Saturday, 9 April 2011

And we're off!

❀Ah! forget me nots, oh how I love thee❀

We arrived at the seaside house earlier today. I feel like I've been writing lists and packing for days! The Biggun's are very excited to be here for the first time in 6 months, they have been racing around like lunatics. Climbing up and down the stairs and all over the furniture. The mister was hollering for them to calm down which was met with shrieks of laughter. Honestly they are feral. Now they are sound asleep it's hard to believe they are anything but angels.

The above photograph was taken almost a year ago when we came down to the Seaside House just after we'd bought and renovated it, funny to think that we had no idea then that Mini Cuckoo was going to join our family, seems incomprehensible that he's not been here forever. He's 6 weeks old and has taken to smiling and saying "Ah-goo" brilliantly. He first started smiling about three weeks ago but now he has control. He's a total joy. I'm loving his baby days so much, I had a hard time after my other lovely boys were born so I didn't get to enjoy them so much. I had Post Natal Anxiety the first time, which was very upsetting, my imagination was very cruel. Second time I got 7 months down the road and fell to bits. I was horribly depressed and desperate. Post Natal Depression is pants. But I recovered and I'm optimistic I'll stay well this time. I should do a proper post about this as there's such a stigma attached to depression when there shouldn't be. We all have bleak days, it's when they are very bleak for a long time that it's a problem. I've got off on a tangent!

While we are away I shall be trying to find some time to do some of my "Shawl of Dreams" so there'll be a break from blogging for a spell, or maybe not, I appear to be addicted. The laptop is here so I bet I'll be tapping away at some point. Reckon I need to go to Bloggers Anonymous as well as Crochet Anonymous. Maybe I should set up a Crocheting Blogger Anonymous.  "Darling I'm just off to my CBA meeting, won't be long.....Have you seen my yarn bag? What do you MEAN you've HIDDEN it? Why you low level, son of a.......!" Can you picture it? I can, all too clearly, I think I'm beyond saving. 

On a web wander a couple of weeks ago, I came across a blog called Crochet Galore. I can't remember how I got there but I'm glad I did as she has been cross stitching on crochet! Yes! 


Cross stitch on crochet blankets! And it has got my head spinning with ideas!!!!  The possibilities are endless. See this G O R G E O U S strawberry embroidery on this cardigan? Well imagine it as cross stitch creeping up the sides of a blanket. Am I mad? Wouldn't this look great?!!
I rather fancy something like these strawberries upon a jar/tea cozy or on a coat hanger to start with.

Give it a Cath Kidston vibe and I think it could be love. How very handy that Cath has recently brought out a new book called "Stitch", even more handy that it was my Mothers Day gift. Hurrah! How serendipitous

I'm going to have to paw through my new book and see what tickles my fancy but not before thanking Glor for emailing me her crochet cross stitch sheep photos, I was being a computer spanner and couldn't copy her photo straight from her blog or do it with the URL thingy whatsit.

I have far too many projects on the go or in the pipeline to try this yet, but I've added it to the "To Do Wish List" and I know I'll get around to it someday and in the meantime I'll come up with a design plan.

Before I go I must tell you what our neighbours down here call me. Dippy. Dippy! Can you believe it?! Tay let it slip today, she was very sheepish. It's all because I forgot the curtains I'd made when I came down to fit them last year. I drove for almost two hours to put all 8 blinds and 6 pairs of curtains up and then take them down and hem them...and I forgot them! They were in the suitcase I'd packed for myself that contained my wash kit and clothes. I'd filled the car up with all the furniture I'd painted, the kitchen stuff etc. And then I left my suitcase on the landing. What a plonker.  Dippy fits perfectly. She said it affectionately so I'm not in the least offended. I drive myself nuts being this dippy though. The other day I put my cereals in my mug. I find things in the strangest places. I'd love to hear your daft stories. Please share and make me feel less foolish.



