Friday, 16 September 2011

Do you live near Weston Super Mare?

There's a new, super cool Women's Institute opening next week in WSM! I am going to join. For certain. I know some of the girls who have set up this new WI group as they are fellow Knit Clubbers. It's going to be quite craft based so it's just my sort of thing. You can read more about it here.

It's next Tuesday the 20th September and I will be there with bells on. I am very excited. I think it will be great. "I'm a member of the WI!!!!!!" I shall proudly declare to anyone who will listen.

Now most of you remember my 'streak' I posted about a while back. Well I have seen the film Calendar Girls and so I'm all ready for more streaking.......ah.....not that type of thing on the agenda? Just as well, having had another baby not so long ago I reckon an escaped boob might knock out a poor unsuspecting fellow member, or at the very least give her a black eye. Or I might trip on it. I should stop there shouldn't I?!!

See you soon for a Summer Round Up post.



  1. Trip on it?! What do you normally do, tuck them in your waistband?! Have fun at the WI - you'll all cheer up next year's AGM no end!

  2. You and I live increasingly parallel lives, it's getting spooky now. I've just joined the Northampton Town Roses! It's a newly-formed WI group in the town and the first meeting is learning to make cocktails at a bar in town - love it! I am also hoping though, that the traditional WI activities are embraced too and I think I saw something where we all need to bake cakes for a forthcoming fete or something.

    Doesn't the WI have big meet-ups for all groups? In the old days they used to have competitions against each other I think - watch out you WOWs!! Ha!

    Nicki xx

    PS Can totally imagine you with cupcakes in front of your bazongas for a WI calendar. Will keep an eye out for the WOW 2012 edition....

  3. Such a shame I'm not closer as I'd be there with you sweetie, you go girl and enjoy x x x x

  4. Love it! Sounds like great fun. Think I'll be googling local WI tonite.
    Celeste x

  5. Oh I would so love to come! I'm in Bristol but could not get there what with brownie drop off and all! I'm sure you will have a fab time! Lisa xx

  6. You go girl!
    I'm imagining a 'Jam and Jerusalem' type outfit (gosh, I loved that TV series- did Dawn French play the slightly mental one?) where you are in fierce competition with the WI groups in neighbouring towns...
    Tee hee!
    Not really. I'm just envious there isn't something like it here!
    Thank the Lordy it be the weekend.

  7. Thanks for mentioning WOW-WI - glad you are looking forward to it! See you soon. xx

  8. Soooooo wish I lived near, or at least n the same country!
    For the calendar girls shoot (yes I know it doesn't yet exist!!)I would personally go with balls of wool rather than cupcakes!
    Perhaps you could be eating a cupcake, whilst holding the yarn!
    I loved that movie :)
    Good luck with the WI hope its awesome fun

  9. Maybe you could do a talk on the art of baring it all with pure style.

    How great that some women got together to make a new WI up. A friend and I said we'd actually join one, even though in reality I'm crap at joining anything, I begrudge having to go once it's a regular thing (some odd warp in my mind), if they weren't such old lady churchy things. Sound like you'll have a lot of fun at yours.

    Have a great weekend.


  10. Your WOW sounds funnnnnn! You crochet and knit too?? Traitor! hee hee

  11. So I'm going to throw a tantie and stamp my foot and say 'It's not fair' I wanna come tooooo. Big, big envy going on here I can tell you.
    Kaila said to me the other night 'Seriously mum you should go and live in the UK' if I didn't have family I would be over there in a shot.
    If your boobs are that big, then a cup cake ain't going to cover them 'giggle' Mine have shrunk a little since being sick (sob) along with other parts of my anatomy. Hope they plump up again!!!
    I joined a group around 17 years ago, we were WWW, (Wealthy, Wise, Women) it didn't last long tho' I was meant to run it with another woman but she was a control freak and edged me out, it then dissolved because the women didn't like the way she ran it.
    Have a super weekend lovely.
    xx Sandi

  12. My comments always read so disjointedly :(

  13. i am about to join my local WI but i am not near you - which is a shame as i like the sound. i hope mine is nice. xx

  14. aaahhh, how I wish I lived (about 200 miles) closer - I'd be there. May need to see if there is anything local jane and I could go to...
    fee x
    (tfit weekend)

  15. Oh, that sounds like SUCH good fun. You're making me want to move there just to join in!!! The WI were I live isn't quite so....ahem....young as the one you're going to join. I'm thoroughly jealous!!


  16. Sounds fab, you lucky thing!

  17. In fact I've been thinking about trying out this flying lark, apparently when you put your mind to it you can do it, it's all about wearing the right gear, height and consistent amount of flapping, so I will give this a whirl and then I'd be with you in no time at all.....sounds good eeh!!! x x

  18. Ooooh that sound good. Wished I lived closer. They don't have anything like that here, although, I think I might just be a tad too shy to go if they did! x

  19. I wish we had something like WI here! I can't wait to hear about your WI antics. I hope your boobs don't cause too many injuries though hon!! Have a fab week.

  20. A Lovely Summer Roundup! Your boys are soo darn cute and I can see they keep you running. You look great in your photos & very happy, I especially like the sneak of latte in the laundry room. Too funny!
    I think a celebration in London with the girls is a splendid idea! What Fun!
    see you again soon,
    susie xx


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