Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I'm FULL of chocolate!

And I'm supposed to be slimming into a dress in less than two weeks!

Oh well, have another mini egg I say.

I made a completely inedible supper tonight, way too salty, must have gone over the top with the soy sauce. I couldn't eat it so maybe that'll be my saving grace.

Today I've been busy trying to finish off a couple of gifts for my God daughter and her sister. Beavering away like an industrious beavering thing I was until I managed to totally jam up my sewing machine. SOD IT! Fortunately the place where I bought it is only a few miles down the road so I whisked Mini and Little into the wagon and off we went.  Sewing machine dismantled and sorted while we waited. They are so good to me down there. I'm always popping in for help with various sewing issues. 

Unfortunately it ate into my sewing time as I then had the school run to do and as you Mum's know from 330pm till 8pm it's all systems go!  Now I'm sat banging out this post when I'd really like to be writing about our lovely Easter weekend but I need to tidy up this↓ mess and iron some shirts and get Mini settled in bed. He is currently practising reaching out for the dangly bits of his activity arch and Mr C is bravely trying to eat the Salty Supper.

But I'll take some time to pause and smell the bunch of Lily of the Valley that my Belle Mere (Mother in Law), sent home with us.

For those of you who wanted it, the notice board tutorial is over in my side bar.

Back soon with the Easter low down and hopefully some of my Sister in Laws fabulous photographs. 


  1. I heard something on the radio today that said it takes half an hour of full-on activity on a cross-skier to burn off the calories from one mini creme egg. This news shocked me so much I had to have a creme egg just to calm down. (As I wrote those words, Mr Nut loudly bit into an apple - he's such a goody-two-shoes)
    Hope the sewing machine trauma's all sorted now. x

  2. I ate a whole easter egg the other day (one of the £1 from Tesco ones) because our boss gave them to us at work. I hadn't been planning on ANY and I got home, sat down at my computer and then looked down and the wrapper was empty and I felt rather nauseas! oh dear.
    Your lily of the valleys are beautiful, and I'm glad your sewing machine is fixed now.

  3. I'm going for my walk this morning, so hopefully the eggs I ate will soon be a thing of the past haha. I love Lilly of the Valley, my step grandma had the biggest patch of them and she would pick just one or two little stems for me....if I was lucky, I attempted to grow them, but I didn't have a lot of luck. Ah bless mini, reaching out now, they grow so quick.
    x Sandi

  4. hi, you have to be kind to yourself, you have to eat Easter eggs.
    Those are the rules, you have no choice!!
    Beautiful flowers

  5. You had me worried about the dangly bits then! ;) I love lily of the valley, for some reason it doesn’t grow that well in our garden anymore.

    You would never see me eating an Easter egg! ;)

    I hope you had a good Easter!

    Lou xxx

  6. Loads of time to make up for all that choc. No worries, xx

  7. Hello! I'm a new follower and I love your slightly chaotic blog - parts have had me snorting with laughter. I like the whole fronck thing - ha!

    The bobble blanket you made is to die for. I'm totally imagining myself knocking up one of those. Unfortunately I have no babies to crochet for but the dog is desperate for one (a bobble blanket, not a baby). Better get practising!

    Nicki x

  8. Can't wait to hear how you and the boys spent your Easter. I hope you got to enjoy your family and lots of hook time.
    Thanks for the tutorial! I'm still searching for the fabric. I bought several yards over the weekend but couldn't find what I had in mind for your board. Will keep looking..I'll let you see it as soon as I'm finshed!
    Take care!xxx

  9. What a great blog you have! I think you are allowed to eat as much chocolate at Easter as you like,(at least as much as the kids) and if you didn't eat the salty dinner it definitely evens out the ledger! Loving the lily of the valley and all your bobbley crocheting! All the best, Julie:)

  10. What is life without mini eggs?? You deserve it! xx


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