Thursday, 31 March 2011

WiP number 4

WiP number 4 is a cot blanket for Mini Cuckoo.  I'm using stylecraft yarn which is living up to it's promise of being rather lovely to work with.  I'm hoping it'll wear well as I have a feeling this blanket will be abused as much as my Granny blanket. Does anyone know if stylecraft washes well?  I'd love to know as I'm only a few squares in and it's not too late to turn it into a cushion cover. If it doesn't wash well then I have the bestest ever excuse to go and indulge in some very nice yarn, cashmerino maybe??

No no NO! I must not start hoping for poor feedback about stylecraft, I have a whole stash of it.  I repeat "I MUST NOT WISH FOR STYLECRAFT TO HAVE BAD FEEDBACK!", I mean, how frivolous to abandon a load of wool for the sheer kick of getting some posh stuff. Silly. 

I'm not sure if this square will join together very well as I have kind of made this one up myself.  It's a cross between two squares I like.  It may end up a cushion cover anyway if they don't hook together very well.  I have high hopes though.  I feel a bit excitable over the fact that I don't know how this is going to turn out.  I'm right out of my comfort zone, usually I copy something I have seen elsewhere.  What's the betting that I'll find an identical square in a pattern book or on someones blog now. That often happens.  I come up with an idea and realise it's either snuck in from something I've seen and must have forgotten, or  quite simply it's been done before a hundred times and I'm a bit slow on the uptake. Hey ho.
stylecraft stash

My stinky, manky, crappy cold is now being kept away by paracetamol and decongestants and I'm running at 85% capacity which is pretty good going.  On Tuesday I really thought I was going to be rough, properly poorly, for days.  I had a roaring temperature, I'd been feeling dreadful all night and hadn't slept well.  Thank heavens for Mr Cuckoo taking Big Cuckoo to his hospital appointment.  Disabled horse riding was cancelled due to the rain so I didn't need to worry about that and Mr Cuckoo went to parents evening on his own. Phew! I must have looked really foul for Mr Cuckoo to take time off, usually I have to fight on through it.  Like most Mum's I can't take the day off, go home early and slump into bed.  I'm so grateful that I did get to stay in bed this time as I feel almost well again. My cough is doing me some good, good in that I'm finding my tummy muscles again.  I tell you a cough is better than sit ups.  And it's reminding me to work on my pelvic floor!!  Too much information?

Yesterday I registered Mini Cuckoo's birth, left it a bit late actually, they sent me a reminder saying I only had a few days left to do it.  I hadn't realised it's an offence to not have a baby registered within 6 weeks.  Can you imagine?! I might have ended up in the clink.  What a scandal!  While I was there I had a moment of hysteria.  I think the registrar must have thought me completely mental.  I'd ran out of tissues and rather than carry on loudly sniffing I asked if she had one I could use, "No, I'm sorry I don't" she said "I've ran out as the last person I had in was a weirdo", "Well I never!" I said bursting out laughing "Did you have to disinfect after they'd left then?"  She looked at me very oddly which made me laugh all the more in a 'naughty school girl trying not to laugh' sort of way.  Only I now realise she didn't say "weirdo" she said "Widow" and I'm mortified. I'm such a nelly sometimes.

After registering the birth I took Mini to the Doc's as he still has thrush in his mouth, this is the third week and third lot of Nystatin.  I felt it was getting worse not better so I took him to the open access clinic and had them take a look.  They've given him some kind of miracle gel as it's almost gone in little over 24 hours.  They also gave him some drops for his eyes as the left one was quite gungy. I'd been asking the health visitor about it but she felt it was normal newborn gunge, I'm glad the doc disagreed as that's clearing up a treat too now.

He was 5 weeks old on Wednesday and is HOOOGE! I'm getting him weighed tomorrow, I reckon he must be 11lbs now.  Porker!

(Sandi, spot the booties.  GW spot the fleecy cover)


  1. I've got tears in my eyes over the Weirdo / Widow mix up! Totally brilliant, she must have thought you were such a strange one! I wouldn't have remembered about the fleecy cover if you hadn't name checked me.

  2. Lol! The whole wierdo/widow mix up is making laugh out loud. ( which probably makes me look at least a bit strange) Priceless.

