Sunday, 8 September 2013

Flash back to Easter

I love this picture. Everything about it makes my heart feel happy. I love the colours. I adore the flowers. Ranunculus are gorgeous, each bulb springs forth about ten flowers. They just keep coming.

The knitting, a scarf called Princess Margaret was a true joy to knit. It's a very simple pattern but so effective.

It is not a quick item to make, it takes about nine fifty gram balls, but boy oh boy it is tremendous. I'm looking foward to making another in cream his Autumn. I have all the yarn ready and waiting. I intend to do a Ta Dah blog post for it soon, but er, you know how long stuff takes me these days, so don't hold yer breath

I started knitting my scarf on the way down to Salcombe at Easter this year. I was looking forward to our holiday there so very much because we had Mr C's family coming to visit and also 

Hard core crafting, man! In Dick and Wills after lunch

For me, although I have been to Salcombe so many times over the last five years, it now feels strange to me if The Mates aren't there with us. The Mates are Fee, of Chipper Nelly fame and her husbando, Cleggy and their three boys. We all enjoy ourselves so much that we have decided to make a jaunt to Salcombe an Easter tradition and we are slowly weaving in other traditions like breakfast at the diner and chip supper followed by crepes and The Winking Prawn restaurant the night before we leave for home. I think I blogged about Easter 2012 but I'm not sure if I just got a draft post together, or just thought about blogging about it.....

Laughing her head off, pimms in hand, crochet hook between her legs. Too Funny

We had bank August bank holiday together too last year and again this year. Another tradition it seems.

They brought with them a giant Easter egg. It was well heavy.

Geordie Boy reminds me of Monica in Friends when she wore the thanks giving turkey on her head and did a wiggly dance.

Cousin Weese was taking the pic. L to R - Poppa, Big, Uncle Dorv, Granny, Little, Mr C, Great Aunt Laura, me, Alfie, Geordie Boy, Boo. In the front Mini and Kenzie
Here's the rabble. I don't know where Fee and Cleggy were. I think we had stolen their boys for the afternoon. Is it bonkers that I can't remember? I honestly cannot recall. To be truthful these gaps in my recall worry me. They happen all too often.

Love the graffitti ceiling in the
Island Street Diner

Delish posh fish and chips to
be had here
The Island Street Diner is quite eclectic and cool.
I like it there. I like the waffles.

Fee and I sneaked off together for coffee, chatter and cake. I'm dribbling at this photograph. We have just returned from a week in Salcombe and I had half an hour on my own in this lovely cafe, Bibi and Mac. I sat at the same table and ate bakewell tart and waited for the ringing in my ears to stop. Nine weeks holiday my boys have had and my oh my the boys are so LOUD! Loud and very, very energetic. Luckily there is plenty do do at the seaside to allow them to let off steam.

The boat yard is boy paradise

Just down the road is the fire station.
These are our holiday home neighbours boys.

The South Sands tractor ferry is always a ride eagerly anticipated

Our pad is very close to the church. I enjoy hearing the bells from my bed. I adore church bells. I particularly love wedding bells. One thing I feel a bit sad about is that I never had wedding bells because we didn't get married in a church. I wanted my Dad to walk me down the aisle and I knew he wouldn't set foot in a church (atheist) so I never even considered a church wedding. Mr C wasn't bothered either way and I couldn't face the conversation about it with my Dad. I knew he would do it if I made him but I'd have had to persuade him and I knew I'd feel like he didn't want to walk me down the aisle, which of course wasn't have been the case, but getting married is an emotional thing and I only wanted happy memories attatched to the planning and the day itself.

I do love our little Seaside House. It has a wonderful feeling about it. The atmosphere is as though the walls have seen much happiness

I made a bit of bunting....

...quite a bit

I've finished this Springtime Throw now. Ever so happy with it. That's another post for another day. It was 18 months in the making and I loved having it waiting in the wings to dip in and out of whilst I made other things. I did quite a few squares whilst in Salcombe that Easter. I stayed up after everyone had gone to bed. I like quiet time to myself. It's the only child in me.

