Tuesday 4 October 2011

♡ Cardigan ♡

This is going to be a short but sweet post as I'm pooped after a whirlwind couple of weeks and a busy (but lovely) weekend.

While we were on our jolly holiday in Spain I didn't just knit innocent smoothie hats, I embroidered a cheapy cardi from H&M.

Of course the idea wasn't an original one. I got it from the book Make by Cath Kidston

I loved this little project. So soothing. I would like to tinker about with all my cardigans. I have oodles of ideas floating about in my head and a fair few bland cardigans too

My next post will likely be all about our weekend which started with my good friend Princess' wedding and ended with mine and Mini's Christening. 

I made the wedding cake. No that's a fib. Princess baked the cake. I decorated it. It was a labour of love. I piped over two hundred and fifty royal icing hydrangea petals. Didn't use them all of course, only the best ones. 

I'm not going to lie, the stress I felt whilst decorating and transporting this cakes was ENORMOUS! I badly wanted it to be perfect and I put a silly amount of pressure on myself. This is why I could never ever do cake decorating professionally. I'd be in tears constantly! Princess would be utterly horrified if she ever knew that the only reason I didn't throw the bloody thing across the room was because she had baked the cakes herself.

Fortunately it all cake ( I meant 'came' but I've left that freudian slip in) together beautifully in the end and it survive the three hour journey to Portsmouth intact. I made a big poster to go in the back window of my wagon saying "Wedding Cake On Board" and I drove like a right old codger. Not a single person hogged my tail or made me feel intimidated. I might put the sign back in as I often get some burke on my tail trying to push me on. Honestly, do they really expect my people carrier to take corners like a Mini? 

There's a bit of a sneaky peek till next time....


ps. I just joined in with the Fall in Love link party over at Modern Country Style.


  1. The cardi is just gorgeous- can't wait to see the cake, what a lovely friend you are!!
    Love that you put that sign on- great idea!!!

  2. Congrats on the christenings!!

    I love, love, love your cardi!! I must try that myself, I have that book (in fact I painted that very same design on a teapot at a ceramics group last week) - how did you transfer the design? Did you use regular embroidery thread?

    Look at those icing flowers!! You are so clever (and patient) I can't wait to see the whole thing.

    We only live 10 miles from Portsmouth, what a shame you couldn't have popped in for a cuppa, although you'd have had to put up with the mess we were in!!

    About the CK tiles, I hadn't thought about them getting ruined with splashing - we get a fair bit of that as our bath is a roll top so in can slosh everywhere. They do have special pressure adhesive that sucks them to the floor (apparently!!) so hopefully they'll be OK!!


    S x

  3. Wowzer......lurvvvvvve that cardi! The most I do to bland cardigans is change the buttons or put a bit of lace around the cuffs. Might have to commission you to do a few of mine! Ha ha!

    The peekie of the cake looks awesome too. Blimey, what aren't you fab at?!!!!!!!!! Can we swap for a bit, can I be you please?!!!!!!!!


  4. Oh wow, love the cardi. I admired that page in the CK book and put it in the 'pile of things to try list' that's fillinf up my head..!
    Those flowers look incredible, I can't wait to see what the cake 'really' looks like. :-)
    It's the hubby's birthday on saturday and I'm going to Attempt to bake And decorate a cake for him. I baked him a lovely chocolate fudge cake last year but this year I'm going to try and use fondant icing to decorate it with a little person amongst other things. The icings supposed to arrive in the post tomorrow... (I always leave things til the last minute!) Wish me luck! It'll probably all go very wrong indeed...

    Ashley xxx

  5. Oh oh oh! How lovely! I have just bought a couple of little cheapy cardigans (I own so few at the moment) and I'm totally doing this. It looks fab. Yes, I agree with SCS, please tell how you got the transfer onto the cardi.

    Having just started embroidery and sewing I am wondering whether to buy a bulk supply of embroidery floss (in all colours) and sewing thread (ditto). Did you buy in bulk or do you just buy colours as and when you need them?

    Can't wait to see the cake, you little tease, you.


  6. Clever you, on both counts, but most impressed with the cake. It is something I would love to be good at, but no matter how hard I try, it always looks like a kid did it! Ahh well, its fun and still tastes good despite looking rubbish! Look forward to hearing about the whole shebang soon!

  7. How clever that cardi look good, I would to be able to do wedding cakes.can't wait to see.

  8. That embroidery is beautiful. I bought a book once and thought I would love to do it, but I just don't think I have the patience.

  9. Geez you are one talented woman! Your cardi is gorgeous - I might have to pinch that idea as I have more than my fair share of plain cardis! Can't wait to see the cake - and I loved that you drove like an old codger. I only had to drive Mr 7's cake about 200 metres up the street and I was stressing. Have a fab week hon!

  10. WOW! I love the cardi :-) I've been getting out my summer wardrobe and thinking what I could liven up with additives from none other than "Make". Yes, I have that book too. I love it! It was my first real venture into craftiness.
    The flowers on the cake are AMAZING. You are so clever :-)
    I hope your week is a little quieter than the past couple.
    Sonia xx

  11. Love, love, LOVE! Love the cardi & the magic tricks you have worked on it :) I'm so with you o cake decorating.....I couldn't stand the stress of doing it for payment!! Can't wait to see it.....the sneaky peak looks beautiful :)

    Jo x x

  12. My goodness, aren't you clever! And you must have an incredible amount of patience. I am wondering where you find the time - do you ever sleep?! Xxxxxxx

