Sunday, 17 April 2011

A great week.

Yes, a really great week. This could be a long post. I don't know where to start! The beginning would be a good place. But first let me warn you, what makes a great week for me doesn't involve anything very exciting. At least not to most people, exciting to me of course and that's why is was a great week! But if you're after stories of A list celebs and rock stars then click away, you'll not find any of that malarky here just tales of a week at the seaside, a couple of bloggy awards, a swap and such like. Good stuff!

Last Saturday we went to Salcombe to stay in the Seaside House for the week. We spent as much time as we could at the beach but it was a little too chilly and windy to stay all day long, we aren't that hardcore. What do you think of my mad pink trolley? I get some funny looks carting that around but it saves my back and many trips to and fro from the pop pop boat or the car. See that cream blob in the foreground?  My crochet bag, of course.

Mini being good as gold as per usual. Snuggled up in the Phil and Teds pushchair.
He is in there somewhere, you can just see his face.
I took my crochet bag everywhere. I thought I'd get a heap done but I was a little over optimistic. I only got ten rows of my Nemesis Blanket done and I didn't do any of my Shawl of Dreams. The reasons being I had very little time to hook during the day as the boys were very busy and needed assistance with the important job of being Busy Little Boys and in the evening I had two (maybe three, probably three) glasses of wine. Having been off the sauce for an age I have no tolerance and was too pickled to crochet. What a lush! Also Mr C wasn't with us the whole week so I was flying parentally solo for 3 days. Not only that when I did get myself all sorted for a crochet-a-thon I couldn't remember how I started off my flower granny square. I couldn't remember how many chains and doubles I started with. This shawl has got to be perfect, I've been daydreaming about it for far too long to bugger it up so I decided to pack it away till I could get reunited with my scribbled notes. It was a blessing really as I'm having colour wobbles, not sure the vibrant pink is going to work out.....we'll see.

All in all the week was spent pleasantly, a little bit of shopping, plenty of food and wine (never going to squeeze into my dress in two weeks for my step sisters wedding. Gulp) and a lot of sand castles and hole digging. The hours my Biggun's spent in the cold water, the miles they ran going to and fro from the sea to the hole with buckets and pales, the giggles, the tumbles. It's a proper childhood, it's how it should be and I'm so pleased we are able to give them all these experiences and memories.

Filling up

 The trek back with a "Bery Heaby" bucket

Almost there

Very important work this! Come on!

Yes, Very Important Busy Work.

 Nearly done

 We will difinitely fill it this time


We need more, off we go, don't give up!

And so it went on for hours.

If only I had one eye to crochet with and one to watch them, within seconds they'd be out of sight and they looked just like all the other kids on the beach. Even though it wasn't jam packed it was easy to lose sight of my Cuckoos. 

A week at the seaside and I've come over all nautical, funny how I seem to dress very differently in Salcombe. At home I'm much more likely to be found in a dress (fronk). 

Before I went away, in fact weeks ago now, I commented on a swap that Rachel of Contented had blogged about, I said how I admired her swapping prowess. She always seemed to do a good job, I feared I'd put together a rubbish parcel and that's what held me back. Well, Rachel said "Lets do one". So we did. It was much more fun than I even thought it might be. It did take me weeks and weeks to do. Firstly to think of what to make and send and then it took me even longer to execute my plans. But Rachel was so patient with me, bless her. Here's what I sent minus the galaxy chocolate as it didn't look pretty in my arrangement.

We'd agreed to send five items, 2 handmade and 3 little bought items. Then it was up to us if we wanted to add any extras. I made the coat hanger and strawberry pin cushion hangy thing and I sent some fabrics out of a sample book that I was given by an interior designers ex boyfriend (mother's brother's cat...) but for some reason I can't upload the photo's of them. They keep coming up as "server rejected", very odd.

Here's what Rachel sent me. All very thoughtful and gorgeous.  

I am beyond thrilled with everything.  It's like she had been spying on me.  This week I have said the following "I need a new lipbalm, I'm running out...I could do with a cute bag to hold my balls of yarn when I'm crocheting as they keep flying about...I must get a little note pad and put it in my nappy bag". Honestly, no word of a lie! Not only that I was secretly really, really hoping the sneaky peek she gave of my swap gift on her blog was a mug rug and it is!!!! And I keep thinking about her embroidered inches and so I am cock a hoop with the card! Gosh she is good at this swap thing. The Easter banner is great too so I will be putting that up ASAP. She included my boys and sent some chocolate eggs (which were wrapped in tissue paper making it very easy for them to get into, perfect) and had a sweet little wooden gift tag shaped like an egg but the photo will not load no matter what I do. Did you see that the bag is reversable and has cuckoo clock fabric lining? Neat touch, hey?


