. Hi . Firstly well done on the running . Lovely Giveaway . I want one when I reach 200 followers but I have been stuck on 198 for ages!
    I love the Ovaltine coaster. My husband and his sister used to sing the song when they were little
    Good luck with everything

  2. I can't wait until I can actually say I've ran 5K. (sooo impatient!)
    Fat toddler? need to see this.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE that skirt - and will be surprised if seeing that doily doesn't bring a tear to Sandi's eye.
    If it's too big just save it for me...I'll swap you for a massive baby blue cowl!!
    miss you
    fee x

  3. ps - should I have said something about coasters? Munchmellow one for me please
    Will it make you smile to know that when I didn't win your T-towel I went and bought 2 anyway??!! Bet it makes Al the T-towel man smile!!!

  4. I, too, can't control myself from bursting into song when I run or when I work in the garden with my headphones on. The difference is that I live in the city and am passing people, not sheep. I finally decided I didn't care what other people thought since I was thoroughly enjoying myself and (hopefully) not causing any harm!

  5. You always make me laugh out loud, you don't want to be accused of worrying sheep by the local farmer! You must be doing very well if you can sing whilst running, I don't think I could get one word out.
    The skirt's beautiful, I love the green dotty fabric and the lace and the little doily pocket.
    Emma x

  6. Yeeeeeey!! You're back!! :-)

  7. Lovely giveaway - I like the Munchmallow one - hubby is a big fan of Tunnocks teacakes and the coaster looks similar. What a pretty skirt - such gorgeous fabric!

  8. love your skirt,I am in awe of anyone who runs, fat toddler stylee or not,I would love to be able to run/jog/waddle but I have a stoopid foot thing that makes it very painful:( . If I am lucky enough to win your coaster giveaway I would love the munchmellow one,thank you for a lovely giveaway,
    Mim xx

  9. You make me laugh out loud ! Fat toddler..sure you don't look like one - well done on the running anyway. Lovely skirt,is there no end to your talents ?
    I really like the Munchmallow coaster...I remember eating those sometimes when I was young and my OH is a Tunnocks fan too...if I win he'll probably nick it .
    Lovely to see you back....I was starting to think you'd given up for good,so when I saw you were back I actually let out a little I sad ? Carole x

  10. Good Evening to you, Well I think you are amazing to be able to run 5k. I can walk 3k and that is about it. I have seen your photos and I do not see a fat toddler.
    These coasters are brilliant, I remember we had ovaltine as children before we went to bed, which my Gramps always made. The munchmellow biscuits.... well they were too big to be called biscuits, as they had a biscuit base, jam, then marshmellow and then they were covered in chocolate. I loved these when I was small..... oh so many memories.
    If I was lucky enough to win, I would love the Ovaltine coaster.
    You can find me at Ivy, Phyllis and Me!
    Best Wishes

  11. I have to stop myself singing in the gym - they'd probably throw me out as I can't ding in tune at the best of times, never mind with ear thingys in! Lovely skirt - I made one in the same fabric, only red/pink, a while ago. Lovely to see a blog post from you xx

  12. I love your clever blogs. So fun seeing a bit of life on the other side of that big ole ocean.


  13. Oh my goodness! I LOVE that skirt!!! Well done you!
    This post really made me smile! :-)

  14. Love the skirt, such a great combination. The doily pocket and ribbon and lace trim are gorgeous. A unique piece.

    Soo funny frightening sheep, I do much the same when I walk our new puppy but I make him start when I start singing. Some songs just have to be sung out loud!

    Karen x

    P.S. Love both the coasters but if I have to really choose.....the Ovaltine one.

  15. Ha it sounds like we have similar playlists :-). And I will most certainly be adding some tranvisoon vamp to mines now!!
    Awesome skirt and awesome running!!!!
    Fat toddlers can be awesome runners

  16. So funny, I can totally relate. When the good parts come in a song, you just can't keep it it. Sing on girl!

  17. So funny that you burst into song! I'm glad you're having fun with the little chap, he'll continue to make mess you do know that?? I'd choose the munchmallow coaster if I was the lucky one.

