Monday, 4 April 2011

WiP number 5

When is a WiP not a WiP?

This is going to be a special blanket for me.  At least something like this will be as I have decided that I don't want to do my circles blanket in acrylic nor in these colours, which don't look like that in real life.  It's going to take an age to do, it's quite a fiddle with all the ends to weave in, gasp - 4 per circle. Horrors! So I'm going to have a BIG think about colours and which yarn to use.  I'd like it to be an airloomy blanket and I think natural fibres are more likely to go the distance.  I'm rubbish at colour combinations, I get it wrong more often than not.  I do still love my first Granny blanket but some of the colour combos are jarring now.  I think my best bet is to go through my fabric stash, work out which are my favourite prints and use them as a guide for the colour way.  I think I'll do a big but quick granny stripe with the yarn these circles are made of and leave it at the seaside house as our picnic blanket.

Since I haven't decided on the colour scheme nor which yarn to use I guess this is no longer a WiP, it's now back to "idea" stage.  I'll procrastinate over the type of yarn for ages and then I'll change my mind as I'll not be able to get the colours I want.  But eventually I'll have the perfect yarn in the perfect colours and I will have this blanket finished so I can snuggle up in my very own special blanket.  Third time lucky I hope, I first had a go with these circles a while ago now.

Imagine the above photo with a nice scalloped would make rather funky bunting don't you think?

It was Mothering Sunday yesterday. My dream day would have involved being woken by smiling children bearing a tray laden with a homemade card, jam and toast and a jar of hand picked flowers from our garden, I'd been telling Mr Cuckoo that this was my dream for a while, I find it best to offer a little guidance with these things.  

But what happened in reality was this: I was greeted by two boys fighting over a fly swat of all things.  Big Cuckoo threw the cards across the room at me and Little Cuckoo ripped open the gifts Mr Cuckoo had bought me on their behalf (lovely surprise).  No breakfast tray in sight.  Mini Cuckoo had been poorly for 24 hours so I was very tired and tearful.  I managed not to have a full on paddywack when realising that Mr Cuckoo hadn't listened/heard my 'guidance', pathetic really but I'd really hoped for that breakfast tray! I'm not sure if it was the absence of toast or the knowledge that I'd not been listened to that upset me most. 

I know this all sounds very whiny and spoilt but, well, I had been looking forward to Mothers Day with my three boys, just wanted to feel appreciated and a bit pampered.  Mr Cuckoo had to go out for the day to a sports thing he's involved with (I bet there were lots of other mothers who were peeved with the organisers) so I spent the day with my boys alone, which was rather lovely but they are too young to know what mothers day is all about. We went to the shopping mall and they had some fun in the soft play there and I bought them a couple of foam pellet guns (not sure how I feel about toy guns, but their friends have some and they have been on and on about them), the sort I was after had sold out so I purchased the only ones remaining, ones that have a cartridge.  I'm a hopeless mother to boys.  I couldn't get the darned things to fire.  Two pairs of blue eyes searched my red and sweaty face as I struggled to get these things to fire the foam pellets.  I felt useless. They looked so disappointed, my two little boys. I could see their excitement draining away. Little Cuckoo sat on the floor and cried big oily tears.  Quietly. Much worse than loudly having a tanty. So it was a pants day generally. I've not listed the full low down of the day as it's simply too grumpy and who wants to read that? And I don't want to remember.  

Poor Mini Cuckoo had been suffering all weekend, I took him to the out of hours doctor because he had a high temperature and he's too young for Calpol.  The doc said he just had to weather the storm. Poor baby.  He's much improved now but I'm shattered as what with his wakings and my coughing I haven't slept much for almost a week.  And I've got a massive spot on my massive chin!

Oh woe is me! Would somebody please give me a big kick up the arse!


ps. I'm glad the "weirdo widow" tale made some of you laugh, I felt a bit bad about it but now it's just a funny story and I've stopped feeling mortified.  Thanks ladies x


  1. Aww you poor thing. Sounds like you had a terrible time. Hope your little cuckoo gets better soon and you can get some sleep. It reminds me of mother's day last year. I had a sickness bug on the saturday then the girls got it on the saturday evening. My other half was on call so worked all day and feel like crud and had two poorly girls to boot. I think I got a card sort of thrown at me and a hastily wrapped pressie. It wasnt the best. Still you have better years.