Big week for my blog too, my blog which I enjoy so much, that has brought me lots of happiness and blog buddies. I adore having this place to chat to other like minded crafty souls and to diarise (?) my life, it's had a profound effect on me. It keeps my spirits up, something that is vital for me, especially having just had a baby as I'm terrified I'll get that manky Post Natal Depression again. So on top of all those positives for me, it seems my blog is being enjoyed by others too, wow that feels great. It got two bloggy awards AND was featured on two fantbulous blogs.

Firstly I received this award from Nicole, dear Nicole, from Must Be Destiny who has left so many joyful comments for me. She is a truly sweet lady and I am soooooo coveting her star spangled banner crochet blanket WiP (have you done much more to it love?) The rules say I have to reveal 7 unknown facts about myself and pass it on.

1. I have lived in Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Cornwall and Avon (when it was Avon) so I am a true South Westoner.

2. I had clicky hips when I was born and wore a brace.

3. I'm scared of the dentist, even though I used to have a crush on him, as I haven't had anything done to my teeth and I feel it's only a matter of time. 

4. I am frightened of dark, deep water and once freaked out when swimming in very shallow water because there was a shadow in front of was the shadow of my head! How silly!!

5. I modelled for the 1990's re do of the Nancy Drew paperbacks.

6. I have 5 pairs of fancy pants shoes but live in my 10 year old loafers from next and my £1 flip flops from Asda.

7. I have written my name in teeny weeny writing on a walls in each room of my home. Written where you can't see it. I've done that for as long as I can remember. We moved house so many times when I was little, it became my way of settling in to a new home. But please don't tell my sons, I bellow at them for writing on the walls.

I'm going to pass this award on to my great friend, one of My Girls, Gem who has started a new blog all about her charity shop finds. Treasures from the Cherry Tree. Her other blog which I have linked to before and is in my side bar is a compliation of her column, she's a journalist as well as a mum, wife, proof reader, part time job holder, breast feeding support councellor, school volunteer and charity shop addict!  I don't know how she does it all. She's a top friend too and is Mini Cuckoo's godmother. I'd pass on an award to her in spite of her being my mate because her blog, although very new is already a great read.

Second award came from Coco Rose. Vanessa has a B E A U T I F U L  blog, takes amazing photos, makes everything look so gorgeous. I want her to come and make over my home, be my personal shopper and make us a shed load of Rocky Road. 12 new followers arrived here in just four hours after she linked to me so I reckon if you're reading this you probably already know her.  Her flickr photo stream makes Mini Cuckoos 3am feed bearable.  I'm going to pass this on to Haken en meer which is a blog I have yet to read as it's in a different language and I haven't done a google translate yet but, oh my goodness, her photo's and crochet are marvellous.

So hard to choose just a few blogs as there are several I am enjoying hugely.

Also this week Tangled Happy featured my Bobble Stitch Tutorial. Hello to my new buddies who hopped over from there.  Tangled Happy is a treasure trove of crochet tutorials, it has made my to do/wish list become unmanagable in a very exciting, happy way. So be warned, you are in danger if you pop over there, in danger of losing several hours surfing the archives and in danger of having a big yarn shopping accident!

Finally, I was really chuffed when Rachel from Maybe Matilda got in touch to say she was in the middle of making a baby blanket using my Bobble Stitch Tutorial. You must go over there and see her completed blanket (unless that's where you've come from!) Uber gorgeous. Tres, tres jolie, I love it. Great choice of colour.

So all in all a great week. Before we'd gone away I'd almost managed to reply to all who have left me comments, I was about to start going through my followers, check out their blogs and say "Hullo!"  I've made so many blog buddies this week and received some lush comments. I'm delighted by it all and if I didn't have such busy children I'd be visiting you all individually. But I must live my real life so I can fill my blog with the goings on in Cuckoo Land. So do excuse me if I don't drop by for an age.


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  1. hmm next time you go to the seaside house I think it's only fair that you take me with you.:-)

  2. What an enjoyable read that was! I need to say this first - you look absolutely beautiful in that gorgeous dress you made and it looks well made too. Too many people mess about with perfection in the making and with a joyless end product. The dress is so lovely and I love how you did the sleeves - you see, you do have your own ideas and it worked out really well. It really looks like the perfect dress and a great fit! Your holiday sounds lovely, fun can be had on the beach whatever the weather can't it? Your boys look to be having loads of fun. I think your blog is lovely to look at and you have a really nice writing style which is a real pleasure to read; I do hope you are as buoyant as you sound. As a new mum and with 2 small boys I think you are doing fabulously and selfishly I am pleased that you blog so frequently as I do enjoy reading it.
    Your crochet is lovely, I think you will love nemesis blanket when it is done and your shawl is going to be just beautiful. I look forward to more pictures of them both.

