Thursday, 21 April 2011

A day of two halves...

Don't worry this post wont be all doom and gloom, scroll past the top half and you'll get to the crochet yumminess. Yesterday was a day of sunshine and showers. Or rather showers and sunshine as it started badly and got better. 6am Mini woke for his feed, nothing wrong with that, it had been 5 hours since his last feed. As I was feeding him I got an itch. On my head, where I couldn't reach it as Mini was cradled in one arm and my other hand was holding his bottle. Such an itch my eyes began to run. I managed to get to it by clutching and balancing the bottle between my chin and chest. Then my elbow started itching closely followed by my shoulder, knee and sole of my right foot. Peculiar how an itch can travel. Try this for a second, close your eyes and tune into your skin. You itch don't you? You have a few itches now but if you distract yourself they go. Right? Funny that. Anyway these itches did not go because there must have been a bleedin' mozzy in the bedroom last night and it had a merry old time nipping me all over!

At 9am I started the ten minute getting out of the house routine (it's usually 20 mins but Granny was here) .......and Mini had done a MASSIVE we were late getting to the doctors for his 8 weeks jabs. How can he possibly be 8 weeks? Anyway, we got to the surgery in the neighbouring village, but I'd got the wrong surgery. The appointment was in the sister surgery in my village, and I'd driven straight past it. See, I am Dippy with a capital D. We walked in 25 minutes late, I was flustered and Mini was in a deep and peaceful sleep. No need to tell you about how the injections roused him from his slumber. I hate that look of shock and disbelief on their faces. I wish on the one hand I didn't have to hold my baby when he got jabbed, I don't want him thinking I'm hurting him, on the other hand I want to be the one to cuddle and comfort him through it. Glad it's done, for a month or two at least.

1pm. I have a little crafty group that I go to fortnightly, a friend and I set it up shortly after I started this blog for the first time over at Typepad. There are 5 of us and we've become terrific friends. They are girls who totally get me, in the same way you bloggers get me too which was why I started blogging as I didn't have anyone to play with! I'll go into more detail in a post which I'll probably entitle "An ode to Swine Club". Swine as in "Sewing with Wine". SEWine Club. So yesterday we were all going for a pedicure and lunch as a gift of congrats for having Mini. But the spa called and cancelled in the morning on the grounds of health and safety as they had the builders in. And I was dying for a pedi as I have a crack on my right heel. BOO! We were disappointed but no loss, we met for lunch any way. I was late (again..grrrrr) as I got completely lost due to the sat nav not recognising the postcode or the street. Stupid stupid stupid sat nav, I'm going back to maps. Much better. Anyway, I finally got there and again Mini was deeply sleeping, hurrah, just before the food arrived and Mini let out a shriek and continued to squeal for 20 minutes. A proper panicky, painful squeal. It was awful, he's never like that. Being such a placid baby I had no idea how to soothe him, I tried every trick I know (and I have several as my other two boys were very sad colicky babs) in the end I had to leave as I was getting distressed and feeling so bad about ruining other diners nice lunches. I had one mouthful of my delicious saffron and pine nut basmati rice with chicken. Seriously, one mouthful.

Bleurgh, and the garden is full of weeds and algae! Humpf. It's not all jolly dee around here.


However....things aren't so bad!

On the plus side, I washed my Granny blanket for the first time, what a pikey!! It wasn't visibly dirty or smelly but I realised, with shame, that it had been ages since I'd finished it and it has been played with non stop by the Cuckoos. I bet the water was black. I put it on the wool cycle in my washing machine and it came out perfectly. Actually it came out better than before as it's much softer now and it smells sublime!

My Shawl of Dreams has grown a bit since returning from Salcombe and I have finally settled on the colour choice. The bright pink, although gorgeous, didn't fit with my memory of "the" shawl. So I cut out the pink and am much happier with how it's looking, I've also cut out the bright green and replaced them with two muted pale greens. I already have an idea of what I'll do with the discarded pink and green but I'll not start on that as the last thing I need is yet another WiP!!

Last night I met again with the Swine girls (without squeally Mini) and did a 3 more rows on my Nemesis Blanket. With a bit of luck I'll get to finish it over the weekend if I pull my finger out. We are going to Granny and Poppa's for Easter so it's hard to predict how much hooky time I'll get. I may get heaps or none.  The Big Cuckoo's have already left for Kent with Granny yesterday morning while I was at the docs. It was bitter sweet returning home to a quiet house. I miss them terribly but that's quite a nice feeling after all the frustration I have with Little Cuckoo at the moment. He is utterly gorgeous and funny and yet completely vile too. He turns on a sixpence. The other day Mr C asked the boys what Easter is all about. "Chocolate rabbits" Big said, "Yes darling but it's also about the resurrection of Christ" I said "Oh Mummy you do make me laugh" said Little Cuckoo with a withering look. See? He is so funny, but a bit  of a rude monkey too!

