Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I won a fabulous giveaway! Weeeeeeeeeee......

Some time ago now, well a few weeks ago, I entered a giveaway over at Sew Sweet Violet's. I like to enter a giveaway now and again. I don't very often win, I think all my winning luck got used up when I won a car when I was 13. Dad wasn't going to fill out the raffle tickets, he couldn't be bothered so I filled them all out as Mum was french braiding my hair. My parents sold the car and built a garage with a little room attached to it. I snogged a boy in there who I had an enormous crush on. It was a mistake...anyway I digress. So I enter these competitions and I don't win. When I entered Jooles' giveaway I didn't expect to win so I was DeLiGhTeD when I did. Astonished and delighted.

Jooles popped it in the post very swiftly and I ripped it open without thinking about taking photo's of the beautifully packaged parcel. Fortunately there are photographs over at Jooles' (here). I've nicked them. But I urge you to go over and float about her blog for a bit, I just know you'll love it.

What a lucky little beggar I am! This bunting is just perfect. It is made so well. Expertly made, the stitch work is precise and careful on the flags. I'm trying very hard to be neater with my sewing so I notice stuff like that. I love how the stitching is deliberately wibbly on the hearts which Jooles has sewn on to the ends of the tape. Little stuffed hearts. They are lush. I love a little heart . I also like the elongated zigzag stitch attaching the flags to the tape, you can see this better here third photo down.

I've put it up in the dining room. This is partly why it has taken me an age to do this post. The dining room is possibly the darkest room in our home, the study is fairly dark too (and damp - but not for much longer as Mr C says I can have it as my playroom! He doesn't use it. So I shall whitewash it and sort out that unused whiff)...gone off on a tangent again....the dining room is a bit dreary during the day. It's an evening room really. It's just lovely when the fairy lights are on and lots of tea lights along the shelves of the dresser, which isn't a dresser at all. It's actually part of old shop fittings from an old haberdashery shop in Wales. It fits the space perfectly. Literally. If it were half a centimetre larger it wouldn't have fitted in the gap properly. The gap is between two unmovable objects, the hatch to the kitchen (long walk from the kitchen to the dining room so the hatch, however 1980's, is necessary) and the fireplace hearth.

My china treasure.

The fabric is by Tilda and I'd love a 50's style frock made out of the green and pink rose fabric.

I bought that green and white platter at the same time as buying the dresser. They didn't want to be parted. I love the old teapot too. I rescued that from the throwing out pile in the china shop in the village, lovely little shop selling vintage china, I have to avoid it, I come away with lots of rescued pieces and we really haven't the space for much more stuff. The knob had been broken off and restuck on backwards with brown glue. It pours well and it's an unusual shape, bit like me, I doubt I'll ever part with it.

Included in the giveaway was this cake bunting. You can't tell from the photo but the ribbon is velvet. Little touches like that make the things Jooles makes extra special. She has an Etsy shop so if anyone wishes badly that they had won this giveaway then pop over and you too can have bunting like this and the fabric one.

Look at that cake!!!!! Swoon.........Clever Jooles.
I'm going to do one like this with blue sponge going dark to light for Mini's Christening. I've commissioned blue cake bunting. Perfect timing as Jooles had just ordered some blue Tilda card stock. It was meant to be!

Right, I have much 'bladmin' to do, a bit of knitting and some crochet to be getting on with. Not to mention a bit of pinning! Totally addicted and I haven't had a pinning session today, although I did have a mighty chortle over a picture of two feral mutts. 


ps I carefully took the photographs of the dining room dresser making sure to avoid the mess on the table. Currently there is a bedside table being painted, an old printer and the box for the new printer, a stack of Mens Health Magazines, Mr C's boating bag, 3 life jackets, 6 newspapers (for the painting) and a host of other painting related bits all stewn about the place. It's an absolute tip in there. I'm going to rename it the "Urgghhhhh Room" We have an "Urgghhhhh Cupboard" already which funnily enough is off the dining room.


  1. Oooooh, what lovely prizes!! Love the little hearts at the end of the tape!!

    Your teapot is very like our wedding china and I think you can get loads more on your lovely dresser, but then I like the super-cluttered look!!

    Am glad I am not the only one very careful when taking pics to avoid the mess, my sister says I'll get done for "false advertising" as "your house looks lovely on your blog when in actual fact it's a big mess" - gotta love sisters for telling it like it is!!

    I must confess though, I did once photoshop the dust off the skirtings before posting one pic!!

    S x

  2. Forgot to say, love the new banner - pink and duck egg blue is my all time favourite colour combo....

    S x

  3. Your photos are incredibly amazingly beautiful today and congrats on your win

  4. Wow - congrats on your fabulous win! What a stunning giveaway - and how perfect for your dresser (by the way I am very jealous as I'd love to have something so gorgeous to display my china!!). But most of all I have to tell you that you brighten my day. Every single time I read one of your posts I laugh out loud, so thank you! I can't wait to visit again. Have a fab week hon - see you again soon. Leah x PS: winning a car at 13 - that is truly fabulous!!

  5. What beautiful bunting! (I just love that word...bunting. It makes me think of babies!) I just made some faux bunting out of paper in Autumn colors... I love it. Yours is much prettier though. Congrats on the win!!