  1. Hey my darling,
    Hope you are well and send my love to the seaside house. Have a lush time in this glorious weather!
    Tried calling you 3 times this week. Get a bloomin' answerphone, already!!!
    Love to you all, can't believe Mini C is already smiling and cooing. Feel I need to sort out a visit......let me know when you are back so we can make a plan.
    x x x x x

  2. Good luck with the relaxing and the shawl of dreams.your blog is adorable!!
    Hope u enjoy your holiday

  3. So, this has nothing to do with your post, but I just wanted to tell you that I'm about halfway done with making a baby blanket using your bobble stitch tutorial and I LOVE it so far! A lot of other projects keep getting in the way but I'll send you a link to a picture when I'm done with it! Thanks for the great tutorial!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  4. Smiling already..where did the days go. seems like yesterday you were posting pictures of your "bump". :)
    I hope you enjoy your holiday. Sounds like the boys are already enjoying it enough for the entire family..good luck getting them to go home when the time

    Not sure which I like better..Cuckoo or's a toss up

    Hopefully this makes you feel a little better...One morning I woke up and went to make a bowl of cereal..Couldn't find the milk anywhere. I mean the fridge is only so big, not like it can hide from me..I knew there was milk in there when I went to bed cuz I had a glass at about 3am..and then it hit me. I opened up the cupboard where the glass's are kept and sure enough..there was my gallon of milk. I had to make a mad dash to the store before anyone else woke up looking for milk. I never told Jeremy or the kids what I sssshhhh..they'd never let me live it down lol

    Hope this makes you feel better..if not let me know..I have tons more :)

  5. Beautiful forget me nots, have you seen the perennial ones of these, they are a darker blue and just as beautiful. Have a wonderful holiday it sounds perfect. Awww mini cuckoo talking and smiling, what a magical time. The cross stitch on crochet is great hey, just adds another dimension to an artical. I do stupid things all the time and can't think of a thing off the top of my head, but I have been known to shake my head at myself :)
    x Sandi

  6. Oooh a seaside holiday how wonderful hope you manage to get a lot of hooky time in on your shawl.

    Love the strawberries and yes I can see them creeping up the sides of a blanket or a tea cozy.
    Glad things are going well with Mini Cuckoo, sounds like you went through a tough time with your previous bubs.

    Lovely pic of the Forget-me-nots my um grew the dark blue Chinese Forget-Me-Nots , stunning blue.

    Now for my dippy story, hmmmm, which one will I tell you?

    I once got a piece of wood out of the wheel barrow to put on the fire, in my absent mindedness I walked to the fridge and opened the door to put it in there. Not quite as humorous as your story but considering I was only a teenager at the time, things aren't looking good, hehehe,

    Wishing you blue skies and sunshiny weather for you holiday, have a fab time and loads of pics when you are back blogging please.

    Claire :}

  7. Ooo you are so lucky to have a seaside house...I LONG for a seaside house. Hope you all have a fantastic time there. Re are so right about the stigma. I have suffered with chronic depression all my adult life, and it is only with medication that this has been controlled. I see it like diabetes or some other problem that needs constant management and treatment. I have always hidden it from friends and colleagues but 6 months ago I had a sort of collapse (it used to be called nervous breakdown) and so for the first time have been honest with everyone about my problems. So I am now a great advocate for de-stigmatising mental health problems. I was absolutely fine after my son was born and, like you, went completely downhill when he was seven months old. I think part of that was having to return to work and leave my baby but obviously, it was more complicated than that. Stay positive. You will know the signs. I'm sure you will be completely fine this time xx

  8. I think dippiness comes with having children around - they some how keep intruding on your lovely ordered thoughts and then send them flying in all directions. I went through dippy stages and even worst could often not remember the names of common things - so would find myself doing little charades for things like whisk, potato masher etc., but rest assured as they grow older your thoughts and memory slowly trickles back :)

  9. What a lovely, cheery post to read on a Sunday morning.
    I wish I had a seaside house, I can't think of anything better.
    I am sorry that you had post natal depression and anxiety. It's not nice at all and yes it does still carry a lot of stigma unfortunately.
    I hope you have a great time by the sea.