    Gorgeous piccies of your two boys by the way. Hope you have a better week.

    MBB x

  2. Lol, weirdo, widow...and I thought I was only me who could do something like that. I might get the OH to read that post. ;) mothers day gets worse as they get older....
    my blanket is all finished, I just cant be arsed to sew the ends in, so boring, I would rather start a new project.

    Lou x

  3. It sounds like an emotional day you weathered. Why don't you choose to try again. In Australia Mother's Day is held on the second Sunday in May. Mark it on the calendar and write in your hubby's diary what it is you expect from him on the day! xXx H

  4. Oh :( we women really just want, to be loved and appreciated and HEARD. How dare 'those' people put on an event on Mothering Day, the cheek. I am sending lots of healing energy for you and mini cuckoo and I'm with Sweet Seahorse, pop it in hubbys diary and re-celebrate it with us.
    I was just told I have a part-time job 12 hours over two days, perfect for me, I already have a little part-time job in the late afternoons and evenings at the dance studio. This is perfect, it brings in more money and I still have time to knit and crochet, yay.
    Have a wonderful healing day.
    xx Sandi

  5. Years ago I used to read a series of books where the main character, if he didnt like how the week was going, would just pretend it was sunday again and start over!
    Why don't you suggest a proper Mother's day this sunday?, little one should be feeling better, OH available (therefore brekkie tray sorted), and the flowers will be cheaper!
    ps, it isn't a UFO or a WIP, but a product "in development"...well that's my excuse!

  6. Oh dear, everything always seems a hundred times worse when you are sleep deprived and having to cope on your own. Demand some breakfast in bed next weekend to make up for it! Hope your little one is feeling better now. I remember feeling so helpless when my two were ill as newborns. Love the little circles joined together, they are so cute. Hope you find some perfect yarn. I too always have trouble picking out the right colours. x

  7. Gosh, a few years ago when my boys were your boys age, that could have been me writing that post. And I'm so with you on the gun thing. I swore I wouldn't do the whole gun thing. It's such a different time now. When we were young, guns were cap guns and you would re-enact westerns of cowboys and indians. Today, a different story. The thing is though, no matter how hard you try with boys, they manage to make guns out of anything. Kitchen roll holders, long sticks, planks of wood, lego...the list is endless. Mr H gave in and got them nerf guns...oops sorry...blasters (like that makes it okay!). They are the bloody bain of my life. The stupid things get clogged up and dont fire, when they do they go in all the neighbours gardens, so I'm sure they all hate us. If they are not everywhere outside, then they are everywhere in the house. ARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I feel your pain!

    As for the tray in bed. You know, I get really annoyed sometimes that the men just don't stop and think. I hate the fact that they have to be reminded as to what would be a really nice thing to do. After 20 years together, mine should bloody well know by now!!!! I don't know why it is that once a ring gets put on your finger, all efforts stop!!!!!

    I got fed up of waiting for impromptu flowers to arrive in my hand, so I buy them all myself. Irritating! Wish they would think! The little things!

    Ah well....okay I think my rant is done! ha ha!

    Hope you will get that tray some day soon!!!!!!!


  8. You are entitled to be peeved my dear. Especially when you are tired. So, no, I won't give you a kick up the arse! I will send a big hug instead. Hope that's ok.
    Take care flower.

  9. Can I offer some guidance for the circles blanket (though I'm no expert). I've got some Rowan Handknit cotton which I will be making a blanket with at some point (when I stop changing my mind about the pattern!). It's natural fibre, gorgeous to work with and comes in some gorgeous colours which ALL work together... could be the answer? And no, I don't work for them!

  10. Oh dear, what a disappointment. Sorry to hear mini cuckoo is unwell add that to sleep deprivation and there's a recipe for......
    I agree with Sweet Seahorse, try celebrating Mothers Day with us Aussies. Maybe try the sledgehammer approach with hubby don't be too subtle with your hints and set the tray the night before.
    Might take away from the spontaneity and thoughtfulness a little, but if you show them how it's done this year, then hopefully they'll remember for next year.

    Hope things are back on an even keel and you are feeling rested and mini cuckoo is better. Wishing you a good week,

    Claire :)

  11. Sorry you had a disappointing day and hope Mini is feeling better now. I'm working on your 2nd item today so, hopefully will be ready to send next week - I hope the anticipation of a surprise in the post will cheer you up!


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