Friday, 6 September 2013

It's an opportunity...

....not a problem.

They say that don't they? Wise people. Yes, Wise People say a problem looked at differently is not a problem but an opportunity. 

I'm not so great at it though. Actually, that's fib. I'm pretty good at trying to solve problems for others. Quite tenaciously. I keep thinking and thinking and fathoming till I get a solution. (Yes Kerry love, I'm STILL thinking about your picture hanging dilemma ((basement flat, damp proofed = no nails allowed to be hammered in)) and I will annoy you further with my ideas when I see you. Ha!) When it comes to problem solving for myself it's as though a sticky drizzle seeps into my brain and bungs up the cogs.

I've not been blogging much lately. Life has become busy and I am preferring to knit or crochet rather than blog about my knitting and crochet. Also it has been quite nice to be out and about and enjoy the day without thinking "I must take photographs and remember details so I can blog about it later"

One of the reasons I've not blogged much is that my laptop is a bit sick, it's getting sorted, but it still has the hump and I can't upload any photographs. I'm not keen on a blog post with no pics hence no posts from me for a good while.

Tonight, while erecting shelves in the utility room at The Seaside House it occurred to me that this period of time where I can't upload new photo's could be the time when I can catch up with the posts I have mentally written and have the photographs waiting in the wings.

Why didn't I think of this before? I'm almost certain that if a friend had this problem I'd have instantly suggested to them to play catch up. Honestly, what a wally. As I write this it is dawning on me that I have had this thought several times in the past but never done anything about fact I may even have thought out loud here in my blog.....hmmmmmm, it wouldn't surprise me. My memory does very peculiar things sometimes.

So now I shall have a hasty flick though my pics and fling out a blog post just to dip my toe in...

A few months ago Mr C and I left the childerbeasts with my Mum and hopped on a train to London for Great Uncle Dorv's (The Christmas fire breather scroll to the bottom) 60th birthday afternoon tea at The Goring Hotel. We were slightly early so I sat and had a glass of sparkles and started knitting a pair of Edwin Cream Wrist warmers like these ones but in pink.

I continued knitting them on the train home with one eye closed because I had drank a tad too much

Mini Cuckoo broke the arm of my specs

I loved the first pair I made but I fancied something less tricksy to concentrate on for the middle part as I had lots of social play dates lined up for the boys. I decided to just do a pattern of purl stitches in the stocking stitch.  I wish I hadn't now as they aren't so nice.

I spy Suzie Johnson! She wrote the pattern

They did turn out pretty good over all except for the bit where I went off pist AND for the fact that I made the cuffs longer and so ran out of yarn. I bought another ball but it was the wrong dye lot and it's everso noticable. Suzie thinks it is tres tres tres mal, I can live with it though. Only God is perfect and even he buggers up sometimes.

One night, shortly after I'd finished the wrist warmers I started making a tea cozy on a total whim. It was one of those occasions I have day dreamed about where I have in my stash (lovingly built up over time in a frenzy of yarn obsessed cash splashing) the perfect yarn in the perfect colours.

I'm not sure if my memory serves me correctly but I started it one evening and continued in the morning. I think I finished it three cups of tea later. I cant be certain but it was a super quick thing to make.

I made it by making two granny stripe rectangles and sewed them together leaving enough space for the spout and the handle to poke out. I then scrunched the top up and tied it up and added a couple of pompoms.

I love it! I love that it neatly fits two of my tea pots. By some feat of trickery and magic it fits both my three cup pot and my four cup pot. 

Totally set up pic. There was no tea in the pot, no milk in the jug.
The cup had dust in it too

Oooooooo look! I have written a blog post! Well, blow me down! (I use exclamation marks too much, they make me sound like an idiot but I worry I'll sound bigheaded without them. I'd rather be considered simple than big headed)


ps. Linda Gilbert, please email me your address xxx


  1. Well how lovely to see a new post :-) I do love your blog and I know I can't say this without sounding like a bit of a stalker-y weirdo but I am a big fan of yours. Love what you make and love your humour about your life in general. Plus your blog keeps inspiring me to try to get to grips with knitting......crochet yes, knitting, omg it's hard! X

    1. Knitting was my nemisis. Blood, sweat and tears but I got there. Keep trying, it is so worth it.

      I couldn't reply y email as you're a No-Reply-Comment blogger. So I hope you see this here.