  18. Great to see you back and hear that all is well. Loving your new skirt its so sweet and pretty and your crochet blanket looks like one I just made for my son's birthday. I have had to start writing a new blog and sadly couldn't let my followers know. But its dee from dee dee's vintage retro delights I am now writing writing under my maiden name new blog is vintage retro delights, be lovely to see you there. Best wishes, dee xx

  19. I listen to podcasts when I run and sometimes snigger very loudly when listening to Rhod Gilbert. Think this freaks out the ancient dog walkers I usually happen to be passing!

  20. So glad you're back. I have missd your posts and like Fee, I also placed an order from al for some tea towels!! Love your skirt. What a great idea to use. Doilie! Both the coasters are sweet, but I think my favourite is the Ovaltine. We always had that at bedtime when I was little. Glad to see your little family is doing well. I understand falling off th blogging world - life is pretty busy for me right now and I haven't posted for a while. Must get around to it soon!

  21. That Transvision Vamp is one of my faves!!
    I just wrote a really long response and the kid deleted it. Then snorted. I was a tad cross.
    I love those coasters. I love both. The Munchmallow one is prob my fave at a push but really, I love both.
    Love that skirt, don't adjust it. Send it to someone bigger than you (*waves*)
    Love ya x x x xx

  22. Gorgeous skirt! Incredibly jealous of your sewing skills.
    The marshmallow coaster is adorable!

    Good to see you blogging again :) x

  23. Hello stranger :) I bet you don't look a bit like a fat toddler!

    Lovely to catch up with you :)

  24. Awww, love it xx
    I am so behind in my blogging :(

    Sandi xoxox

  25. Hi Cuckoo, thanks for your lovely comments.
    I love your skirt and your granny rectangle !
    It's pretty impressive crafting with three small boys :0)
    Well done on the running, but don't ignore the pains in your joints....if you are in pain it's your body telling you to slow up a took me a year to get to 10k .
    I love the singing reference...I do exactly the same when nobody is about, and the arm movements...running is great to make you feel elated ( except when you just feel knackered ! )
    Jacquie x

  26. Welcome back Cuckoo! Hope you had a lovely break from blogging?

    I have to follow your example and start running a again :-)

    Love your new skirt! Such an imaginative pocket!!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  27. AngelaWhitelaw27 May 2013 at 13:29

    Hi there! I love those coasters... my favourite is definitely the munchmallows one :)
    Loving the skirt, I adore polka dots! (and stripes and all things bright!)
    I am still trying to find my running motivation again. Ran a 10k 2 years ago and havent taken to the pavements since! Must must must get my rear end into gear!
    Such a lovely blog... thanks for taking the time :)

    Angela W. :)

  28. MUNCHMALLOWS! How charming! I adore your blog, and I wish I could run, but I live in a little village where we are very well known and I am terrified of the humiliation!

  29. so nice ' you're back! You make me laugh so much!

  30. Love the ovaltine one! :) hope to see u back soon, I keep checking everyday! Alesha S xxxx

  31. It was so lovely to finally grab a few minutes to get back to blogland and to see a new post from you! I absolutely adore your new skirt especially the lace around the bottom. It's beautiful.

    Good on you for starting running! You've got me motivated now, having dusted off my running shoes over a month ago (they are still sitting in the corner taunting me). Best I re-dust them and actually put them on. Once the rain stops that is ..... it's really blah here just now.

    Have a fab week hon. Keep singing when running - that is just brilliant!!


  32. Oh where are crazy cuckoo ! ? you are missed.

  33. Hi I have only recently starting following your blog but I really do enjoy reading! Keep posting :') I love the coasters you are giving away, especially the ovaltine one! Such a cool give away! If you have time please take a look at my blog(s)

    Rach xxx

  34. I love your pretty ideas, and your great blog, thank you very much for this post

  35. Such a great post on your beautiful blog. Only just discovered it from your Instagram :-) Those coasters are just too lovely struggling to chose between them but I love the marshmallow one.

    Betty x x

  36. Munchmellows (aha sorry my ipad changed it) x c

  37. Hello my dear,
    How are you? Haven't heard from you on here for aaaages, so I'm just checking in to make sure you're okay.
    Sending hugs.....


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