    Glad you are feeling better, I must of somehow missed your last post. Those stars are gorgeous and will look fantastic as bunting.

    That is one of the things I have to say catches you by surprise when you become a mum, the whole never being able to take to your sofa/pit and die quietly. Glad you managed to get a day to recover some.

    I have posted your goodies today so hopefully you won't have to wait long. Hope you like them!

    MBB x

  3. Oh and PS, yes apparently stylecraft is crap. You should send it all to me for disposal and get yourself some cashmerino. Win here, win there, win win everywhere. x

  4. He is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Ah it takes me back - almost 8 years now. Funny post - the whole weirdo widow thing!!! And yes, Stylecraft washes really well - I wouldn't use any other acrylic xx

  5. Ooooh, he is just too cute, mwa, mwa. I laughed so much over the widow comment, it is something I do myself, my kids give me the weird looks when I reply to them with something inappropriate.....
    I have a whole basket full of Stylecraft and have used little bits here and there, it is so lovely to work with, not your normal scratchy stiff muck!!!. I am off to the yarn shop today, I need some elastic for the little skirt I just finished and a crochet hook, wonder what else I will come home with.
    Good to hear your cold is better and you got some support from your Mister Cuckoo (good lad)
    x Sandi
    Oh yes, if you know of someone or somewhere that has Opal sock wool in the Harry Potter series "Ron" I need a ball, if you could direct me to where it is would be ever so grateful :)

  6. Sooo funny!
    Burst out laughing at that and the kids thought I was being a weirdo......

    Lovely of your hubby to look after you and the boys too!

  7. Good to see that your 'tough' day was made a bit easier for you. That's the rubbish bit about being a mum, that you just cannot take a day off when you are ill.

    Your basket of yarn colours looks really scrummy. The blanket will look lovely. I started a 10th WIP last night. I don't know what has got into me, I can't seem to stick at one thing at the moment. Eratic is definitely the word to sum me up at the moment! ha ha

    Laughed so much at the widow/weirdo mix up! Soooo funny!

    Lovely picture on mini Cuckoo. It's so amazing how quick they grow from newborn. You quickly forget what they ever looked like as a young baby they are ever changing. I think if you think a child will be your last, you take extra care to try and remember and savour everything. I am doing the same with Baby Bear. He starts school in Sept, so I am trying to treasure every moment at home with him because before I know it, he will be a grown up little school boy! It just whizzes by!

    Have a super friday and a gorgeous weekend!!!!!


  8. Oh, how gorgeous is Mini Cuckoo, just too darn cute. Glad the Doc got him sorted, not much fun for the wee fella.

    Glad you're feeling a little better, so good of Mr. Cuckoo to hold the fort and let you rest up.

    Loving the basket full of wool and your blanket. Nice Tulips too.

    Claire :)

    Enjoy your weekend,

  9. I have just discovered that your blog wasn't added to my google reader even though I swear I added it. Hence I have missed a few posts, so sorry.
    Mini Cuckoo is so adorable, he makes me a little broody.
    You are so funny with the weirdo/ widow thing. Easy mistake to make.

  10. Like everyone else, the weirdo/widow thing made me laugh out loud!!

  11. I am coveting your stash of Stylecraft. It looks so beautiful sat there like that, it could be a decoration without being crocheted up!

  12. What a delightful visit to your blog. Congrats on your newborn, what beautiful kids. Big laugh on weirdo/widow anecdote...not feeling well, not enough sleep, pressure to register, all makes for understandable hearing malfunction :-)

  13. Hi there, popped over from iCrochet and my husband had to ask why I was laughing!
    I fully understand the whole registering thing, my No2 Boy was reminding me today that our Smallest didn't have a name for ages, I just kept forgetting as "Bubs" seemed to fit so well!
    I'm off to have a nosy at the rest of your blog!
    Have a great weekend,
    Sandra x

  14. Haha! I actually let out a loud chuckle when reading about your embarrassing moment in the registrar's office..! I got got a strange look from my husband across the front room.. :)
    I've come to find your blog through Coco Rose and have to say it really is lovely. I went all gooey over the photo of mini cuckoo.. I thought it was a pregnancy thing that made me that mushy but as Rose is 3 months old now..maybe not..! xx


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