Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

"I love you the biggest number there is that's so big it hasn't been counted yet, that many times the universe which is never ending!"

That's what I've been saying to my Mum since I was about seven years old. 


  1. That is sweet! Hope you had a good day xx

  2. Great picture...there's just nothing like memories of jumping on a trampoline in your undies. haha.
    I am loving your blog. Going through and reading all your posts has me in quite a good mood. All the cute little crochet projects you have made are darling, and inspiring! And those cookie things (I think you called them biscuits...not sure) looked tasty! I'm gonna follow you! :0)


I L♡VE your comments. Thank you ever so for taking the time. I do try to get back to everyone but I am rather scatty and I have these 3 big distractions....(and I'm just generally a bit rubbish lately, so please don't feel obliged to leave a note) Sorry about the word verification too, too much spam.