    LOVE your new header!!!!

    PS: I cracked up at all the Auto Corrects you pinned the other day. Hilarious!!! Your brother was adopted. Errr, accepted. LOL!

  6. Snogging? You saucy minx!!

    And wow! What an awesome giveaway! That bunting looks awesome! It's beautifully made. And it looks gorgeous on your dresser!


  7. Ooooooh lusting over the, love, love Tilda fabrics and prints. I am so lazy to get the sewing machine out that I made paper bunting for my dresser. If I can cut corners I will! Love those rainbow cakes too, am desperate to make one, but have sworn off the cake making for a bit.

    Winning a car at 13? Man alive!


    p.s I want to frame those feral mutts! x

  8. lovely photos mrs. And what a great win too.
    Can't believe Jooles made that to find out more (because I've got nothing else to if!!!)
    Hope your week is good...fee x

  9. Oi, don't you put too much blue food colouring in those layers, I will be well hyper and as for my children, sheesh. On your head be it.
    Re my favicon. I had no idea what one was and then I was testing the waters and the only low res pic I had that would be accepted was that tree!!!
    All my other files are too big.
    So there!

  10. I'm still reeling from you winning a car when you were 13!!! Awesome!

    Love the buntings - not being a cake girl myself, I'd have to attach mine to a massive hunk of Stilton, yum ......


    PS. Those gorgeous pink-edged plates with roses on your dresser have caught my eye, do you mind me asking what make they are?

  11. Congratulations on your win - the bunting is beautiful, just what a dining room full of odds and sods needs to brighten it up!

  12. Winning a car is quite something, especially at 13! I love the little cake bunting and am a bit jealous of all your lovely china. Have a great week!

    p.s. are there less beds being stripped now the schools have gone back? Mine get up so early that there is plenty of time for stripping the beds and pulling all the cushions off the settees before the school run! Pesky little critters!!

  13. Eh up, she's a reet clever bird is that Jooles.
    Emily x

  14. I was sooo disappointed that I didn't win the bunting that I popped along to Joole's etsy shop and bought some. I bought two lots of cake bunting because I love it so much but didn't want to blog about it because one of them is for a family member. Jooles really is so very clever isn't she.

    LOVE your dresser, just love it. Our dining room's the darkest room in the house too. Must be the thing with old places, but like you say, it's gorgeous in the evening with pretty lights and candles. I think I need fairy lights for mine too but I *may* have gone slightly OTT with twinkles in this house already...

    Very excited that Mr C said you can have the study as your work/playroom. Am anticipating a 'big reveal' post which I can drool over for ages.

    Cannot believe you won a car! Flipping nora. I've never won anything in my life before, am hoping that Lady Luck is saving it all up for a lottery jackpot win for me.

    Nice china too. Do you have a ledge on that dresser that holds your plates up like that, are they on stands or are they just perched hopefully?

    Looking forward to seeing Mini's 'ombre' Christening cake.

    Nicki xx

  15. Really sorry for my massive post, I can't help myself, I just waffle on. xx

  16. I just found your site through icrochet and I am so delighted. I can't wait for more from you. I love your crochet and your writing great blog. Will be visiting lots. xx

  17. How lovely to be a winner and such fab treats too. I've also won a giveaway and am literally stalking the postman until it arrives- it's very exciting!!
    Lush photos - that dresser is just so pretty.
    I am the same when taking photos for the blog. A recent photo was staged on my kitchen windowsill- I carefully angled it so that the crappy plastic kid's toys in the garden didn't show, but realised later that the window was absolutely filthy. Hmmm. Oh well, I posted a really small photo, so hopefully no one will see what a slovenly housekeeper I truly am.
    Have a fab weekend.

  18. Hello, I have just discovered your wonderful blog! love the bunting.

  19. Ahhhhhh....thank you so much cuckoo x
    I am thrilled to bits that you are thrilled to bits with your winnings! they look perfect on your dresser and i ADORE all of your china treasure.
    Woweee on the car win, bet you couldn't beleive your luck and at 13 too.

    How lovely to be getting your very own playroom!
    have just emailed about the christening cake bunting.
    with love
    jooles x

  20. A car you say, what kind of raffles do you have down there? You want to see my Mum's tombola at the church fair, it is brilliant, the prizes range from talc (who uses that anymore?) to a tin of beans and what is funnier is that she keeps out the tickets for the 'better' prizes till later in the day to keep people playing. Classic. Despite us all telling her how wrong that is she doesn't see the problem with it! Sorry it is my turn to digress.
    Lovely photos, lovely fairy lights, lovely china...oh and lovely new blog bits going on.
    Nelly xx
    P.s Want to come along? Anytime! x

  21. LOVE everything - the new banner, the colours, the photos, the dresser, the bunting .... and I would so love a workroom - sighs heavily!!
    See you Saturday at KC?
    Jo x

  22. Can't believe you won a car!! You were very lucky to get the bunting from Jooles - she is very talented. x

  23. I am a little late in the day (where does the time go?) but heartfelt congratulations are winging their way from France to you about your win and your GOrGEouS china!

    Jooles certainly makes the most divine bunting with such attention to detail.

    How's the knitting going?


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