Thursday, 28 April 2011

Easter and other bits and bats!

Before I blither on about Easter I have to write about the crazy morning I had yesterday as I'm bound to forget and I don't want to forget this little snippet of my small but valuable (to quote the film "You've got Mail") life.
I love white washing on the line, especially when someone else has hung it out for me!
At 4.30am Mini woke and guzzled a bottle like there was no tomorrow, then he burped half of it up. I was covered, he was covered, the bed was covered too. Thankfully it didn't reach Mr C's side. So after removing baby gro's, pajama tops, pillowcases etc...we drifted back to sleep. A bit later Little wriggled in for a snuggle but was very fidgety so Mr C took him back to his bed where upon he fell into a deep sleep and didn't wake till nearly 8am, his brothers, with out him tearing around waking up the world also slept in. This is almost unheard of! If only it were the weekend but sadly it was a school day and we were then late for school. Only when I was sheepishly shoving Big through the school gates did I realise I'd left their packed lunches at home. I dropped Little off at his preschool and drove home hoping Mini would remain asleep so I could deliver the lunches straight away. But he woke and was fretful and although hungry wouldn't feed properly. An hour later we start to head off with lunches with a plan to go Fanny Adams, well, why not! Have a coffee and forget the silly morning. But on route I realise I had forgotten the nappy bag and my phone.....AND, horrors!! My Tesco delivery was due between 11 - 12pm and it was 10.55, I had totally forgotten.  It would take me at least 20 mins to get back and that's with no hold ups, which was unlikely as we live in the country and there is always a tractor in the way. But I had one of those spooky feelings that I might see the Tesco van on his rounds. Even though his delivery area would be rather large and it would be very, very unlikely.  Even so I couldn't shake the feeling and so I kept my eyes peeled. I dropped off Big's lunch and then went on a back lane to Little's preschool. Guess who I met on a sharp narrow bend? Tesco Van!!!! I asked if he was delivering to me and he was! I was his 4th drop down the list so I'd be back home in plenty of time. If I'd delivered Little Cuckoo's lunch off first I'd not have met him and although I'd have been home in plenty of time it meant I didn't need to race back, all anxious and sweaty. Somebody up there was looking out for me and I like to think it was my Nanny Dot, the original Cuckoo.

Ok, on to Easter. It started weeks ago for us with the Cuckoo's having Easter party's at their schools. I made glittery cake pops for Big. Check out Bakerella over there in my side bar for the low down. The pops I made where very basic as I knew they'd get scoffed in seconds and I didn't have an enormous amount of time to play.

For Little Cuckoo's party and Easter Parade I made Nigella's Cheesy Feet. Which I'm told were very popular so I'd recommend them to any one who has to send food in for a kids party. Terrifically easy to make too.

Here is the, quite frankly, fantastic bonnet Little made for his parade. I love it! Look at that mental looking chick peeping out on the left. It looks like it's clinging on to the side of the hat for dear life. I didn't get to see Little in his parade as we were at the children's hospital seeing a paediatric surgeon as Big Cuckoo has a hernia in his tummy. It was too important an appointment to miss and we'd waited weeks to be seen. The good news is Big doesn't need an operation at this stage and with a bit of luck will never need one. So fingers crossed everyone!

Here's a gratuitous shot of my Easter Bonnet, okay okay, my hat that I accidentally bought last time I was in Fanny's. Good job I didn't get there yesterday as I'd have bought more stuff. I always fall in love with something when I go there.

Talking about mental chicks, look at this one! I particularly like his feet.


Easter weekend was spent in Kent with the Outlaws. It was a really lovely weekend, the sun shone the whole time and it was like summer.

We drank Pimms

Ate homemade pizza's cooked in a proper pizza oven. My Father in Law made one for Belle Mere's birthday/Christmas present last year. It's like a little Hansel and Gretel cottage. I should have taken a photo but you see I'd had a couple of Pimms....hic!

I ate nearly all of these special chocs all by myself, what a greedy pig, I said to every one when my Belle Mere gave them to me "I'm really very sorry, I'd give you all my last rolo but I cannot share these with you!" They all understood. But I was frowned at as whenever someone came near I clutched the divine little eggs to my breast and barked "Not SHARING!" I obviously do not lead by example when it comes to my boys sharing.

side of the pizza oven in the background

We ate out doors in the lovely garden under a tarpaulin, yep you read that right. A very practical tarpaulin as it was soooooooooo sunny and we couldn't find the canopy for the parasol anywhere. We are such a glamorous bunch.

I managed a fair bit of hooky time, mostly on the journey there and back but I ran out of pale pink yarn in the middle of a row. Grrrrrrrrrr! Fortunately I found a whole load of Rico Creative on Ebay in Sheila's Wool Shop and so I ordered more pale pink and while I was doing so I thought I better get some dark pink and pale blue as that was running out too. Her delivery was super quick, it arrived this morning just 36 hours after buying. I didn't want to risk ordering from the people I got the last lot from as they took 3 months to deliver and I really want to get this nemesis done and dusted. 

Get ready, I'm about to go all erratic again now. No surprise, you all know what I'm like now, I hope it's a charming trait rather than irritating.