I enjoy end weaving, it's all thereaputic hand stitching to me.


*Please don't think badly of my Dad. He had not long had brain surgery and that, coupled with his medication, altered his character. It seemed to amplify the more difficult elements of his nature. He was always a stubborn man but at that time he was unmovable. Ten years down the line and he is finding his way back to his old self. It's great to see. It's really lovely to see the man of my childhood return. No one could have asked for a better Dad throughout my teens in particular. He was ace. (Don't worry Mum, you've always been ace!)


  1. AAh what a wonderful post me darling. I made a mug of cocoa and really enjoyed reading it. The seaside house looks so lush. Wish us girls could all do a trip here. So fab.
    Love the look of Fee, she is such a love and I am glad that
    you have such lush times. We only get one life, we have to live it and love it!
    Gem x x

  2. It is really late here in Spain and I have just loved your post about somewhere so near to our Uk home in Devon. I am going to bed now after similar late night crafting but I shall be back in the morning for a proper wide awake read.

  3. ha - that Easter week feels like SOOOoooo long ago - love that photos of us hooks/sticks in hand! I bloody love Salcombe - and already looking forward to next year.
    LOVE your catch up posts...fee xx

  4. Lovely looking scarf, and your holiday looks and sounds fabulous.

  5. Had just sat down with a big coffee when I saw you had posted - again .....what a treat ! Your seaside house looks lovely ( I miss the coast so much )and the bunting is just right there. Love your scarf and can't wait to see your post on the gorgeous Springtime def deserves one all to itself. Am loving your catch up posts.....said in a non-stalkerish way of course :)

  6. What a lovely post - sounds full of fun and laughter. I could live in that seaside holiday house. Never visited Salcombe, but would like to as looks very food-orientated!!

  7. I really LOVE that scarf......I really need to knit that scarf. Time to do battle with the needles again?!?
    I hear what you say about the wedding bells thing actually. For similar reasons I didn't consider a Church wedding either, and we had a small wedding in the local registry office (which was lovely) but I do regret those everso English sounding church bells...
    And I hope nobody would think badly about your dad. Contrary to the current 'it's your day' mantra, actually weddings are about everyone aren't they. It was kind of you not to make your dad uncomfortable :-)

  8. Talking of Monica from Friends, I'm itching to set-to with my Cif on that graffiti ceiling!!!

    Lovely pics, lovely scarf, lovely spring throw, lovely you.


  9. What a great catch up post, my dear! :-)

  10. What a lovely post. Miss you on Instagram so nice to see a post of what you have been getting up to. I'm trying to remember how to blog and write a post, it's been a while, but it's been nice catching up on a few blogs this morning. I have a mountain to do but spent the morning finishing off your letter so you should get it soon! Then I got distracted on blogger. The afternoon needs to be housework but this evening will be playtime! Looks like you had a super time with Fee and her clan, and am loving your scarf and springtime throw. You clever lady. You truly are multi-talented.Geez woman!


  11. Great catch up post lovely lady. Marvellous shot of Fee laughing ... now that I've met her I can imagine that moment so easily. Gorgeous seaside bunting :)

  12. Such a happy post full of gorgeousness and happy times. I know just what you mean by a house feeling happy and I think that's reflected by the type of people that live in the house. You all come across as such a happy loving family and I guess the two go together.
    I love the crochet blanket. It's so therapeutic to crochet little squares when you have the time here and there. And I'm loving what you knit. You are very talented learning to knit so quickly so well. I remember you saying last year how you were struggling with knitting, well you seem to be doing a fab job now and your finished pieces are beautiful.
    Melanie x

  13. I love your dotted scissors! I like to crochet when I'm alone too, no one to tell me I should do something else :) Your throw looks wonderful! xx


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