  10. Lovely post and interesting hearing of your PND tales. Have fun. xx

  11. You have a house by the sea? Oh I'm so jealous! As a child we would spend the entire summer hols at our grandparents' in Exmouth - such happy times! Oh yes, dippiness definitely comes with children! I frequently do things like almost putting orange juice in my tea instead of milk first thing in the morning!
    R xx

  12. Hmmmm, dippy episodes? Trying to open the front door by pointing the car key at it? Returning to work from maternity leave three months early by mistake? That's what having three children does to you, I think!
    Enjoy the seaside
    Emily x

  13. Love the word 'feral'!!!! I have used that word on many occasion for mine! At least now I can get all three out of a car and know that two of them will remain on the spot and only one will now bolt!

    I saw a beautiful crochet baby blanket a couple of years ago. It was baby pink with white pico edging and had stitched strawberries on one corner and it looked so sweet. Love that idea. Of course I had a baby boy at the time so I didn't get it, but did love the idea. I have that Cath book and have yet to try and do anything from it. So little time these days.

    Dippy? Yeap me too. My dad used to call me dippy all the time, although he said it was always said affectionately, I think he never meant that!!!!!

    Yesterday I made myself a bowl of cereal. Got the milk out of the fridge and poured (was talking to Baby Bear all the time). I sat down and started to eat and realised there was no milk in it. I knew I had got it out of the fridge and remembered pouring it so went back to the kitchen to see what I had done with it. No where to be seen. It was a complete mystery. Later on I found an empty glass of milk in the garden. When I quizzed Baby Bear he told me I had just poured the milk into a glass and walked off with my bowl, so he thought he might as well have it, took it outside and drank it! Duhhhhh. I did sigh a sigh of relief though, as I though I may have even made up ever getting the milk out of the fridge!

    Hope the sun is shining for you and you are managing to get a bit of a relax in!


  14. that cross stitch on crochet does look fab, must check out her blog. It's not only having kids that makes you dippy. Yesterday I made myself a drink with a spponful of coffee, milk and a tea bag. I then spent about an hour dropping cut threads into my glass of Diet Coke and didn't realise until I tried to drink out of my thread jar. I do that kind of thing all the time.
    I understand too where you're coming from with the depression. It's awful isn't it and there is so much stigma attached. Only my closest friends and family know about it and I was scared to tell my husband when I first met him.

  15. Ditto, one of my names is Dippy, well that and a few more that maybe I shouldn’t share. My family are going to write a book with some of the things I say and do, I do try not to be Dippy!

    I hope your having a fab time away. How is the crochet coming along? I’ve not even started sewing the ends in on my blanket, that's what happens when you go looking for dandelions and sticky willy! ;)
    have fun..... Lou xxx

  16. OOh cross stitch and crochet! Do you mind if I send Emma your way as she's been wanting to get into cross stitch for ages, maybe you can give her a boot better than the kids "My first cross stitch" set I got her in a charity shop!

  17. PS -Are you still at Seaside House? You have gone very quiet on all fronts! x

  18. PS - how funny that you know Hansons! I'm going to be making a pilgrimage there with my mum next week (taking Mr Nut with me this time, so he can babysit while I drool over yarn!)
    Hope you're having a lovely time
    Emily x
    PPS - would you mind telling me how you put separate pages down the side of your blog? I really want to get some recipes up, but am being a complete dunce about how to do it! Thank you

  19. I just found your blog and I love it.....

  20. Hello
    I have just discovered your lovely blog and look forward to looking through your previous posts.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Isabelle x

  21. Hope the sun shines for you, and that you get a bit of time for crochet...I love that you are a bit dippy.. I am too, but the best was when my (very stressed) hubby picked up banana instead of the phone at work and started talking to it!!!! I never let him forget it... he he he
    Have fun ,love from Jane x x x x

  22. Hi, just discovered your blog through coco rose, the cross stitch on crochet is different -I've not come across this before! I agree the possibilites are endless!!! Leah x :)

  23. Hi, I've found your blog through Coco Rose too. Had a quick look-see at your posts and love the little baby blanket, love it. I've just taken up crochet and am making my first granny blanket - the prospect of sewing in the ends is not a cheering one!

    Looking forward to reading more - lovely blog.

    Nicki x


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