Astri from Apple Blossom Dreams (love that blog name) has passed on an award to me. I find it so unbelievable that people even read my worblings and sometimes leave a comment let alone take the time to pass on an award. I am so humbled that people out there like what I post on here. It's just amazing! 

I'm loving Astri's dish cloth tutorial which niftily shows how to tidily join in a new colour yarn and carry it through rather than cutting the yarn and having heaps of ends to weave in. Click here to see a lovely jazzy cloth and a great tutorial.

Thank you Astri! I'm going to pass it on to Emily whose blog Unravelled has me smiling every time I read one of her posts, I love her turn of phrase.

Look what my great friend Gem (one of My Girls) sent me just because. It was all wrapped up with the spotty ribbon and was such a delightful surprise. She knows me well, can't go wrong with Cath K and hearts

Had to include this pic Mr C's sister, who from here on I shall call Lady Barballardy, took of Mini as it is too sweet not to. I did promise to show the  pics she took but there are so may gorgeous ones I think they deserve a post all of their own. I'll probably do that in a few days, it'll be mostly photo's and very little writing.

Have a fab Royal Wedding Weekend folks, our village looks gorgeous with bunting everywhere and Union Jacks all over the place. The children in the village school have each made a flag with their names and hand prints on and they have been strung alternating with a red, white and blue flag. So much thought and effort.  I hope the weather holds but it's forecast to be grey and cold. Humpf. We were going to go to Salcombe but there's rain coming on Saturday and Sunday and so we will stay at home with friends instead.


Just popped the Cheesy Feet into a linky party over at Paisley Jade's. That girl is a hoot!


  1. What a fun time you've had!
    I'm a new follower and I wish I'd found you earlier!
    Love to you and all the cuckoos!

  2. Lovely blog.
    You brought back memories of my eldest son(now 30yrs) doing the self same thing as Mini Cuckoo!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Hi!

    Your comment on my blog had me LOL! Hope you will get your girly tea one day soon!!! I am hosting one in August, so if you want to cross the Channel your welcome :-)

    What a start of the day you had! Pfff...I am glad my girls are bit older!!!

    Have a lovely evening & a great day tomorrow!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  4. Sounds like you had a very stressful morning..!! I'm so glad you bumped into the tesco man, what a bit of luck..! I'm almost dreading the days that I have to manage to school run and maybe another little one too! I'm glad everything is okay with big cuckoo. :)The glittery cake pops look incredible! wow..!

    Ashley x

  5. I am glad it is not just me that frets and worries and has mornings like that lol. Glad it all worked out in the end. Looks like you had a fab Easter weekend and thankie for the rico ebay shop. xx

  6. So glad you caught the man with the van from Tesco's - you would have been mad otherwise! Your blanket is gorgeous - bet you fall in love with it before its finished too. The sweetest photo of mini cuckoo at the end! What a relief for you about Big's hernia, that's good news to have. Beautiful garden, we have been so lucky with the weather lately, hope it stays that way tomorrow. Love the Easter bonnet, very well done to Little - am liking your hat too, it rather suits you.

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely holiday :) Love all the great photos! I think that is my all time favorite of it! Can't wait to see the others.
    I think I know just what you need to help with your little problem...It's a book called "Mine Mine Mine"..great book to teach children how to share..I'm sure it works for adults too! lol
    One of the reason's I like for warm weateher to come is so I can hang my wash out. Grandma would say I got the prettiest clotheslines in town! Des just doesn't get why they have to be hung by color.. size..type..doubt she ever will :) Big hugs to you and the littles!
    oh..almost forgot..whats a PIMM??

  8. Looks like you had a great time, love the picture of mini.

  9. Looks like you had a lovely easter. The two easter bonnets are great! Enjoy the royal wedding, can't wait to see that dress.

    Leah x

  10. Wow, thank you for the award - that's made my day! (Have just mentioned you in my latest post, actually - I finally got round to putting up pictures of my little stars bunting).
    Love the cake pops - they look yum - you're a superwoman making those with a (third) small baby. The hat looks lovely too - very chic!
    Emily x

  11. You do make me laugh! It looks like you had loads of fun.
    How cute does mini cuckoo look...
    As long as you feed me cake I'm more than happy to help with the garden.

    Lou xxx

    I got the straws from a shop in Winchester, I'm sure you can get them online. When I'm next in there I will have a look for you. Have a fab weekend! X

  12. I love the way you bobbles along with funny bits and cute pics,(is there such a thing as bobbling along? ) I'm also loving your glittery pops and wonky chicks...oh and blanket..and hat and tiny clothes on washing lines...Have a fun weekend x x x x x x

  13. Loving your blanket and those cheesey feet are so cute! Don't gorget to link back to my post. ;)

  14. I can just picture you rushing about, delivering lunches, meeting the Tesco man. Such a newsy post, love it all, mini in his bath, Pimms, chocies and your hat!!!
    x Sandi

  15. Okay please explain these cake pops to me! How do you make them with sticks in? Where do you get the wrappers from? What kind of tray do you cook them in? I'm looking at the website and DON'T GET IT.

  16. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing blog that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free..


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