    Congrats on your deserved awards - Cocoa rose textiles is a lovely blog as you say but I can't tell her often as my google account breaks my computer every time I use it. I found you through the lovely Little tin bird a while ago. I also visit Haken en meer which has really pretty crochet I do agree. I've got to go now and follow that pink dress link I saw and also see the finished bobble blanket - I love that pattern. Thanks for a lovely post xx

  3. and me too!! Really looks like a great week and staying positive too. Keep up with the happy posts. Love them. x

  4. Your holiday sounds great- and your inability to crochet after the wine made me laugh! Nice one!
    And congrats on the blog awards- well deserved

  5. You have made me wish I was on holiday now! I'm glad you had a good time. If only there were more hours in a day, i've told my OH I need to take a gap year just so I can get some crochet done.

    I hope you have a fab week!

    Lou xxx

  6. PS. I get some funny looks when I'm out with my pink trolley! x

  7. Well I just wrote the biggest comment and blogger wouldn't allow it, so it has disppeared, naughty blogger and it's not the first time it has happened.
    Will email you later xx Sansdi

  8. Well I know what went wrong after my comment was posted, so will waffle away. Love your post it is full of heartwarming things, your boys having a wonderful childhood at the beach, with an icecream and a chocolate (we call them flakes here) stuck in the side. You taking time off to enjoy it all (and a glass of wine) mini blissfully asleep taking in all that wonderful air. A beautiful swap, and you had a gorgeous coat hanger too!! If I had known (or remembered) I would have mentioned you too :( Oh and I only work 2 days a week in my new job, and I walk one morning, hence the early starts (giraffe and all hehe) The other job is afternoon/evenings and that is odd days and hours. I am such a twit, I keep forgetting you gave me a blog award, I must get onto that. Ah time difference, as I write this it is Monday 10.00am here and it is 1.00am Monday there, I am about to tidy up so I hope I don't wake you with the noise :)
    Taa raa xxx Sandi

  9. A great read! It made me the pics of the boys hard at work!!! And how wonderful is that gift???? Congrats on your awards; very well deserved. I always enjoy my visits to the Cuckoo nest xx

  10. Your week by the sea sounds perfect, just how I remember my childhood hols! I wish I could give our boys the same memories. I so enjoyed our swap, I'm still deciding which item of clothing to hang on the hanger, it's far too pretty to be stuck inside the wardrobe! Congrats on your blog awards, I love reading your little snippets about yourself - I had clicky hips too! No brace for me though, just double nappies - nice ;)
    R xxx

  11. Mamma Cuckoo! How I've missed you!! So glad to have you back!! A week is a long time to go without hearing your "crazy" thoughts, although you did your very best to make up for lost time in this post..about got my fill.:)
    Looks like you and the little ones had a lovely holiday, great pictures! MC is getting so big so fast!
    Thank you for your lovely words..made me smile :) I am still slowly working on the American Flag blanket..I think I've done maybe 10 lines since you last seen it..I'm sick to death of it! lol Any luck on finding a Union Jack pattern? As if you've had time to look :) Sorry, forgot myself there! lol
    Talk to you soon my lovely
    Thank goodness we won't have to have that grooming talk hahaha wonder how many people actually thought they were

  12. Hello,
    Thank you very, very much for the award! I Love your blog too!!! (My english is very bad so I stop now..... that's why I don't 'blog' in english..sorry..)
    Thanks x Claire

  13. Wow what a week. Your little people look like they have had a wonderful time, congrats on your awards too.

  14. The blanket you're working on looks lovely. I have to admit I was getting nervous just looking at the pics of the children running back and forth from the water. Where I live (Northern Cali coast) you cannot take your eyes off the kiddos for one second because the water comes in so fast and so far sometimes it could sweep a person right away. I don't take my kids to the beach very often because I have too much fear of those waves.

  15. I've recently found your blog, and it's great fun to read! I loved seeing the pictures of your swap - I'm fairly new to blogging, and keep coming across these swaps that bloggers have been involved with. I feel the same as you felt, that I might end up putting together a really rubbish package, and disappoint some poor kindly blogger! I think I will have to bite the bullet and take part next time I see one that is arranged - it would be so great to receive a package of goodies!

    I'm now following your blog, and look forward to your updates!

  16. Wow! Looks like you had the best time ever. I especially love the photos on the beach. Little ones get so carried away when it comes to sand and seawater! x

  17. What a lovely read that post was, full of wonderful events and happenings.

    Congrats on your awards and your first swap. You gave and received lovely things. It's so much fun finding a parcel in the mail....

    Love the seaside pics and the 'bery heaby' bucket goings on. Wonderful memory making times.

    Enjoy your week and nice to have you back in blogland,

    Claire :}

  18. Hello, my mickey mouse shoes are from rocket dog! :0)

    I hope you have a fab Easter....
    Lou xxx

  19. Wow - totally loving your blanket!!


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