    2. Thanks Cuckoo :-) I most definitely will keep trying....obsessive, moi?! Yep....
      Sorry about the no reply thing, couldn't sign in for some reason so having to go for just the name option at the moment

  2. Brilliant as ever... good to see you back! :)
    V x

  3. Hiya lively good to hear your voice again. On my kindle which can make the words go odd so hope this all makes sense. Btw I sent my man a text which read I love you Solomon munch he loved it more when realised me and Solomon weren't getting it on. So bad typing and exclamation marks aside who cares when you can hear the person and you're most definitely not big headed. Sounds like life has been good fir you and so better to just pop in now and again if that works for you.
    Lisa x

  4. So lovely to see a post from you again! Beautiful Edwin's, it is my aim to make some if I can just get to grips with bloody knitting!!
    I haven't forgotten what you did with my dress and fully intend to send you a little thank you at some point, I know there is no need before you say it but I'd like to all the same! (I overuse the old !!!! too!) ;-) xx

  5. love a blog post catch up! beautiful makes, natch.
    Off to email you
    fee x
    (kmmmms - washi tape on frameless pictures? I know it's a different look but it's all the rage...)

  6. PS could Kerry NoMoreNails a picture rail on to the wall and hang pics from that?? You'll get loads of suggestions here today! C xx

  7. I am new to your blog, but enjoyed the read very much. Will have to take time out to read back on old posts. Thanks for the inspiration on the tea cosy. What a beautiful thing it is. I sound like Arnie, but I'll be back. Wendy. X

  8. Lovely to hear your exploits, and see your knitting again. Glad all is well with you.

    Proppy-uppy type pictures on a side board or dresser, en-masse...or one of those ladder thingys that's wide at the bottom and skinny at top leaning against the wall....or for just one big picture, an easel?

    I like to do dots....they give me thinking time.....

  9. I loved reading this post and I love the tea cosy too. I think I need to buy myself a new teapot just so I can knit it a cosy!

  10. So nice to 'hear' your voice Cuckoo.....and have a giggle....childerbeasts, love it...:)
    Love the teacosy too and your wrist warmers.
    So nice to see your post pop up on Bloglovin'.....

    Claire X

  11. Hello! Lovely post! Lovely tea cosy!!! I'm a fan of exclamation marks too! :) x

  12. Great to see you are back, you make me laugh. Love your set up picture we all do it... Don't we! Or do other people have perfect lives!

  13. I do like your tea cosie :) The best kind of whim project. Your arm warmers turned out lovely and I really can't tell where the slightly off colour yarn is :)

  14. I popped over here to copy your web address so I could link to you in my own blog and, blow me down, you've posted!!!

    So tickled pink was I that I didn't actually read it properly so I'll do that now!!!

    I exclaim too much too!!! (And put lots of stuff in brackets.)


  15. Useless Linda Gilbert here!,, I did,of course send my address the very same day as I won but did not log in to my webmail just sent it through my IPad so .... It has just been sitting there . Sent now again so hope it gets to you. Thanks again. Lovely post xx

  16. Hello
    Lovely post, I have dipped in out of your blog before and missed it the last few weeks. I am soooo enjoying having recently joined the wonderful world of blogging.
    Hope your laptop gets fixed soon - technology is great ... when it works !!
    Kate x

  17. You DID make the ever so hasty tea cosy. You started it when Kerry and I were there and you finished it the next day. I was in awe. I fancy it, but not as much as your pastel blue and pink one. I could almost leave the husband for that tea cosy. Almost.

  18. Thats the one I lust after! Her in the pic, bottom right........oh god could I ever make it do ya think?
    x x x

  19. I do so love your posts, and have been following you on IG too. Don't stop, pretty please!

  20. I do love it when you drop back in! The wrist warmer type things are fab, but I'm in love with the tea cosy. If only I had a teapot... oh hang on, I don't drink tea"!

    p.s. your word verification has crept back on...can't bloody read it

  21. Oh what a total relief to find you have a new blog!! I only found your old one this evening and felt totally captivated by it! I'm a total crochet and knitting addict as well as a Reiki Master too so felt a complete infinity with your blog! Keep writing!!

    1. Hi! What a sweet comment. How on earth did you stumble across by old blog? I thought it was deleted. Just goes to show nothing vanishes in cyberspace.


  22. hey lovely, just started reading through your blog...I may have a solution to the picture hanging problem (if you haven't sorted it already!?!) there's a product, just released, called 3M Command's a kinda sticky/velcro/no mess/or damage pad, they come in three sizes for different size them, hope it helps ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  23. Hi, love your blog and the knitting/crocheting inspiration. I am picking both up again after a looooong break and am determined to get back into making gorgeous stuff for my own childerbeasts! I've just bought the wrist warmer pattern as it looked so lovely on your blog, just selecting yarn now. Do you have any suggestions/preferences?! Oh, I overuse exclamation marks too (oh no!) I obvs don't mind being thought totally simple, haha.


I L♡VE your comments. Thank you ever so for taking the time. I do try to get back to everyone but I am rather scatty and I have these 3 big distractions....(and I'm just generally a bit rubbish lately, so please don't feel obliged to leave a note) Sorry about the word verification too, too much spam.