And finally to round up this rather jumpy post I have lost nearly 3 lbs this week so I feel optimistic again about fitting into my fronk for my Step sisters wedding. A panic shopping trip for an outfit seems less likely now thankfully.

Also I made a couple of padded noticeboards the other week and wondered if any one fancies a tutorial? I took photo's as I was doing them and have a half started tutorial waiting in the wings. Seems a shame to waste the effort so maybe I'll do one anyway. (edit: DONE! It's over there in my side bar!)

I'm delighting in the Clematis Montana which is beginning to bloom, soon it'll look like this.

Wow a very erratic post!



  1. Love that first photo! Sorry you had a stressful start to the day - makes you appreciate the good days even more, I think! Ooh, yes a tutorial please! Hubby gave me a staple gun for xmas (it made me laugh - I've been saying I'd recover our dining room chairs for ages!) so this would be the perfect project to use it on!
    R xx

  2. Erratic, but adorable!
    Love the photos and your shawl of dreams looks great :)

  3. What a terrible day! I hope that things are going much better for you now.
    Well done on losing 3 lbs, I think you might have sent it my way though.
    Have a lovely, peaceful Easter, my dear.

  4. Hey Mamma C! Hope you are well and enjoying your alone time with MC, poor luv, I hope he is feeling better.(I tried to always take someone with me to do the holding, then I'd grab them up after the jabs and love them up, just a thought, I know not everyone can)
    Thanks for your lovely comments, you always brighten my day! (I'm trying to get it done just so you can see the Ta-Dah, and I'm still looking for that Union Jack one for you)
    Shawl is coming along beautifully, love the colors you picked! I even adore that "nemisis" blanket of yours! I hope you like it better once it's finished.
    Can't wait to hear more about the girls!
    Hope you and your family have a great holiday, enjoy it and each other..
    Take care!xxx

  5. Oh dear I remember days like that - still get them too come to think of it! Love your shawl and all the other crochety bits. xx

  6. I took my daughter for her last lot of immunisations last Friday (she's 3 and a half). Haleluyah it's the last lot! I was so so nervous as she's aware of what's going on but she did me proud:) Would love a go at your tutorial for the padded noticeboard. One of these would be very handy in our household. Happy Easter Leah x

  7. Such fun ramblings to read!!! I remember those early days of my boys and frantically getting them to the clinic for their shots. Always the requisite obstacle or two whenever there's somewhere important to go...I love that first photo, so scrummy :-)

  8. Oh look at his sweet little scrunched up face! I can't wait to show Andy when he gets home, he's so broody. aw.

    I'm glad your day picked up even if it did get off to a trying start. Oh and I am glad that you blog too! :-)

    xxxx Heather

  9. Hmmmm - lovely-looking shawl in progress - looking forward to seeing it finished! Made my pilgrimage to Hanson's today (and Hart's too, of course - can't do one without the other...) got some lovely yarn for a scarf - design tbc - got any ideas??
    Well done on the 3lbs!
    Emily x

  10. Lovely tulips! Sorry you had such a stressful day.. I too know the difficulties of trying to eat out with a tiny baby. Sometimes there's just nothing you can do that will soothe them..! I would LOVE a tuturial on how you make those padded noteboards! I've seen a lot of similar ones in shops but thought there must be a way to make one for myself..!? Well done for losing 3lb's.. I'm aiming for 4 this week to make it up to a stone off of my left over baby weight! Ashley x

  11. This is what we love in a blog, normal day happenings, it sure was a mixed day. Poor mini, thank goodness it is over with quick. And what is it with babies and pooing just as you are about to go out. So many times I would be late because just as I was ready to open the door, there would be the tell tale little red face and the little grunting noises.
    Your boys are so cute!!! cheeky and all. Enjoy your Easter break.
    x Sandi

  12. Good girl on losing 3 lb!!! So soon after having a baby too, you are so focussed!!!
    Can you lose 3 for me too as have eaten far too much chocolate and it's showing!!!
    Thanks for your message earlier and so sorry I missed you, would have loved a chat. Was in the garden, kids in paddling pool, don't like to leave them unattended with water. Can't trust the girl with the boy!!!!!
    x x x x xx

  13. Oh, I'm in love with your 'Shawl of Dreams' the colours are gorgeous.........soft and dreamy as the name suggests.

    Mini Cuckoo, what a face, too sweet, can't be 8 weeks old already..........
    Shame you had to leave your lunch early, hope MC was OK. Had to laugh about the Swine group, very funny.........

    Your granny blanket is lovely, I'm still working on my first ever crocheted rug, but it's slow going.

    Life is made up of lots of snippets and put together we get a whole picture. It was a lovely post, a jumbly mix of the day to day goings on from Cuckoo Land.

    Claire :}

  14. Gorgeous Mini Cuckoo!!!But naughty too, interrupting your lunch! The blanket looks lovely and you have made me think about washing mine. I am always worried that they will completely unravel in the machine!! Happy Easter xx


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