Sunday, 27 March 2011

WiP number 2

Isn't perception a funny thing? I've been pondering about it.  You see I was woken this morning at 9am after a pretty shabby night with Mini Cuckoo. On looking at the time I quickly calculated that I'd had, when you added it all together, quite enough sleep to function merrily for the day.  About three quarters of an hour later I looked at my wrist watch and it said it was 8.45am.  How!? Oh yes the clocks had gone forward.  "I should be knackered" I thought "I've had an hour less sleep, I ought to be moody and sluggish!"  Perception.  I felt fine because I thought I should feel fine. Just goes to show it's all about ones attitude.

Ok, so WiP number two is this tea cozy. I saw the magnificent ones Alice has made over at Crochet with Raymond and I really, really, really, REALLY wanted one for my lush cream enamel teapot.

So nearly finished, just the small matter of getting the flowers on in a pleasing arrangement.

Trouble is my flowers just look messy to me, even if you disregard the loose ends.

They don't look so untidy close up or in the flesh fortunately.

Oh I do love this helebore flower, I rather wish I'd done the whole lot in different colour helebores.

I quite like the butterfly too.

I know someone who likes this far more than I do, I think I'll give it to her and do a different one for me... once I finish all my other WiP's.  I have yet another to reveal soon, and probably several more after that.

Must thank GW, Heather and Coco Rose before I forget, as I now know how to make hearts (and more) on nearly every (what's the word I'm after?) .....every.....?  I could now do it in Windows if I wanted, and on facebook, and on blog comment forms and here on my own bloggity blog.  Look at this lot:


I'm so chuffed!  If my blog becomes over graffitified then you must tell me to stop, I can see myself becoming way too trigger happy with these "special characters".

I promised photo's yesterday, these were taken when Mini Cuckoo was two days old.

I adore this photo.

three weeks old, perfect little ears


Sunday afternoon snoozles



  1. I love the teacosy!!!! Lovely! Ah the photos....gorgeous. What beautiful children :) I particularly love the sleepy ones! xx

  2. I love your tea cosy. It looks gorgeous! Love the butterfly and the roses.

    Such wonderful memories on those photo's and you can't beat a sunday afternoon snooze! So cute.

    You are indeed my 100th follower. I will send you a little something asap in the post. If you would like to e-mail me your address. I Do have my e-mail in my sidebar on my blog.

    MBB x

  3. 'Ello lovely, I feel like I have been away for weeks, just two days tho', but visitors and housework keep me from my blog reading. It was so good to go away and catch up with friends I hadn't seen for perhaps 6 years. I will prob write about it on my blog.
    Loving all your news, I'm glad you said what you did about the Rico, I was so wanting some, but won't bother now, the Bamboo/cotton is like that and a LOT of swearing took place whilst I worked it. Ahh,your boys are so cute and the moaning minnie hehe, we just laugh because you still sound funny.
    Have a wonderful day.
    xx Sandi

  4. Glad you managed to get to do the characters! They can be quite addictive! I seem to spend far too long faffing about with these on my blog!!!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog! I think we are very similar! I just don't get boys either and I grew up surrounded by them. I was sandwiched in between two of them growing up so everything was all boy-like. My her to bits...but she was a 'practical' lady and wasn't 'girly' in the slightest! I thought I might maybe end up with a girl at some stage to share my girlyness with but 3 boys later....ha ha! It's funny, hubby always envisaged having girls rather than boys and his elder brother who was sports mad craved boys. We ended up having the three boys and the brother had three girls!!!! Funny how things turn out! So, as compensation, I consider that I get the final say in how girly the house gets to be. My little blog is my outlet for all things girly just so that I can get my fix! I don't feel a pressure to write on it with regards to followers, I tell myself I started my blog as a little corner for me to be girly and if I picked up any followers on the way, that would be nice! It does tickle me though that people always email me wanting to know what clothes I wear and what beauty products I use!!!!! But, it's a fun world to be in and you meet fab people!

    Oops this is going to be a whopper of a comment in your box! Sorry! Better go!

    Have a great day!

    Vanessa xxxxxx

  5. You know, after writing that long comment.....I forgot to say what I had planned to say..........LOVE LOVE LOVE the teacosy! The flowers are awesome. I think I have that book that has the butterfly and flower patterns in but have yet to try them.

    Also, the pics of the brood are gorgeous! I adore the black and white photo and the couple of all the boys asleep on the sofa are fab! Lovely photos to cherish!

    Right, think that's about it! ha ha! Best go, been putting off all the rubbishy chores so far this morning!


  6. Ohhh myyyy... the photos are adorable! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

    Thank you also so much for your nice comment on my blog!!

    Liebe Grüße
    von Anja


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