  13. You are one seriously clever gal!!
    LOVE the cardi transformation. Like so many other laydeees, I have a load of these which could do with some prettifying. Funny, because I was watching Gok on Telly last night and he did a fab cardi with a lace Peter pan collar, which looked ace?
    That cake looks tantalizing! Good on you for putting a note in your car window- it could be the beginnings of a new craze.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  14. LOVE the cardi,hun,what a great idea,How clever of you to make the christening cake too,what a labour of lurve! love the idea of the car window sticker how brilliant,Put your feet up and have a rest this week. I was wondering how the W.I .went?
    take care,love julie.xxxxxx

  15. Wow, you are talented - and brave! I would never have put needle to my cardigan for fear of mangling it completely! But yours turned out beautifully. And I am dying to see that cake. No one would ever ask me to decorate their cakes :) However I'm pretty good with marshmallow frosting and sprinkles!
    xXx Helen

  16. cakes and cardies - doesn't get any better than that! (loving the look of both btw)
    Think I might put a sign on the back of my car 'psychotic mother on board', see if anyone tailgates me!
    fee x

  17. Your embroidery just looks beautiful, especially against the blueness of the cardigan. I say jolly up some more if you can face it as I bet it looks wonderful on. I've always fancied doing the same, but never found the time, think I might just have to though.


  18. Oh my, Cuckoo, that cardi looks wonderful, great job on the embroidery......

    What a difference it makes...........

    Love the idea of the sign in the back of your car, I can imagine how stressful the cake decorating was, but I bet the cake was a stunner.

    Claire :}

  19. what a great idea!

    found you via moderncountry style. come visit anytime, and i've got a giveaway!


  20. Woooah! This is incredible. I can't believe you called this a short but sweet post, as though the cardigan was just a little something you threw together!! You modest thing, you! It's AWESOME!! I love it!

    Thank you so much for linking up to to Modern Country Style's Fall In Love link party.


  21. Your cardigan is so pretty and I LoVe the hydrangea petals...how sweet! Have a great week!

    Visiting you from Modern Country Style's Fall In Love linking party!


  22. I'm very impressed with both the cake and the cardi but you must be sick of seeing icing!!

  23. Wow, your cardi is fab! I SO need to do this!

    Well done on making a wedding cake, that is quite some undertaking!

  24. oh wow i would have had a near nervous breakdown at the responsiblility of the cake decorating job..what a lovely thing to be able to do for your friend though well done!!
    love your cardi its so pretty


  25. The cardi is beautiful! I especially love the bits on the sleeves, what a good idea. I might have to look at that Kidston book.

    Well done on getting the cake done, looking forward to seeing it! I made a fancy cake for a leaving do once and I had to carry it there. I was doing the walking equivalent of your codger driving as I was terrified I would trip over, drop it, and land in it face first! x

    PS no wonder you haven't managed seven photos in seven days - you're a busy bee! :D

  26. Cardigan looks amazing! I have the pattern, but unfortunately not the skills! xx

  27. Loving that cardi, Mrs, very gorgeous indeed. In a way I wish you hadn't shown it because now along with all the crocheting projects, the bundle of little patches I bought last week that have been languishing on the dining room table half pinned and half tacked since last Friday and the piles of unfinished painted furniture I have in the garage I now have another thing I want to start doing. I'm not letting myself buy that book till I finish at least one thing. (It won't be the patchwork, I got bored with that after about 7 minutes.)
    Big up to you for the cake, the hydrangeas look lovely, looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

  28. Your cardi is gorgeous - beautiful embroidery and lovely colours. The cake sounds beautifu- incredibly brave to drive all that way with it! Congratuations to you both on your Christening.
    Jo x

  29. Wow your cardigan is fab ;-)) So sweet and such a clever idea. Your great with a needle and thread. And those ice flowers WOW they look gorgeous and so delicate. Look forward to seeing the whole thing next time. Until then take lots of care, dee xx

  30. Hi. I am popping over from Sarahs (Modern Country Style) Happy Fall.

    The cardigan is so lovely.


  31. Oh! That is so pretty! Great job!
    I also love restyling clothes to make them look unique.
    via MCS

  32. Hi Cuckoo,

    You turned a simple H&M cardigan into a beautiful cardigan with a vintage feel to it. I LOVE it!!!! It must feel extra special when you wear it :-)

    Oh you must have had a busy week. How do you do it with your kids being still so young? You must be supermum!!!

    Looking forward to see your cake.

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  33. Love the embroidery - very clever. And I can sympathise on the cake front - I have done a bit of cake decorating in the past and once spent the most agonising 3 1/2 hr journey to the west midlands with a christening cake that had a very fragile iced crib on it - I think I winced over every bump and pothole and got very stressed if we went much over 40 mph!! Looking forward to seeing the cake :-)

  34. Hi, just popped over from Modern Country. I love the idea of snazzing up a cardi from H&M. I'm always trying to think of thrifty ways to make clothes go further and look nicer - I shall have to keep that one up my sleeve.

    I've never made (I said made to make you feel good :-) a wedding cake like you, but I had to make pretty cupcakes for a friend's after wedding drinks...they did not turn out as hoped, turns out icing can be too runny!

    Well done, and keep that sign in your van - if it works at getting people off your tail and letting your relax on the road - DO IT! haha!

    Lizzy x

  35. Hi,
    What a beautiful blog you have - and what a clever, clever lady you are!!! I'm so glad that I've discovered talesfromcuckooland - I'll DEFINATELY be stopping by on a regular basis now!!!
    I LOVE your cardie!!! I have that book, and that design is one of my absolute favourites! But it looks sooooo tricky, and I haven't done much embroidery before. How tricky would you say it would be for an almost-beginner? And how did you get the design on to the cardie?
    AMAZING cake too, by the way! You must be so patient to make all those teeny-tiny flowers! Your friend must have been so happy with it!!!
    See you soon.....

  36. It's not really fair that you have so much talent!! Send some to me please! ;0)


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